New 21-piece Drillbrush Pad and Brush Kits are Now Available!

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New 21-piece Drillbrush Pad and Brush Kits are Now Available!

At Drillbrush, we feel that having the proper tools on you at all times is important, especially when it comes to cleaning. No two messes are the same, afterall, and the means to keep your stuff clean can change drastically depending on the surfaces and stains that need cleaning.

This is why we try to offer a healthy assortment of brushes in our kits. Having a variety of brush shapes gives you more ways to clean, so we like to give you options.

In the spirit of the 38-piece kit we put out earlier this year, we’re proud to announce our new 21-piece Drillbrush Pad & Brush Kit, featuring our recently released Drillbrush Cone-shaped Corner Brush and 4 inch Foam Pad!

Overview of Contents

Overview of Contents

21? Savage!

The 21-piece kit features twenty one total items, with a staggering 66% of them being unique non-duplicated items. There’s a heavy focus on brush shape in the kit, as it features seven different brushes! However, we didn’t forget about pads and accessories, as it has eleven total pads and three accessory tools to help you out in certain scenarios!

The full list of products in the kit is as follows:

  • (1) 2 inch Short Detail Brush
  • (1) 4 inch Flat Brush
  • (1) 5 inch Flat Brush
  • (1) Mini Original Brush
  • (1) Original Brush
  • (1) Edge Brush
  • (1) Corner Brush
  • (3) Soft White 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (3) Medium Blue 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (3) Stiff Red 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (2) 4 inch Foam Scrubbing Pad
  • (1) 5 inch Extension
  • (1) 3 inch Pad Backer
  • (1) Thread-to-Quickchange Adapter

While the 38-piece has more items, the 21-piece still has plenty to offer, including a few aspects that make it stand out from the former.

Most notably, rather than it being a variety kit, the 21-piece kit is available in 5 colors for its brushes; Soft White (W-E542OMCS-P4-3WRB-2F-3V-5X-QC-DB), Medium Yellow (Y-E542OMCS-P4-3WRB-2F-3V-5X-QC-DB), Medium Green (G-E542OMCS-P4-3WRB-2F-3V-5X-QC-DB), Medium Blue (B-E542OMCS-P4-3WRB-2F-3V-5X-QC-DB), and Stiff Red (R-E542OMCS-P4-3WRB-2F-3V-5X-QC-DB). Ultra Stiff black is unavailable in this kit due to there not being an Ultra Stiff Corner brush.

Bullet and Corner Brushes

Bullet and Corner Brushes

The OG Original!

The 21-piece comes with three corner-cleaning brushes; the Original, Mini Original, and Cone-shaped Corner brush.

The classic Original and Mini Original brushes have rounded, bullet-like shapes and can get into most corners and handle contoured surfaces with ease!

A soft Original can clean in and around car rims, and deep into the tufts of rugs and carpets. Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue Originals can clean a wide array of Bathroom, Kitchen, and General surfaces respectively, including tubs, drains, sinks, toilet basins, and small appliances. Stiff Red Originals can tackle outdoor stains on vinyl furniture and siding.

Mini brush, mega scrubbing!

The smaller Mini version can do similar work to it’s larger brother, but can tackle some tighter spots, like sink fixtures, small drains, and coffee makers.

Cornering the Corner Market!

For even tighter angles, look to our newest brush, the cone-shaped Corner. We made a full article discussing the Corner brush in full detail, but to sum it up, the cone-like shape of the Corner brush allows you to get into squared-off 90-degree angles. This is helpful for cleaning around tub rims, backsplashes, slats in siding, and crown molding. 

It’s shape is also useful for tasks similar to the Original, like scrubbing rims, drains, and microwaves, but it’s unique ability for the bristles to flare out at higher speeds give it some uses for detailing and trim-work.

As of the time of this writing, this brush is only available in the 21-piece and the 4-C-O kit, so if you want to check it out for yourself, consider picking one of those kits up.

Flat Brushes

Flat Brushes

Flat's up at bat!

Whereas the 38-piece kit only has one flat brush, the 21-piece has two; a 4 inch and 5 inch Flat brush.

Flat brushes are pretty easy to figure out, they’re flat circular brushes that clean level surfaces. Both sizes work the same, but the larger 5 inch brush is useful if you need to cover more area, like on floors, shower walls, and deck planks. The smaller 4 inch can come in handy in areas like the refrigerator shelves, cabinets, and end tables.

2 inch Detail Brush

2 inch Brush

That hits the spot!

The 21-piece kit comes with one detail brush; the 2 inch Short. This brush may be small, but it packs a punch, as it’s great for hitting quick stains and spots on a variety of surfaces, from toothpaste drops on a bathroom counter, to food splatter on stovetops and microwaves.

Edge Brush

Edge Brush

Gets grime out of grout!

Last up for the brushes is the Edge brush, a wheel-shaped scrubber built for getting into grooves and grout lines. This gadget is effective for bathroom tile, linoleum, shower door tracks, bicycle tires, and antiskid among other bits of trim and detailing around the house.

It’s also great for some very specific use cases, like pulling up particles from desk mats or getting dirt out from shoe and boot treads.

Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing Pads

Our classic pad colors return with their slimmer redesign, as well as their new friend the Foam pad! Like all of our scrub pads, they work by connecting to a 3 inch hook-and-loop backer, which is highlighted in the next section.

4 inch Foam Pad

Spongefoam Scrubpants!

Our newest scrub pad, the Foam pad is orange in color and made of a spongy material. Lacking the coarser pad material that the other scrub pads have, this scrubber is best for smooth, glassy surfaces, such as windows, windshields, and stovetops.

This kit comes with 2 foam pads to aid in your glass cleaning needs!

4 inch Soft White Pad

4 inch Soft White Pad

The White pad is the softest of the three traditional Drillbrush scrub pads, being useful for more delicate surfaces. It can clean glassy objects like the foam pad, such as shower doors and mirrors,  but it is also great for coffee tables, dressers, countertops, and other surfaces that would benefit from a nice polishing.

This kit features three White Pads, meaning you’ll have usable pads for a long time!

4 inch Medium Blue Pad

4 inch Medium Blue Pad

The Medium Blue pad is a grade coarser than the Soft pad and is an excellent general purpose scrubber. The Medium pad can scrub tub and tile walls, linoleum floors, fiberglass siding, and sinks!

You get three Medium Blue pads in the kit, one for the bathroom, kitchen, and everywhere else!

4 inch Stiff Red Pad

4 inch Stiff Red Pad

The last of the pads is the Stiff Red pad. This scrubber is even more coarse and able to handle some of the tough messes. These pads can remove mineral deposit stains, soap scum, and gristle from pots and pans. They’re also great outdoors on decks and vinyl furniture.

Like the other three traditional scrub pads, you get three of them to run wild with!



It isn’t just brushes and pads at your disposal, you’ll also receive a few extra tools to make cleaning go by quicker and easier.

3 inch Pad Backer

3 inch Pad Backer

The backbone of every Drillbrush scrubbing pad, the 3 inch Backer is an accessory that allows pads to be inserted in a cordless drill.

On one side of the backer is a hook-and-loop surface that tightly clings to the fabric of the pads. On the other side is a 5/8 inch-11 thread-count nut that accepts a Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter (see below) to connect to standard cordless drills and impact drivers.

The backer can attach to any Drillbrush scrub pad, including ones sold outside this kit.

Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter

Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter

The Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter is a drill bit that allows items with a threaded nut to be attached to typical cordless drills. One side of the shaft is a 5/8 inch, 11 thread-count bolt and the other is a common 1/4 inch quickchange shaft.

This adapter comes inserted into the 3 inch Backer, but can be removed by unscrewing it and used with other compatible brushes and devices.

5 inch Extension

5 inch Extension

Lastly, the 5 inch extension is a device that extends the reach of a Drillbrush, in this case, by five inches. This is helpful for cleaning surfaces that are slightly out of reach, would require crouching to clean, or are otherwise difficult to reach.

The 5 inch extension has a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft and a sliding chuck that can accept 1/4 inch quickchange shafts, so it’s compatible with every brush in the kit.

Insert Card

Insert Card

Like every Drillbrush kit, the 21-piece kit comes with an informative pamphlet that describes everything from installation instructions, use cases, tips and tricks, and more!

It’s not included in the piece-count, so just consider this a bonus 22nd item.

Get Yours Today

Get yours Today

Make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need for cleaning. The 21-piece kit is now available for purchase here.

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