Top 5 Favorite Drillbrush Kits from the Man That Packs and Ships Them!

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Top 5 Favorite Drillbrush Kits from the Man That Packs and Ships Them!
Anthony Aldi's Favorite Kits

If you want to give Drillbrush a try, but aren’t sure which brushes to pick, you might want to get some advice from an expert; someone who’s had years of hands-on experience with these handy little scrubbers!

I’m Drillbrush warehouse overseer Anthony Aldi. Armed with my boxcutter and tape gun, I’ve been handling and packaging brushes for over five years. If you ordered a kit from our website, chances are I’m the guy who sent it to you!

I’ve seen many Drillbrush kits pass by my table, and over time, I’ve grown fond of quite a few of them. Today, I’ll go over my favorite Drillbrush kits and offer some advice on the best brushes to purchase for your cleaning needs!

5 - Ultra Stiff 7 inch Black Brushes

5 - Ultra Stiff 7 inch Black Brushes

Big brush, big scrubbing!

Before we dive into the kits, let’s start with my favorite single brush; the Ultra Stiff Black 7 inch flat brush. This bulky brush is built for polishers and is tough enough (and large enough) to scrub industrial-sized messes.

These brushes are intense. Oil Stain Cleaning Company uses them to scrub oil stains off of driveways and concrete surfaces and the crew for race car driver Jessica Powers uses them to knock dirt out of the tires in-between heat races. Using a 7-inch brush means you’re getting that stain out no matter what, and that’s the kind of vibe I check with.

Plus, the brush comes with a threaded-to-quick change adapter so you can put it on standard cordless drill as well!

This swole scrubber is available on its own, or in a three-pack with our Soft White and Medium Yellow 7 inch brushes.

4 - 38-piece Pad and Brush Variety Kit

4 - 38-piece Pad and Brush Variety Kit

That’s a lot of brushes!

My co-worker Amar sang the praises of the 38-piece kit in his staff picks blog, but I’m going to shout it out again because it is just that good!

What does the 38-piece kit include? What doesn’t it include? As the name suggests, it has 38 items in one long box. Of those 38, it features eight brushes, twenty-seven scrub pads, a 3 inch backer, an adapter, and a 7 inch extension. We go into more detail in our 38-piece kit announcement blog, but here’s a quick rundown on what’s included.

It has a Soft White 2 inch Short, a Medium Yellow 2 inch Short, a Stiff Red 2 inch Long, a Medium Green 4 inch, an Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original, a Medium Yellow Original, a Soft White Jumbo Original, and a Medium Blue Edge brush. That list includes every stiffness and application color we sell, as well as most of our brush shapes. You’ll never be caught without the right brush for the job ever again!

Additionally, it also has one Foam, eight Soft Orange, eight Moderate Red, eight Medium Gray, and two Stiff Green scrub pads. That’s the entire range of stiffnesses we offer, with the Medium Gray being a coarseness unique to this kit. Considering our standard pad kits feature only six pads, two of each stiffness, this kit is a surface polisher’s dream!

Lastly, there are the accessories, which consist of a 3 inch hook-and-loop backer for swapping out pads, a threaded-to-quick change adapter for attaching the backer to a drill, and a 7 inch extension for leverage on hard-to-reach stains.

The 38-piece kit is awesome and a great way to stock up on scrub brushes. You can get this absolute unit here.

3 - Soft and Medium Two 5 inch and 2 inch Long Brush Variety Kit

3 - Soft and Medium Two 5 inch and 2 inch Long Brush Variety Kit

My comfort kit!

The three-piece 5 inch and 2 inch Long variety kit is not the first kit everyone thinks about when they think of Drillbrush, but it has a special place in my heart.

It’s incredibly satisfying to put in the box because the two 5 inch brushes stack nicely on top of one another and the 2 inch Long fits snuggly in the corner next to them. Outside of relative ease of packing, it also has some strong uses.

The Soft White 5 inch brush can handle fabric, wood, and glass cleaning, while its fellow 5 inch, the Medium Yellow, can tackle all the bathroom tile and shower scrubbing. The last piece; the Medium Blue 2 inch Long, gets deployed when you’re done with the other two. It’s long mid-strength bristles can scrub molding; both floor and crown; as well as complicated fixtures like faucets, handles, and ornate woodwork.

This kit isn’t for everyone, as it lacks our popular corner-scrubbing Original brushes, but it does have three solid brushes that can handle a wide range of tasks in most rooms. You can pick up this kit for yourself here.

2 - Medium Blue 42O Marine and Pool Cleaning Kit

2 - Medium Blue 42O Marine and Pool Cleaning Kit

Not that yella fella!

The Medium Yellow 42O kit is the most popular Drillbrush kit. It’s our top seller on Amazon and a fan favorite for bathroom scrubbing.

So why am I highlighting the Medium Blue kit instead? Honestly, it’s because I like the way the blue looks! I personally think these brushes, as well as the Stiff Red brushes, are the most aesthetically pleasing of all the colors.

Both kits are Medium stiffness. The color separation is to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning, so despite our blue brushes being labeled as “Marine and Pool” scrubbers, you can use them anywhere!

42O kits are popular because they feature an Original for corner scrubbing, a 4 inch flat brush for flat surfaces, and a 2 inch Short brush for detailing. Those three brushes are the bare minimum you need to clean everything in the house!

Boat owners can use this kit on their hulls and kayaks and whatnot, but if you prefer blue to yellow like me, this kit can handle all of your bathroom scrubbing needs!

You can find the Medium Blue 42O kit on our website here.

1 - Medium Blue Ultimate Marine and Pool Cleaning Kit

1 - Medium Blue Ultimate Marine and Pool Cleaning Kit

Blue Da-ba-de-da-ba-da!

What can possibly top three Medium Blue brushes? How about six! The Medium Blue Ultimate kit features the Original, 4 inch, and 2 inch Short brushes from the 42O kit, but includes a brush variation of each for more specialized cleaning.

The Ultimate kit adds the Mini Original, a smaller Original brush for tighter spaces, a 5 inch flat brush, which can cover larger surfaces than the 4 inch, and the 2 inch Long, a detail brush with long bristles for more intricate scrubbing.

As we mentioned in the previous entry, this kit is labeled as a Marine and Pool scrubber, which means it’s great for pool lining, kayaks, canoes, and fishing boats. But this kit can also scrub deck chairs, vinyl furniture, tile floors, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and much, much more!

The best kit in my opinion is one that features a healthy selection of brushes, is useful in a bunch of different places, and doesn’t break the bank. The Medium Blue Ultimate kit is just that. (It’s also very good looking too.)

You can find the Marine Ultimate kit here!

Bonus: The Official Drillbrush t-shirt

Bonus: The Official Drillbrush t-shirt

It’s-a me!

Speaking of very good looking, here’s a bonus one for all of you still reading, I’m not just the warehouse overseer. I do a little modeling too! I’m the guy wearing the Drillbrush t-shirt on our listing for them.

They’re great shirts, made of non-shrink polyester and featuring the Drillbrush logo proudly on the front and back. I wear mine every day and they’re perfect for any Drillbrush fan!

We have them currently available in Large and Extra Large, so if you want to represent Drillbrush wherever you go, pick one up on our website and you’ll look as cool as I do!

"Ald" Outta Suggestions

"Ald" Outta Suggestions

I hope you found my brush picks helpful! If you want to purchase any of the kits I recommended, just click the links at the bottom of each section and you’ll be brought to the listing page.

If these kits aren’t what you’re looking for, you can read the Staff Picks articles by John and Amar for more suggestions,or you can visit the catalog page and search for something yourself!

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Anthony Aldi | Anthony Aldi is the primary warehouse overseer for Drillbrush Power Scrubber. He’s in charge of packing, transport, and other tasks around the company’s extensive campus. Anthony enjoys video games, working out at the gym, and partaking in games of chance.


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