The 10 Best Selling Types of Drillbrush Kits

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The 10 Best Selling Types of Drillbrush Kits
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One of the most common questions we get from people looking to try out Drillbrush products is “what kit should I get?” Considering our extensive catalog of brushes and kit combinations, we don’t blame them. It can be hard to find a place to start.

We’ve given our personal favorites, as well as some recommendations for beginners in the past, but another way to help decide on which kit to choose is to see what most Drillbrush users picked for their home. Afterall, if enough people are using a particular kit, it stands to reason that the kit has some merit!

So we’ve crunched the numbers and scoured through data to find the ten best selling Drillbrush kits and go over what each of them does for household scrubbing.

To make this list, we took the combined number of sales for each type of kit on Amazon. This combined total features all variations for each kit. For example, 42O kits are scored based on all six color variations combined, EES-1L kits are determined for the three colors it’s available in, and kits with no variations are based on their sales alone.

With that out of the way, let’s get started with:

10 - 2in 4-piece Variety Brush Kit

10 - 2in 4-piece Variety Brush Kit

2in 4-piece Variety Brush Kit!

Some people just need to do touch-ups when they clean. For them, we have our tenth most popular item; the 2 inch 4-piece Variety Brush Kit.

This kit features four brushes; Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, and Medium Red 2 inch Short detail brushes.

Reviewers on Amazon like the focus on small spaces. Many use the 2 inch brush for tight spots, corners, and grout. With brushes that have almost the full spectrum of bristle stiffness, finding a place to use them is no challenge.

While it may lack some of the larger brushes we’re known for, it’s a kit for kicking dirt out of small spaces and giving you a nice sampler of what we have to offer. You can find this kit here.

9 - 38-piece Variety Pad and Brush Kit

9 - 38-piece Variety Pad and Brush Kit

38-piece Variety Pad and Brush Kit!

We go from one of our smallest kits to our largest; The 38-piece Pad and Brush Kit.

We’ve gone more in-depth on this kit before in other articles, but even when we make a long story short, this kit has a lot to talk about. It features eight brushes in a variety of shapes and with at least one of each color and stiffness we sell, twenty-seven scrub pads in every coarseness from soft to stiff, a 7 inch extension, a 3 inch backer for the scrub pads, and a threaded-to-quickchange adapter.

Why do people love this kit? There’s 38 reasons. The sheer quantity and variety is almost unparalleled in our line. This kit has everything a homeowner needs to stock their cleaning cupboard.

With 38 items for $39.95, that comes out to a little over a dollar per item; one of the best deals on our storefront. It pays to buy in bulk, and the people agree, which is why the 38-piece kit cracks our top ten despite not having any variations to boost its numbers.

You can pick up this behemoth for yourself here.

8 - E542J Brush Kits

8 - E542J Brush Kits

E542J Brush Kits!

Now that the single kits are out of the way, let’s get into the variations. The first of which is the E542J Brush kit.

This kit features 5 inch, 4 inch, and 2 inch brushes, as well as our Edge and Jumbo Original, both of which are more recent additions to the line.

The Edge brush is a wheel-shaped brush with bristles organized in a ring around the outside for scrubbing in grout lines and grooves. The Jumbo Original is a larger version of our flagship Original corner brush. It can do everything an Original does, but it can also go over flat surfaces with its long rounded sides.

These kits are popular with people who wanted to try out the new products when they restock their brushes, as at the time it was one of the few ways to get and Edge or a Jumbo Original.

Outside of featuring newer products, it’s an excellent all-around cleaning kit, providing brushes for flat surfaces, corners, grout lines, and spot cleaning. It is also available in all six colors, allowing options for all of your cleaning needs.

You can find the E542J kits here.

7 - 542 Brush Kits

7 - 542 Brush Kits

542 Brush Kits!

Next on our list is the 542 brush kit, a 3-piece kit featuring a 2 inch with 5 inch and 4 inch flat brushes.

This is a simple kit for cleaning countertops, tub bottoms, floors, siding, and other common household surfaces and the inclusion of a 2 inch brush helps tackle small spaces that the other two brushes might have missed.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a reliable kit that gets the job done. It’s available in all six colors, so you can scrub away any stain from the patio to the bathtub.

542 brush kits can be found here.

6 - 21-piece Pad and Brush Combo Kits

6 - 21-piece Pad and Brush Combo Kits

21-piece Pad and Brush Combo Kits!

While we don’t have anything else as big as the 38-piece kit, this next one certainly has a lot to offer; it’s the we wrote a full spotlight on everything this kit has to offer, but to keep things short, it’s a multi-product kit that features seven brushes (a 2 inch Short, 4 inch, 5 inch, Mini Original, Original, Edge, and Cone-shaped Corner brush,) eleven scrub pads (three soft, three medium, three stiff, and two foam,) a 5 inch extension, a 3 inch pad backer, and a threaded-to-quickchange adapter.

This kit gives you plenty of tools to use, with brushes that can handle everything from large surfaces, to tight corners, to troublesome grout. With twenty-one items, you’ll have no shortage of brushes and pads to work with. It even has the cone-shaped corner brush, a newer tool in our line-up that has sloped bristles for 90-degree-angled corners!

It also comes in five color variations, which means you can easily stock up on brushes for your preferred cleaning jobs for less cost than getting them in smaller kits. No wonder people pick this one up!

You can view all of our 21-piece kits here.

5 - 542CO Brush Kits

5 - 542CO Brush Kits

542CO Brush Kits!

Next on our list is another newer kit, the 542CO.

These kits are similar to our well-received 542O kits (which we’ll get into soon,) but with a notable twist; the inclusion of our cone-shaped corner brush!

We touched on it briefly in the 21-piece section, but the cone brush has trimmed, sloping bristles that form perfectly to right angles, such as where the wall meets the floor or ceiling, the corners of a shower, or the underside of the roof’s overhang.

With its ability to hit spots that the 2 inch and even our extremely versatile Original brush can struggle with, the Cone brush has become a must-have for drill-powered cleaning aficionados. The kit comes in every color variation except Ultra Stiff Black, as the Cone brush isn’t available in it due to the bristle density.

Despite being a fairly new kit, it has proven popular amongst Drillbrush users, as the new Cone brush is a gamechanger when paired with our classic line of brushes!

542CO kits can be found here.

4 - EES-1L Brush Kits

4 - EES-1L Brush Kits

EES-1L Brush Kits!

It might be one of our newest kits as of this writing, but if the numbers are anything to go by, it’s a must have! Fourth on our list is the EES-1L Brush Kit.

This kit features two grout-cleaning Edge brushes and a 1 inch Long lug nut and detailing brush. It’s a very unique kit, which is why people like it so much!

The Edge brushes are very popular for tile grout, shower door tracks, and antiskid surfaces. This kit provides two of them, which is a great deal if you want the Edge brush but already own our standard brushes.

This kit is also the only kit that features the 1 inch Long brush, which has our longest bristles of any product we sell. This brush can weave around complex surfaces, like lug nuts, sink fixtures, and intricate woodwork. Outside of the EES-1L kit, the only way to get a 1 inch brush is to purchase it as a single from our website.

This kit only comes in White Soft, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff black, but despite having half the variations, it’s our fourth best selling kit-type. Not too shabby!

You can find the EES-1L kits here.

3 - Ultimate Brush Kits

3 - Ultimate Brush Kits

Ultimate Brush Kits!

It’s classics from here on out! The first of which was the original big kit; All of our Ultimate kits can be found here.

This kit has six brushes and acts as an enhancement on the brushes from our 42O kit. It features the standard 4 inch, 2 inch Short, and Original brushes, but also has a 5 inch brush for surfaces too large for the 4 inch, a 2 inch Long brush for detailing in place too tight and intricate for the 2 inch Short, and a Mini Original brush for tighter corners and spaces that the Original is too large for.

If 42Os kits make for great general cleaning brushes, this kit expands upon it, giving you even more scrubbing options. For the longest time, the Ultimates featured the most brushes in a singular kit, so cleaners looking to build up their brush supply quickly turned to this box.

While some newer kits offer more variety, this kit is still an excellent assortment of brushes that will get the job done. It’s available in all six stiffnesses, as well as a variety kit that features a Soft White 2 inch Short, Medium Yellow Original, Medium Green 4 inch, Stiff Red 5 inch and Mini Original, and an Ultra Stiff 2 inch Long.

All of our Ultimate kits can be found here.

2 - 542O Brush Kits

2 - 542O Brush Kits

542O Brush Kits!

Next is a bona fide classic Drillbrush kit; the 542O.

This kit features the 5 inch and 4 inch flat brushes, a 2 inch Short, and an Original. While not as wild and exciting as the 38 and 21 piece spectacles we covered earlier, this kit is a long-running, solid kit that features all of the standard brushes you need for scrubbing and does so at a great price!

The variety brush variant of this kit, which has a Soft White 2 inch Short, Medium Yellow Original and 4 inch, and a Stiff Red 5 inch, is extremely popular with new Drillbrush users, as it’s an affordable kit that offers a great variety of stiffnesses to try out.

The Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black versions of the 542O are also well-liked, as they appear in our top ten individual kits by sales. They do an excellent job at automotive detailing, bathroom scrubbing, and grill-based cleaning, respectively.

All in all, the 542O is an excellent option for the Drillbrush novice, or someone looking to get an affordable, comprehensive Drillbrush experience.

You can find our 542O kits here.

1 - 42O Brush Kits

1 - 42O Brush Kits

42O Brush Kits!

Last but not least, our best selling Drillbrush kits. For those that have followed Drillbrush for a while it should be no surprise, but our top kits are our flagship 42O brush kits.

The 42O kit is one of our oldest kits and has consistently been our most sought after. It’s available in all six stiffnesses, all of which are in the top 10 best selling in their own right. It’s even available in a variety pet-focused pack that features Soft White 4 inch and Original brushes and a Medium Blue 2 inch. However, the go-to kit is our Medium Yellow 42O Bathroom brush kit, which is the kit most people immediately think of when you mention Drillbrush.

They may not have 38 brushes, or a lot of different shapes and stiffnesses packed together, but they have exactly what you need to get your home clean; an Original brush for corners, a 4 inch flat brush for flat surfaces, and 2 inch detail brush for spot cleaning. Combine that with an extremely affordable price point and you have a recipe for a best-seller!

If you’re one of the few people out there who hasn’t gotten a 42O kit yet, here’s where you can find them.

The Best of the Brush

The Best of the Brush

Those are our best selling Drillbrush products, as determined by cleaners around the world! What is your favorite Drillbrush kit? Let us know in the comments below, or check out these articles to see our staff favorites.

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