Recently, we have had issues with customers being misled by companies selling knock-off Drillbrush products. We here at Useful Products LLC wish to make sure our customers are getting the best possible product to help them with their cleaning tasks. To combat the influx of bootleg brushes, we have provided the following informationto help customers identify a legitimate Drillbrush product and aid in avoiding low-quality counterfeit brushes.
We have a more expansive blog article on the topic here.You can also see a video comparison of a knock off brush here.
Benefits of a Genuine Drillbrush Back to top

The official Drillbrush brand was established in 2007 by the company Useful Products LLC in Marcy, NY. Many years of research and development time have been invested to ensure that Drillbrush products are of high quality and are able to withstand the strain that comes with heavy cleaning.

Many of our competitors use inferior materials when constructing the plastic block, nylon bristles, and metal shaft. Under sustained use or intense applications the metal shaft of a knock-off brush has a high tendency to spin out of the plastic block.

Once this happens the brush is rendered useless. Having to constantly purchase replacement brushes can be costly. Official Drillbrush products, which feature durable shafts and professional grade materials, will cost less in the long term.

bad_shaft.png A knock-off brush with a broken shaft. The shaft dislodged itself from the chuck after only a few seconds of carpet cleaning. block_imperfection.png Counterfeit brushes often feature glaring block imperfections, such as this embedded object in a competing brush.
How to Spot a Genuine Drillbrush Back to top

To ensure that you have received an authentic Drillbrush brand brush, look for the following:

  1. Useful Products embossing
  2. ANSI and max RPM safety info
  3. Official Drillbrush packaging
All Drillbrush products currently being sold feature the company name and safety information embossed on the brush.

All Drillbrush kits featuring more than one item are shipped in Drillbrush branded packaging.

brushTop.png origTop.png
Examples of official Drillbrush products and packaging. Embossing color may vary.
Transparency Back to top

Some Drillbrush kits are part of a new Amazon program called Transparency.
This program aims to give customers access to in-depth information about the products they buy.

Products that are part of the transparency program will have a code that you can scan on the back of the box above the barcode (pictured right).

Each code is unique to the box, insuring that the product is legitimate.

To check the authenticity of a Transparency product you can scan the code with the Transparency app or the Amazon mobile app.

transBox.png A zoom in of a sample Transparency sticker, including the barcode, the scannable data matrix, and information on Transperency.

We hope this information was helpful in your Drillbrush purchase. We would like to thank all of our customers who support legitimate Drillbrush products.

If you are uncertain of the validity of your Drillbrush product, or would like to report a bootleg seller, contact us at or call us at (315)-527-1817.