6 Common Questions About the Drillbrush Power Scrubber Explained!

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6 Common Questions About the Drillbrush Power Scrubber Explained!
You've got Questions, Drillbrush has Answers!

Invented in 2005 by Anthony LaPolla, the Drillbrush Power Scrubber has been helping homeowners and professional cleaners around the world clean faster and easier. While we’re striving to become a household name, there are still plenty of people that haven’t heard of us, or are completely unaware of the concept of a drill-powered scrub brush.

Because it is a relatively new field with a somewhat unconventional premise; questions, concerns, and misconceptions get thrown around by novices looking to pick up a Drillbrush for the first time.

That’s why today, we’re going to clear the air and answer some common questions and concerns we get from customers about Drillbrush!

1 - Does Drillbrush come with a cordless drill?

1 - Does Drillbrush come with a cordless drill?

Nope. They don’t.

Ever since we started selling online, one of the most common questions we are asked is if Drillbrush comes with a cordless drill.

As of this writing, Drillbrush does NOT come with a drill. A Drillbrush is just a cleaning brush attachment FOR cordless drills. We do not have a bundle that includes a drill with the brushes.

There are a couple of reasons why people get confused. Many Drillbrush customers have said that their experience with Drillbrush was their first time using a drill and our guide on inserting a brush into a drill features many comments from people who were unaware of how a drill worked.

Naturally, if you’re unfamiliar with Drillbrush or cordless drills, you may think that Drillbrush is like one of “As Seen on TV” scrubbers that are essentially a wand with a small motor and some brush heads. Some may also be unaware of the cost of a cordless drill, and not bat an eye at the fact that if it did come with a full-sized cordless drill, the price of a kit would be substantially higher than it is.

This is why we have guides on seemingly obvious topics because even though it may seem simple, there’s always someone who’s never done it and needs a helping hand!

Not everyone is familiar with cordless drills...

Additionally, our listings for each kit include an image of the brushes in and around a cordless drill. We do this because, based on our experience, people who have never heard of the Drillbrush before had a hard time imagining how a drill-powered brush worked, but including a picture helped them understand the concept. However, despite our bright red disclaimer of “Drill Not included” on the pictures, some people will skip it and assume the drill is included.

Even though we’ve made many attempts to highlight this fact on listing images and product descriptions, in an age of impulse buys and one-click purchases, we anticipate this question still being a common fixture in our inboxes.

2 - Will Drillbrush ruin my drill?

2 - Will Drillbrush ruin my drill?

>Drillbrush is completely safe to use and will not damage cordless drills!

While not the most expensive device in the world, a decent cordless drill can still cost a pretty penny. Naturally, someone new to Drillbrush would want to make sure their drill won’t be harmed if they use it for something other than its intended purpose.

Fortunately, Drillbrush products are completely safe to use in your cordless drill. They are typically easier on drill motors since you won’t often be met with resistance when scrubbing, unlike driving screws or drilling holes.

Cordless drills typically run off of rechargeable batteries, meaning you can easily charge them up after a long cleaning session and they're good as new! These batteries are also well sealed, so they won’t have issues if they get sprayed with a little water.

That being said, one thing you should not do is use Drillbrush in a corded drill. As it uses an electrical cord and plugs into an outlet, water could cause an electrocution hazard. Along with not having proper speed controls and being somewhat finicky to use, we recommend just avoiding corded drills in their entirety when it comes to drill-powered scrubbing.

3 - Does Drillbrush scratch surfaces?

3 - Does Drillbrush scratch surfaces?

For the vast majority of surfaces, no!

On the other side of the coin, inexperienced drill users may look at this big bulky power tool and assume “well, since that thing is used for drilling holes, that can’t be safe for my counters and tables.” However, in most cases, using a dill with one of our brushes is perfectly safe for surfaces!

Drillbrush products have non-scratch nylon bristles, meaning they’re safe to use on most household surfaces.

There are a few caveats, however. Drillbrush products shouldn’t be used on extremely delicate surfaces like car paint and spray chrome. While the bristles themselves won’t scratch them, dirt particles can cling to the bristles and create micro scratches. This article goes more into detail on this phenomenon.

Some surfaces can also be damaged if the wrong stiffness is used. This is why we recommend our Soft White brushes for upholstery, rather than our Ultra Stiff Black brushes.

However, so long as you follow the Color Chart, run your drill at a manageable speed, and stay away from ultra-delicate surfaces, Drillbrush will not cause any damage.

4 - Is the black bristle tip on Original brushes stiffer than the rest of the brush?

4 - Is the black bristle tip on Original brushes stiffer than the rest of the brush?

The black bristles on a bullet-shaped brush are the same stiffness as the rest of the bristles on the brush./i>

[Picture of Original brush cleaning / W-O_rims.jpg]


Drillbrush products come in a variety of colors and stiffnesses. The Drillbrush Color Chart offers up information on which color equates to which stiffness and application. Traditionally, those are Soft White, Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black.

However, astute individuals may notice that our Original, Original Mini, and Jumbo Original brushes have two colors of bristles on them, a black tip with the rest being a different color (or black.) Does this mean that a Soft White brush has an Ultra Stiff nose?

Luckily, the answer is no; the black tip is the same stiffness as the rest of the brush. If the brush is soft white, then the black bristles at the head of the brush are also soft.

We understand why this is confusing, though. We added a black tip to the brushes to help mark where the rounded bristles begin, as well as for aesthetic reasons. You have to admit, the black and yellow combo on the Medium Yellow Original looks pretty classy.

So if you’re ever faced with a bullet-shaped Drillbrush with a black bristle tip, just know that those bristles are the same as the rest of the bristles on the brush.

Speaking of bristles:

5 - Are the Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue brushes the same stiffness?

5 - Are the Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue brushes the same stiffness?

[Picture of Y, G, and B Originals]

“Corporate needs you to find the differences between these three brushes.” “They’re the same brushes.”

A quick glance at our Color Chart will show that the Yellow Bathroom, Green Kitchen, and Blue Marine and Pool brushes all have the same stiffness; Medium. With three unique colors and three unique applications, are all three the same stiffness, or is there a slight difference between the three?

Despite their different applications; all three brushes are the same stiffness, and can theoretically be used interchangeably. This begs the question, though, if they are identical, then why do they have different uses?

Medium brushes are the most versatile brush we sell. It can handle general purpose scrubbing on a variety of surfaces. It can clean tile, tubs, sinks, and showers in the bathroom, countertops, stovetops, and appliances in the kitchen, and canoes, kayaks, boot trays, and floor mats outdoors.

The Yellow, Green, and blue Medium brushes on the color chart with disclaimer.

However, you wouldn’t use your toilet brush on your kitchen counters, nor would you use your dish sponge to scrub algae off your fishing boat. The reason we separate our Medium brushes into three categories is to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning. By keeping them separate and color-coded, you can tell at a glance what each brush is used for. This distinction is also written below the three colors on the Color Chart.

So if you feel our Blue Medium brush would look nicer in your bathroom, you can use it there without issue. Just make sure you keep it in the bathroom.

6 - Are all drill-powered scrub brushes on Amazon the same?

6 - Are all drill-powered scrub brushes on Amazon the same?

Not quite the real deal!

Like with all great ideas, there’s bound to be some copycats. While Drillbrush was the first, many Amazon sellers have hopped on the drill-powered bandwagon and are selling their own Drillbrush-inspired brushes. Some are so inspired that they even use OUR pictures in their listings 🙄.

With so many options that look somewhat identical and some being offered for a suspiciously low cost, you might think that it doesn’t matter which one you pick, so long as you get the lowest price.

The fact is, not all drill-powered brushes are the same. It’s actually quite imperative that you check who you’re purchasing from.

What can happen to non-Drillbrush products!

We’ve been making drill-powered scrubbers for over fifteen years and have put in the work to make our brushes strong and durable. Meanwhile, many of the cheaper brands struggle with shafts spinning out, broken blocks, and missing items. We tested this with the leading knock-off brand, Holikme’s Dr. Brush, and found it couldn’t stand up to the same stress as a Drillbrush product.

Some, as we alluded to above, even steal our images and masquerade as us to try and mislead customers. Make sure you always check the seller name before you make a purchase.

We go into more detail on our Counterfeit guide, but to keep things short, save yourself from wasting money on a low quality product by sticking with trusted brands.

Questions Answered!

Questions Answered!

Did we answer all of your questions? Then check out our catalog of products to find the best brush for you!

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed here, you can check out our FAQ page for additional info on our brushes and storefront.

We also have the Drillbrush Power Blog, our blog for all things Drillbrush. We’ve written articles on a variety of topics, from drill recommendations, to bathroom cleaning guides. and even a blog about what exactly these brush attachments are!

If all else fails, feel free to contact us with your questions, either by emailing us at info@drillbrush.com, calling us at 315-527-1817, or messaging us on social media.

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