Introducing The Drillbrush 38-piece Kit - Drillbrush's Biggest Brush Kit!

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Introducing The Drillbrush 38-piece Kit - Drillbrush's Biggest Brush Kit!

Drillbrush has always been dedicated to making high quality, reasonably priced drill-powered cleaning brushes. One way we offer that is through kits; collections of brushes sold together for a lower price than if they were bought separately.

We have created kits that feature a large assortment of brushes, but never anything like this. We are proud to announce our biggest and baddest kit, the Drillbrush 38-piece kit! Featuring 38 items, this kit will greatly expand your Drillbrush collection and give you far more ways to clean!

But which items are in the kit and what can they clean? Well we have the full scoop on what this kit is capable of!

Overview of Contents

Overview of Contents

The gang’s all here!

When crafting the contents for the 38-piece kit, we sought to provide a mix of variety and function. This includes a combo of pads and brushes, a smattering of different stiffnesses, at least one of each brush type, and some accessories to improve your cleaning capabilities. We settled on the following items:

  • (1) Soft White 2 inch Short Detail Brush
  • (1) Medium Yellow 2 inch Short Detail Brush
  • (1) Stiff Red 2 inch Long Detail Brush
  • (1) Medium Green 4 inch Flat Brush
  • (1) Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original Brush
  • (1) Medium Yellow Original Brush
  • (1) Soft White Jumbo Original
  • (1) Medium Blue Edge Brush
  • (8) Soft Orange 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (8) Moderate Red 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (8) Medium Gray 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (2) Abrasive Green 4 inch Scrubbing Pad
  • (1) 4 inch Foam Scrubbing Pad
  • (1) 7 inch Extension
  • (1) 3 inch Pad Backer
  • (1) Thread-to-Quickchange Adapter
  • An Instructional Insert Card

That’s a lot to unpack! (We should know, we made an unboxing video about it!) While many are popular or returning brushes, some of the items on this list are new to Drillbrush and exclusive to this kit.

We’re going to run through everything the 38-piece kit has to offer and show you what you can use your new suite of brushes to clean!

Bullet Brushes

Bullet Brushes

Included in the 38-piece kit are three bullet-shaped corner brushes, each in a different size. This style of brush is synonymous with the Drillbrush brand and the 38-piece is one of the few ways to get an Original, Mini, and Jumbo corner brush bundled into one kit.

Medium Yellow Original

Medium Yellow Original cleaning a shower shelf.

It wouldn’t be a Drillbrush kit if we didn’t include our most famous brush; the Yellow Original. We’ve talked at length about this brush in the past, but in case you’re new to the world of drill-powered cleaning, the Medium Yellow Original was the first Drillbrush ever made and its specialty is cleaning corners and contoured surfaces in bathrooms, such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilet basins.

It is also extremely versatile in other settings as well, such as cleaning welcome mats, car mats, and other general cleaning scenarios.

Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original

Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original cleaning a grill's burner shield.

The Mini Original is a smaller variant of the Original brush, built to get into tighter or more compact corners and curves. 

The Ultra Stiff Black Mini is perfect for cleaning grill grates, outdoor equipment, and wheels on ride-on mowers and tractors.

Soft White Jumbo Original

White Jumbo Original cleaning rims.

On the other side of the Original scale is the Jumbo Original. It's a taller, silo-shaped brush that can be used to cover more surface area than the other two brushes.

The Soft White Jumbo can easily clean carpets, curved glass surfaces like windshields, and rims.

Detail Brushes

Detail Brushes

Sometimes the devil is in the details, especially when that devil is dust! Luckily, our 38-piece kit features three detail brushes perfect for all of your spot cleaning needs!

Soft White 2 inch Short Brush

Soft White 2 inch Short Brush cleaning tires.

No one likes finding a spot on the couch or a mess on the rug. That’s where the Soft White 2 inch Short brush comes in! Its soft, but short bristles help scrub out stains in upholstery, leather, carpet, or glass. 

Medium Yellow 2 inch Short Brush

Medium Yellow 2 inch Short Brush cleaning a tub overflow plate.

For heavier jobs, we included a second 2 inch Short brush in the next highest stiffness, Medium. These brushes are great for toothpaste stains on bathroom countertops, soap scum and rings in bathtubs, and any other stray spots around the house.

Stiff Red 2 inch Long Brush

Stiff Red 2 inch Long Brush cleaning a window sill.

Then there is the Stiff Red 2 inch Long brush. It has longer bristles than the 2 inch Short which allows it to engulf rounded surfaces and reach into tight detail work. However, the stiffness of the bristles make it no slouch and perfect for cleaning railings, outdoor decorations, spots on patio furniture, and lug nuts.

Medium Green 4 inch Flat Brush

4 inch Flat Brush

Medium Green 4 inch Flat Brush cleaning a stovetop.

The 38-piece kit features one flat brush; the Medium Green 4 inch. Our Green line is designated for kitchen cleaning, and this brush is great for scrubbing countertops, stovetops, and refrigerator shelves. 

Our Medium brushes are interchangeable in use case, so you can theoretically use this brush anywhere a Yellow or Blue brush can be used. However, we recommend that if you do use this brush on food prep surfaces, you do not use it in bathrooms or outdoor cleaning scenarios.

Medium Blue Edge Brush

Edge Brush


Medium Blue Edge Brush

The last brush available as part of the 38-piece kit is the Medium Blue Edge brush. Definitely one of the most unique brushes produced by Drillbrush, the ring of bristles around the Edge brush are built to get into gout lines and grooved surfaces.

Our Blue Medium brushes were initially created for Marine and Pool cleaning, so they’re great for getting into grooved anti-slip flooring on boats and tilework by pools and hot tubs. However, they can also be used in other areas, such as in boot trays, decorative divots and trim on vinyl furniture, bathroom tile grout, and shower door tracks.

Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing pads are nothing new for Drillbrush. We’ve carried brush and pad combo kits for some time and they always help homeowners expand their means of cleaning. However, we have new pads exclusive to this kit that offer a whole new variety of ways to scrub!

4 inch Foam Pad

4 inch Foam Pad cleaning a windshield.

The most noticeable addition to our pad library is the 4 inch Foam Pad. It’s a light orange pad that is thicker than our other scrubbers. Instead of our standard pad material, the foam pad is made out of a spongy foam that makes it great for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

4 inch Soft Orange Pad

4 inch Soft Orange Pad cleaning around a bathtub.

After the foam pad is an assortment of standard Drillbrush scrubbing pads. The first of which is the 4 inch Soft Orange pad. It’s a round 4 inch diameter pad that is thinner than our standard pads, though that lack of thickness does not hamper its quality.

It is similar in composition to our white pads, but in an orange color exclusive to this kit. 

The soft pads are built for polishing glass and wood surfaces, such as coffee tables, dressers, vanities, and more. It’s slender nature allows for more pads to be included in the kit. As such, the 38-piece kit features eight soft pads.

4 inch Moderate Red Pad

4 inch Moderate Red Pad cleaning a bathroom counter.

Next is the Moderate Red pad, a thin 4 inch pad with a similar coarseness to our standard red pads, though this one is closer to a wine red color than a fluorescent red.

These pads are great for cleaning bathroom surfaces, such as bathtubs, showers, countertops, and more! In addition, they’re great for use on fiberglass and plastic surfaces.

Like the soft pads, the 38-piece kit features eight of them for you to use!

4 inch Medium Gray Pad

4 inch Medium Gray Pad cleaning tiles.

The last of the thin pads is the Medium Gray pad. As mentioned, it has similar dimensions to the Soft and Moderate brushes and has a stiffness that falls somewhere around our pink and blue pads.

This pad is a bit hardier and more diverse. It can handle anything from tilework, to kitchen surfaces, to some metal polishing. Like the previous two, you receive eight of these pads in the kit.

4 inch Abrasive Green Pad

4 inch Abrasive Green Pad cleaning a kitchen sink.

Lastly, we have the Abrasive Green pad. It’s 4 inches in diameter like the thin pads, but has double the thickness. Compositionally, it’s somewhere between our blue and standard green pads in coarseness. 

It’s more abrasive than the other pads and can be used to polish metal surfaces, such as sinks, diamond plate, and grills. Two of these pads are featured in the kit. 

Much like our standard scrubbers, all of these pads have a mesh material on the back that attaches to our 3 inch hook-and-loop backer, which is also included in this kit. Speaking of the backer...



Not only does this kit come with a hefty assortment of brushes and scrub pads, but it also features a handful of helpful tools and accessories to aid in the cleaning process!

3 inch Pad Backer

3 inch Pad Backer.

The backbone of every Drillbrush scrubbing pad, the 3 inch Backer is an accessory that allows pads to be inserted in a cordless drill.

On one side of the backer is a hook-and-loop surface that tightly clings to the fabric of the pads. On the other side is a 5/8 inch-11 thread-count nut that accepts a Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter (see below) to connect to standard cordless drills and impact drivers.

The backer can attach to any Drillbrush scrub pad, including ones sold outside this kit.

Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter

Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter.

The Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter is a drill bit that allows items with a threaded nut to be attached to typical cordless drills. One side of the shaft is a 5/8 inch, 11 thread-count bolt and the other is a common 1/4 inch quickchange shaft.

This adapter comes inserted into the 3 inch Backer, but can be removed by unscrewing it and used with other compatible brushes and devices.

7 inch Extension

Yellow Original Brush in a 7 inch Extension cleaning a toilet basin.

Last, but not least, is the 7 inch extension. This metal bar has a collared sleeve on one end that accepts 1/4 inch quickchange shafts, meaning that every brush in the kit can be used with the extension.

The extension gives Drillbrush products an additional 7 inches of reach, allowing users to clean areas that would otherwise be more difficult or cumbersome to get to.

It’s great for reaching areas on high shelves or fixtures, cleaning messes close to the ground without crouching or kneeling, getting into difficult-to-reach spots like under beds and inside coolers, or creating more distance between you and the mess if the task requires caustic cleaners or could result in excessive splatter.

Insert Card

Insert Card

Cover of the Insert Card.

Technically not one of the 38 items, but still included in the kit is an insert card. This two-sided, folded pamphlet features useful information about Drillbrush, such as color charts, installation instructions, cleaning tips, support information, additional offers, and a “thank you” message from the Drillbrush staff.

These cards come with every Drillbrush product that comes in a box, so give it a read if you come across one!



The 38-piece Kit by Drillbrush offers a bevy of tools to help you get your space looking spiffy! If you want to grab one for yourself, you can pick up a kit here.

We also put together an unboxing video to show off the contents in a quick concise manner, which you can view here.

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