Top 5 Drillbrush Cleaning Kits Chosen by the Staff; John Edition

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Top 5 Drillbrush Cleaning Kits Chosen by the Staff; John Edition

I am the graphic designer and head of the Media Department for Drillbrush. Every single Drillbrush kit and brushes passes by me at some point, whether it be to make the listing images for them, design their packaging, or editing together video clips of the brushes in the kit in action. This, coupled with the fact that I’m often the hand in the videos holding the drill, means I’ve used every single brush that Drillbrush sells.

This has given me enough experience to start developing my favorite go-to kits, some of which I even use outside the office regularly!

If you’re new to Drillbrush and need a recommendation on which kit you should try, I might be able to help guide you to the Drillbrush of your dreams!

So grab your favorite cleaning solution and have your cordless drill ready to whirl, as we go through my top 5 favorite Drillbrush kits!

5: The Ultimate Variety Kit

The Ultimate Variety Kit

Variety is the spice of life!

What I look for in a kit is the ability to clean a wide variety of surfaces using just the contents of one kit. Drillbrushes come in seven shapes, four unique stiffnesses and six different colors, so why not get a kit that runs as much of the gamut as possible.

That’s what the Ultimate Variety Kit boasts. This kit features six brushes, each a different shape and featuring every color and stiffness (except blue).

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get into the contents.

“Flat Brush on a Flat Top!”

The Ultimate Variety kit features a Soft White 2in detail brush, an Ultra Stiff black 2in Long detail brush, a Medium Green 4in flat brush, Stiff Red 5in flat and Mini brushes, and a Medium Yellow Original brush.

The Yellow Original and Green 4in brushes will be your go-to brushes inside the home, tackling most bathroom and kitchen tasks respectively. Both are considered staple brushes in other kits.

On the exterior, the two stiff brushes shine. The 5in brush is great for cleaning large surfaces like garage floors, patios, and siding, while the Mini can hit thin spots like shutters and gutters.

“Grill Bill vol. 2in.”

The two 2in brushes are more for odds-and-ends. The White 2in is useful for spot cleaning around the house while the Black 2in Long is more for spots around the grill.

While it does not include a blue brush, it won’t leave you high and dry. Since the blue medium is mostly for marine, pool, and softer outdoor cleaning, you’ll be able to get away with using the two red brushes or the two medium brushes in most cases.

Though it requires a more of an up-front investment due to its larger size, this is a good kit for novice cleaners as it allows you to try a variety of brushes and find the one you’re most comfortable with.

If you want to try the Ultimate Variety kit, you can find it here.

4: The Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Kit

The Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Kit

“♪ Someone’s in the kitchen with Drill-brush ♫”

At home, I have a large combination kitchen and dining room that features an entryway to the garage and to the back deck. This means I have a large, well-used expanse of floor, plenty of countertops and cabinet space, and many small knick-knacks that need to be touched up.

This makes me a perfect candidate for a standard Green 542O kit. The flat brushes can handle all of the surfaces, the 2in can get all the small spaces, and the Original is perfect for the sink.

But there’s an even better option when it comes to kitchens, and that’s the Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Kit.

“Despite it’s content, this picture was NOT added for padding”

The Kitchen kit features the same content of a G-542O, but adds two stiff blue 4in pads and a 3in velcro backer.

As someone who grew up in an Italian household, pasta and sauce-based meals were the norm and were often prepared in huge pots and pans, and they stick around longer than an Italian goodbye.

This is where I would’ve liked having these pads growing up. They’re great for removing cooked-on foodstuff and the inclusion of two pads means you can abuse one and have a replacement on standby.

Pads are also easy to replace, as Drillbrush sells four-pad refill kits of the same size and stiffness.

You can find this kit here.

3: The 3-Piece Variety Original Kit

The 3-Piece Variety Original Kit

“Choose your flavor!”

As stated above, I like variety. I’ll riot if the ice cream shop doesn’t have enough flavors, I’ll scoff if the knit-hats don’t come in a large assortment of colors.

I also like the Original brush. It makes sense, really. It’s our oldest brush shape and it has uses beyond the corner and contour scrubbing it’s billed for.

So naturally the best combination of my preferences is the 3-piece Variety Original Kit.

“A Step in the Right Direction!”

This kit features three Originals, one in Medium Yellow, one in Stiff Red, and one in Ultra Stiff Black.

Having the three stiffest grades makes this kit incredibly versatile. It allows one to tackle any task in the bathroom, on the deck or patio, in the garage, and on grills or heavy duty equipment.

Plus, if you were to have, say, a spot in the bathtub that is too tough for the medium brush, you can quickly swap to the next grade up and try again with the stiff brush. Still a no go? Then you can break out the big guns in the Ultra Stiff brush and make sure that a stain will never want to form there ever again.

I’d especially recommend this kit to people who want to try Drillbrush out for the first time. Having three of the four stiffnesses allows you to experiment with them and see which is the best for your scenario going forward.

You can find this triple threat here.

2: The Soft White E42O Home & Auto Kit

The Soft White E42O Home & Auto Kit

“Livin’ on the Edge!”

This is one of Drillbrush’s newest kits and features their newest brush (as of the time of this article’s writing), but it’s already won my heart!

The Edge brush is a highly specialized brush composed of a wheel with a ring of bristle clusters around the outside. This brush can effortlessly work its way into grout lines and tight grooves

While I enjoy the Yellow, Red, and Black versions of this brush for their impeccable work on bathroom grout, patio furniture, and grill-grates respectively, the White edge brush is the star of the show because it can clean some niche, but important things around the house.

I work at a computer both at the office and at home, so I spend a lot of time at my desk. With all those hours spent working, my keyboard and desk mat quickly begin to pick up all matter of crumbs and particles, especially if I decide to have lunch at my desk.

While it’s a no-brainer that the edge brush can get into the larger segments of a keyboard, it is also surprisingly efficient at lifting unwanted debris out of desk mats. I was stunned when I saw it make quick work of an old mouse mat and from then on I highly recommend any desk laborer or pencil pusher have one on standby.

“One, Two, Scrub Off My Shoe!”

I’m also someone who likes to take walks and hikes, my shoes often end up getting incredibly dirty. Now I’ve seen people go to great lengths to keep their expensive collector kicks as fresh as possible, performing all sorts of rituals and intensive cleaning regimens.

However, I’m someone who uses shoes mainly for utility, so I was happy to find that the Edge brush not only does a great job getting into threads on sneakers and boots, but can clean around the outer sole as well. This is especially helpful if you stepped in mud and didn’t get a chance to clean it off right away. A little cleaner and a good scrub can take off the brunt of it!

Just don’t use it on your shoes if you step in certain other brown substances.

“The Cutting Edge of Cleaning!”

It’s also really good for car mats! I have rubber mats with plenty of grooves in them to get all matters of pebbles, dirt, and the remnants of winter slush caught in them. The Edge brush is a live-saver because it can easily slot into those tight channels and make my mats look like new!

We get it, I really like the Edge brush, but let’s not forget the other three brushes that come with this kit. As a car owner in Upstate New York, I constantly need to clean off windshields, loosen stubborn salt stains, and clean out the seats and upholstery on a semi regular basis.

All of these tasks and more are a breeze for the soft white 2 inch, 4 inch, and Original brushes. This makes having a suite of automotive brushes in addition to the Edge brush a great value!

If you want to pick up a kit for yourself and give the Edge brush a spin, you can find it here.

1: The Medium Yellow 52O Bathroom Cleaning Kit

The Medium Yellow 52O Bathroom Cleaning Kit

“Rub-a-dub-dub, Drillbrush in the tub!”

You can’t go wrong with the Drillbrush Medium Yellow Bathroom brushes. They are the oldest and most tried-and-true brushes we produce and I could practically recommend any yellow brush.

Though if I had to pick my personal favorite yellow kit, it would have to be the 52O kit.

This kit, as the name suggests, features an Original, 5 inch flat, and 2 inch detail brush, all in Medium stiffness. Now this description might lack all of the flash flare of the previous entries that boast variety and multiple brushes and crazy grout-cleaning brushes, but it doesn’t need it. I love this kit because of its sheer effectiveness at making my least favorite chore a hundred times easier!

“Far Beyond Bed & Bath”

Where I live, I have a very small bathroom. It has a toilet, sink, a combination bathtub and shower, and not a lot of room for anything else. The shower is protected by a sliding glass shower door on a track, which means at least fifty percent of the tub is blocked by the door at all times.

These conditions already make it hard to get in there to scrub, but it gets worse. My bathtub is old and made of porcelain, so it’s developed a rough surface that traps soap scum and makes it a nightmare to clean.

Add to the fact that I’m taller than the bathroom is long and have issues kneeling, even the thought of cleaning the bathtub makes me shutter. I’ve even gone as far as to skip the occasional shower to prevent the tub from getting dirtier faster.

But that all changed with the yellow brushes. What used to be an hour long job where I wreck my knees and wrench my back to do a barely passable dent in the grime, now takes only me ten minutes and far less of a headache!

For giving me my tub back, I absolutely love the Yellow 52O kit. Though you don’t necessarily have to go with the 52O kit to get good results. I prefer the 5 inch flat brush personally because I like using the larger flat brushes, but the 42O version will perform just as well. Go with whatever bathroom kit fits your needs and feels like a good value to you.

You can find the Yellow 52O kit here. or view all of our bathroom kits here.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this list helps you narrow down your decision making process and gets you closer to choosing the brushes you need!

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