What’s In a Drillbrush Kit?

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What’s In a Drillbrush Kit?
Kitted Out!

“What brushes should I use for this task?" is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer varies depending on what the customer needs, but the fact that we almost always have a brush that handles the situation is a testament to the size and versatility of the Drillbrush line.

In our over fifteen years of operation, we have released hundreds of different combinations of brushes, pads, and accessories to cover any mess that can crop up on any surface. So today, we’re going to go over the various types of Drillbrush kits and how they offer Drillbrush customers solutions tailored to their needs, whatever they might be!

Kits By Use-Case

Kits By Use-Case

Drillbrush 42O Kits.

A quick look at our official Drillbrush Color Application chart shows what each color and stiffness is best used for. As such, we pair brushes of the same stiffness together to form our Color Kits.

There are six colors that make up our color kits; Soft White kits for Home & Automotive scrubbing, Medium Yellow kits for bathroom cleaning, Medium Green kits for kitchen-based messes, Medium Blue kits for Marine, Patio, and Outdoor spots, Stiff Red kits for Outdoor, Patio, and Garage cleaning, and Ultra Stiff Black kits for grills and industrial-grade scrubbing.

Color kits can have a wide array of brushes included in them. A common one is our 4-2-O kit, which features 4 inch, 2 inch, and Original brushes for flat surfaces, detailing, and corners respectively. An example of a more specific color kit would be our EES-1L kit, which features two edge brushes for grout lines and a 1 inch Long brush for intricate fixtures. Finding the right combo of brush shape and stiffness is key for determining what you need for your cleaning tasks.

Some kits are tailored towards very specific use-cases. For example, our Pet Care Kit is a variety 4-2-O brush kit that features Soft White Original and 4 inch brushes and a Medium Blue 2 inch Short Detail brush.

Variety Kits

Variety Kits

Drillbrush Variety Kits: 9-piece, 542O, and Ultimate.

Like the previously mentioned Pet Care Kit, some Drillbrush kits feature a variety of different brushes with different bristle-stiffnesses. We call these our variety kits and the sky’s the limit to what we have in these!

Our most famous variety kits are our 542O General Cleaning kit and our Ultimate Variety Kit. The former features Medium Yellow 4 inch and Original brushes, a Soft White 2 inch Short Detail brush, and a Stiff Red 5 inch brush. The latter has a Medium Yellow Original, a Medium Green 4 inch brush, a Soft White 2 inch Short brush, an Ultra Stiff Black 2 inch Long brush, and Stiff Red 5 inch and Mini brushes.

Our 9-piece Variety Kit has our largest range of different brushes and stiffnesses. It features Soft White 4 inch and Cone-shaped brushes, Medium Yellow Edge and Original brushes, a Medium Green 4 inch brush, a Medium Blue 2 inch Long, Stiff Red 2 inch Short and Mini brushes, and an Ultra Stiff Black Jumbo brush.

Some variety kits also feature scrubbing pads, like our 38-piece kit, which features 27 scrubbing pads of varying coarseness, as well as variety brushes and accessories. Speaking of-

Scrubbing Pad Kits

Scrubbing Pad Kits

Examples of pad kits: The Medium Yellow 21-piece, the Medium Yellow 42O-2WRB, andt he 3WRB Pad Kit.

Drillbrush doesn’t just sell brushes! We also have a line of scrub pads for polishing, buffing, and scouring. Check out or scrubbing pad guide to read more about the individual pads themselves, but pad kits come in three flavors:

  • Refill Kits: Kits that just feature scrub pads without a back for restocking purposes.
  • Pad Kits: Kits that feature just scrub pads and a 3 inch hook-and-loop back.
  • Pad and Brush Kits: Kits that feature a combination of scrubbing pads and our nylon scrub brushes.

A popular example of the Pad and Brush Combo Kit is our 4-2-O 2WRB kits. This kits feature our Soft White, Medium Blue, and Stiff Red 4 inch pads as well as 4-2-O brushes in one of our six unique colors.

You can find all of our pad kits here.

Our Popular Kits

Medium Yellow 542O, 42O, and Ultimate kits; three of our most popular kits!

We’ve made two blogs showing off our 10 best selling kits; one by individual kits and one by kit-type. Check those out if you want the full scoop, but we’ve had a few kits of ours stand out as the most popular among DIY drill-powered cleaners.

4-2-O kits are one of the most tenured kits and some of the best selling products in our line, so much so that all six 4-2-O kit colors crack our top 10 best sellers of all time. The cream of the crop, however, is the Medium Yellow Bathroom 4-2-O Kit. This kit is versatile and extremely well-suited to clearing out tough soap scum and tub-based messes.

Our 5-4-2-O and Ultimate kits are also often raved about, as they add onto the base 4-2-O brushes to allow for more specialized cleaning options. In the former, the 5 inch flat brush is added to the mix to clean large, flat areas, such as shower walls, windshields, or deck planks. The latter also adds a 5 inch brush, as well as a Mini Original for tight corners and a 2 inch Long brush for weaving around complicated fixtures like faucets and ornate woodwork.

In recent years, our 38-piece pad and brush kit has seen a lot of success, due to its sheer size and range of applications. Which brings us to-

Our Largest Kits

Our Largest Kits

Now THAT'S a big kit!

Sometimes, you need a treasure trove of brushes and pads to cover everything that needs cleaning. Luckily, Drillbrush has monolithic kits that’ll keep your Drillbrush supply well stocked!

Our largest kit as of the writing of this article is the 38-piece kit. This variety kit features eight brushes, 27 scrubbing pads, a backer, an adapter, and a 7 inch extension. You can read more about the contents of this kit in our 38-piece kit spotlight.

But that isn’t our only large kit! We have other big ones to satiate your scrubbing needs. The 21-piece kits are color kits that feature seven brushes, eleven scrub pads, a 5 inch extension, a backer, and an adapter. These kits are built around our at the time new cone-shaped corner brushes, which is why the 21-piece is not available in Ultra Stiff Black. These kits also feature our Foam scrubbing pad for glass-based polishing and scrubbing. Much like our 38-piece, we did a full write-up on them that you can check out here for more information.

If you’re looking for the most individual brushes in a single kit, the aforementioned 9-piece Variety kit has you covered. It features 9 unique brushes with all six colors and stiffnesses represented in the kit.

Singles vs. Kits

Singles vs. Kits

Take your pick!

While our kits are comprehensive and affordably priced, some people just need a specific brush for the task at hand. This is why, in addition to our kits, we sell all of our brushes individually. Every color and every shape is available on our website for individual purchase. Whether you need a Yellow Original, a Red Edge brush, or a Blue 2 inch Short Detail brush, we’ve got you covered.

Our accessories are also available in singles, including our extensions for added reach, our 3 inch pad backer and threaded-to-quickchange adapter, and our Cotton buffer, the latter of which is not currently available in any kits.

Kits That Cover Everything

Kits That Cover Everything

At Drillbrush, we have kits for every need and every cleaning situation. You can view our full line of brush kits, including ones we didn’t have time to cover in this article, on our website’s catalog by clicking here.

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