New from Drillbrush - The Cone-shaped Corner Brush

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New from Drillbrush - The Cone-shaped Corner Brush

Drillbrush got its start with the Original brush; a rounded, bullet-shaped brush built to get into corners and around contoured surfaces. Not only is it our first brush produced, but it’s our most popular product and has worked its way into most kits we sell.

However, we at Drillbrush are not slaves to tradition, and are continually working to improve the cleaning experience. Which is why we are proud to announce our newest addition to the Drillbrush family of products; the Corner Brush.

To get you ready for our newest brush, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about the Corner brush, from the specs, to its use cases, to color availability and more!

The Corner Brush

The Corner Brush


The Corner Brush is a round, 2.5 inch diameter brush that features very tightly clustered nylon bristles. The bristles are 2 inches long in the center and trimmed down to 1 inch around the outside, forming a sloped conal shape. 

As the name implies, this design allows the brush to get into corners, specifically tight 90 degree angles that would otherwise be difficult for the bullet-shaped brushes.

The 1 inch bristle length and the slight outward angle of the bristles around the edge provide a buffer that prevents the polypropylene block from making contact with the surface being cleaned.

The right brush for right angles!

On softer bristled variants of the Corner brush, the bristles can flare out from the center when used at higher speeds, giving you a wider contact area to clean with on flat surfaces and corners. When you stop spinning the bristles return to their starting location.

Much like all of our standard Quickchange brushes, it has a molded-in corrosion resistant zinc/nickel plated 1/4 inch Quickchange shaft that fits into any standard cordless drill and impact driver.

Available Colors

Available Colors

The Rainbow Corner-ction!

The Corner brush is available in five colors and three grades of stiffness; Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, and Stiff Red.

The Soft White Corner brush is for Home & Auto cleaning. The soft bristles allow it to clean delicate surfaces like upholstery and glass. 

The three Medium brushes (Yellow Green, and Blue) are all the same stiffness, but are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning. We designate the Yellow for Bathroom use, the Green for Kitchens, and the Blue for Outdoor, Marine, or Pool cleaning, but they can be used for whatever you wish!

No cleaning task is too odd!

The Stiff Red brush is built for tougher stains and outdoor cleaning tasks. The bristles don’t bend as much while spinning, allowing this Corner Brush to hold up against stuck-on messes without flinching.

The Corner brush is not available in Ultra Stiff Black due to how thick the black bristles are, which prevents them from being tightly clustered the way the other bristles can.



Showered with praise!

The primary use of the Corner brush is to get into tight, 90 degree angled corners. It works the same as the Original and Mini brushes, only the pointed cone fits into the corner without mashing the bristles or leaving space.

I can be used to clean up grime stuck to the silicone lining in bathtubs and showers, remove built up dust and debris on the corners of desks, dressers, and bookshelves, and scrub crumbs and splatter from kitchen backsplashes. You can also use it to get into decorative flourishes on boat hulls, vinyl furniture, and outdoor fixtures. 

A real Glass Act!

The Corner brush isn’t just an alternative to the Original. It can also handle some tasks addressed by other brushes. 

The long, flarable bristles act similar to the bristles of the 2 inch Long in that they can surround and engulf small rounded surfaces, such as lugnuts, faucets, and auto trim. Some of the softer brush bristles can flare out enough to act like an Edge brush, allowing it to clean in grooves and grout lines. This flaring also allows for flat surface cleaning, somewhere between a 4 inch and 2 inch brush.

The Corner brush can do a little of everything, and is a good brush to have if you’re lacking some of our more conventional brushes.



A new kit around every corner!

Like all of our brushes before, we’ve bundled the Corner brush in a variety of kits to flesh out your cleaning arsenal. However, at launch, the only kit it is available in is the 4CO kit, which features the Corner Brush, 4 inch Flat Brush, and Original Brush. Down the line, there are more Corner Brush kits planned, as well as separate Single brushes. So keep an eye on our New Products tab or our Social Media channels for updates!

Get One In Your Corner

Get One in Your Corner

If you want to give corner cleaning a crack, you can check out all of our Corner brush kits here. If you want to see the brushes in action, check out this video we made showing off the brush.

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Since I have the big kits in white, yellow, red and black a kit containing just the white, yellow and red corner brushes would be welcome.

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