Q: What are these drill brushes used for?
A: These brushes attach to your cordless drill and are used for cleaning anything from sinks to fireplaces.

Q: I'm not sure what brush to use for my application?
A: Call 315-527-1817 or type "color chart" in the search bar of the Drillbrush.com website.

Q: What brush is best for tile and shower stalls?
A: The medium bristle brushes (yellow or green) combined with the Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber.

Q: Do you accept credit card payments over the phone?
A: No, but we take all major credit cards and PayPal through our secure website checkout.

Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?
A: Yes, we sell directly to many international locations on this site. Full list here You can also purchase items to the UK and France through our select distributors.

Q: How much do you charge to ship?
A: $3.95 flat rate shipping for all U.S orders.

Q: Are your products guaranteed?
A: Yes, I personally guarantee the quality of my drill brushes and will refund your money if you are not satisfied.

Q:Does the color of bristles come off?
A: No, the color is infused in the fiber, it will not rub off.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: We occasionally wholesale select products, but case quantities must be a minimum of 100 units.

Q: Are these drill powered brushes new to the market?
A: Our line started with the Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber in 2005 and new brushes are being added to our line on a regular basis as new applications emerge or in response to customer demand.

Q: Where are these drill brushes made?
A: Most of our line is manufactured right here in the US.

Q: What size drill is best for the larger drill brushes? And what size is best for the smaller drill brushes?
A: If you are a professional cleaner we recommend a 18v drill and up, for homeowners a smaller drill, and a lightweight compact drill will work with the 1/4 inch quick change line.

Q: Can I use this drill brush in a corded drill?
A: No, we don't recommend it because corded drills can have too much torque and many lack the speed control that a battery drill does, which is very useful for fine tuning the RPMs for your application.

Q: Do you have an extension for the drill brushes?
A: For some of our smaller drill brushes we have an 8 inch extension with a swivel sleeve {compare to non-swivel extension} (see chart for compatibility)

Q: How do the drill brushes compare to Black and Deckers Power Scrubber and other battery scrubbers?
A: The drill brushes are professional grade power scrub brushes and use the power.