About Us

What is Drillbrush?

Drillbrush is a line of drill-powered scrub brushes that are built to fit in standard cordless drills and impact drivers.

We sell brushes in four different color-coded stiffnesses (Soft White, Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black) and a variety of different shapes to give you the tools to clean any surfaces.

We also sell additional cleaning accessories, such as drill-powered scrubbing pads, extensions, adapters, and cleaners.


Our Founder & History

Anthony LaPolla is a former electrician who took a chance by quitting his job and opening a car wash in Marcy, NY in 2005. A sufferer of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tony needed to devise a way to clean rims without the strain of hand scrubbing, so he modified a typical toilet scrub brush so that it could be inserted in a cordless drill.

After attracting the awe of his clients at the car wash, requests to buy it came pouring in. In 2007, Tony began manufacturing and selling them from his garage and Drillbrush was born. Tony continued to improve upon his design and expanded the line to include a myriad of shapes, colors, and stiffnesses to handle just about any cleaning task. From that one garage, Drillbrush grew to become a successful e-commerce company that has sold to professional cleaners and homeowners around the globe.


Our Mission

Drillbrush strives to make cleaning faster, easier, and more fun than ever before. We want to make cleaning less of a chore and give you more time to spend doing the things you love. We want everyone to have the tools they need to make cleaning a breeze, whether you’re a professional, a DIYer, or a novice cleaner.


Who Buys Drillbrush?

Drillbrush has sold millions of brushes to customers around the world. Among our diverse base of customers are professional cleaners, homeowners, automotive detailers and enthusiasts, pet parents, homemakers, outdoorsmen and boaters, racing teams, lifestyle bloggers, and individuals with physical impairments or chronic pain that prevent them from hand scrubbing.

In addition, our brushes have been bought by cleaning contractors and custodial staff for various firms and companies, such as:



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