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Jeff struggling with hand scrubbingGet this man a Drillbrush; STAT!


Have you ever made that sound when you looked down at the soap scum lining your bathtub? Or the charred remains of barbecues past stuck to the grill you were about to put away for the season? Or any of the myriad of things around your home that insist on getting dirty, knowing full well that you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to spend hours doubled over, scrubbing every corner and grout line by hand?

Fortunately, there’s a better, faster, and less agonizing way to reclaim your home from dust demons and dirt devils; and all you’ll need is a cordless drill, some cleaner, and a Drillbrush Power Scrubber!

1: What is a Drillbrush

What is a Drillbrush

The first Drillbrush, The yellow orignalYour new cleaning hero!

Yeah, I suppose we can’t just drop a life-changing product on you without explaining it, can we?

Drillbrush Power Scrubber is a line of drill-powered scrub brush made by Useful Products LLC. Created by the company’s founder, Anthony LaPolla, he was looking for a way to quickly clean rims and tires at the car wash he owned while minimizing the carpal tunnel pain he had in his hands. After creating a solution from a toilet brush and a drill bit, he went on to develop a full line of specialized cleaning brushes that can be easily inserted into cordless drills.

Drillbrush products use non-scratch nylon bristles, so they’re safe to use on most surfaces. These bristles also come in various degrees of stiffness, from “soft” to “ultra stiff,” so you can tackle anything from that simple spot on the couch to the toughest of burnt-on gristle.

To help tell the difference between each stiffness, and to help divide your brushes up by use-case, the bristles are color-coded. What does each color mean? Luckily, we have a handy color chart that explains it all!

Drillbrush application and stiffness color chartDrill-issa Explains it All!

2: What Does Drillbrush Do?

What Does Drillbrush Do?

Green orignal brush cleaning a stainless steel kitchen sinkOoo! What that drill do?

Drillbrush does what any other scrub brush does; clean stuff! The difference is, by leveraging the speed of a cordless drill, they can scrub quicker and more efficiently than using your hands.

The brushes also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so they can be used for a multitude of different jobs.

The 4 inch and 5 inch brushes are flat, allowing for scrubbing on broad, flat surfaces such as walls, floors, tables and counters.

The Original and Mini brushes are bullet-shaped to get into tight corners or around curved surfaces.

The 2 inch Short and Long brushes are small, round detail brushes, meant for spot cleaning and hitting up small fixtures.

Lastly, the Edge brush is a wheel shaped brush with bristle clusters around the outside that is able to get into grout lines and tough grooves.


3: How Do You Use a Drillbrush?

How Do You Use a Drillbrush?

Insert a yellow original into the chuck of a Parter Cable cordless drillThey really fit each other, dontcha think?

If you’re familiar with electric drills, using a Drillbrush is incredibly simple. But if you’re less experienced, fear not! It’s very easy to learn!

To attach the brush to your drill, simply insert the stainless steel shaft on the back of the brush into the hole in the front of your drill. Then, tighten the chuck until the brush is secured in place. After a quick test spin, you’re ready to begin!

If you want to see a visual step-by-step tutorial on how to install a Drillbrush in your drill, we have a video about it here: How to Install a Drillbrush Power Scrubber in a Cordless Drill.

Then, to start cleaning, just adjust the setting on your drill to your liking and pull the trigger to get the brush spinning. All you have to do now is put down some cleaner, run the brush over whatever you need to clean while it's in motion and you’ll be saying “so-long” to soap scum in a jiffy!

However, when you’re first getting started, don’t go full bore on the trigger. Start at a slow and manageable speed so you have good control on the drill and don’t fling cleaning solution everywhere. Remember, you’re trying to clean the mess, not make a bigger one!


4: What Drillbrush Does For You

White oringal brush Cleaning between the spokes of a car tireThe thrill of the drill!

Cleaning can be a very difficult task. For most people, it’s usually a large project that takes a lot of time and effort to orchestrate. It can be very hard to get motivated when you have a mountain of work ahead of you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to clear a whole weekend to take care of everything that got pushed to the wayside week-after-week, but with the Drillbrush, those constant, nagging chores become far easier to accomplish.

We asked our Lead IT guy, Jeff, who uses our brushes the most in the office, how Drillbrush products help him out in his cleaning routine.

“So saying I use the Drillbrush the most doesn’t mean a whole lot when you know that I’m the only person in the office with his own place, but I really do use them a lot. Mostly in the bathroom and kitchen, and occasionally around my apartment at large.

The best use to this day is still soap scum in the tub and sink. Being as I have chronic back pain, I leverage our brushes a fair amount. You’d think the extra weight of the drill would make it harder but the speed and power offered by my drill means I spend less time on my hands and knees. And if you have a modern lightweight drill you really will expend less energy holding it than you will scrubbing at odd angles and in tight spaces.

I also keep a yellow 2 inch on my sink that I use as a hand brush for doing dishes. Lots of scrub brushes for dishes are already on the market but their bristles are too flimsy and don't work at all unless I scrub really hard. But the yellow brushes are just stiff enough to get food off of my pans around the rivets for the handles while being gentle enough to not scratch the steel or Teflon coating.

I’ve also used the green kitchen brushes to get my floors cleaner than any mop or SwifferⓇ has ever gotten them. If all you have is a hand brush to scrub your floors then I guarantee a Drillbrush with the right drill will cut your cleaning time down by more than half. It’s not the most effortless method but unless you have a long handled scrub brush it’s gonna get the best bang for your buck every time.”

- Jeff Evans

As you can see Drillbrush products can ease the frustrations of cleaning by skipping the strain and fatigue of hand scrubbing. The drill speed can efficiently scrub away messes and allow you to finish the job faster than ever!

Plus, it doesn’t just make things super easy; it’s also a lot of fun! If you had to choose between performing meticulous hard labor or revving up a power tool and blasting through your chores, which one sounds like better time?




A game changer!

If you worked hard all week, why should you slave away for hours on end cleaning by hand when you can save all that time and hassle by using the Drillbrush Power Scrubber?

Replace that “Ugh” with an “Oh yeah!” and start scrubbing with power!

Want to get started? You can browse our products by clicking on the Catalog tab or learn more about Drillbrush via the Tutorials and FAQ tabs.
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