Amazon Marketplace Overseer Picks His Top 5 Best Drillbrush Kits

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Amazon Marketplace Overseer Picks His Top 5 Best Drillbrush Kits

As the marketplace overseer, I work with Drillbrush’s Amazon listings every day; keeping descriptions up to date, loading images, and setting up lightning deals. Having looked at the entire Drillbrush library countless times, I’ve developed some favorites along the way.

So I’m going to go through my Top 5 Drillbrush Kits, chosen based on how much I personally like the kit and how useful I think the kit is for the average customer.

Let’s get into it!

5. The 4 inch 4-piece Variety Kit

The 4 inch 4 Piece Kit

Four brushes, four ways to clean!

When I need to clean something, I’m not always going to know how stiff of a brush I’m going to need. Sure, that gunk on the floor behind the fridge is in the kitchen, but will a Medium brush be enough to get it off the linoleum?

That’s why I like the 4 inch four piece variety kit. It has several different colors and stiffnesses so you can pick the right brush for the job without having to buy multiple kits.

A 4-inch for every application!

As the name implies, the kit features four 4 inch Flat brushes; a Soft White brush for glass, wood, and delicate surfaces, a Medium Yellow brush for bathroom tile and shower walls, a Medium Green brush for linoleum, countertops, and other kitchen surfaces, and a Stiff Red brush for tough stains. siding, and vinyl furniture. 

While it doesn’t feature our Ultra Stiff brush, that level of stiffness is only really needed for industrial-grade messes. This kit has a wide enough range of brushes to handle most normal household clean up, and the Red Stiff brush can hold its own against stains very well.

Unlike most of our other kits, this kit only features flat brushes, so it doesn’t have the tools for cleaning corners. However, most furniture and surfaces around the house are flat, so you’ll have no shortage of uses for the 4 inch. 

You can pick up a 4 inch 4-piece kit here.
4. Medium Yellow 42O 2WRB Pad Kit 

Yellow 42O 2WRB Pad Kit

Let's scrub that tub!

The Medium Yellow 42O kit is a classic kit that has helped so many people, myself included, get their bathrooms clean. But how can you improve upon a bona fide classic?

By adding scrub pads of course!

This version of the Yellow 42O comes with six thin 4 inch scrubbing pads; two in Soft White, two in Moderate Blue, and two in Stiff Red, as well as a 3 inch Pad Backer.

Cleaning glass in one pass!

The 4 inch pads are new for Drillbrush, in that these have a new thinner design. They work just as well as the old pads and are just as durable, but now you have two of each, allowing you to go longer before replacing your pads. It also comes with a 3 inch hook-and-loop backer so you can use them in a cordless drill.

The pads are perfect for polishing, and can clean sinks, tile, countertops, tub walls, mirrors, and shower doors. This pairs well with the standard Yellow 42O kit, which features a 4 inch Flat brush for heavier scrubbing on bathroom tile and shower walls, an Original brush for tub corners, rounded sinks, and behind the toilet, and a 2 inch Detail brush for faucets, fixtures, and spot cleaning.

You can find the Yellow 42O kit with 2WRB pads here

3. The 38-Piece Variety Kit

The 38-Piece Variety Kit

Damn boy, this kit THICC!

I’m sorry, what’s that? The 4 inch 4-piece kit doesn’t offer enough options for you? Well take a seat, because I’ve got something that’ll blow your mind!

The 38-piece Variety Kit is, as it says on the tin, a Drillbrush kit with 38 items in it, including brushes, scrubbing pads, and accessories. It’s one of the newest Drillbrush kits, designed with the intent of providing a full cleaning suite all in one box! 

You can read more about this kit in our 38-piece brush spotlight article, but here’s a quick overview of what you get.

Living on the edge!

Eight of the thirty eight items are brushes. They are a Soft White 2 inch Short detail brush, a Medium Yellow 2 inch Short detail brush, a Stiff Red 2 inch Long detail brush, a Medium Green 4 inch flat brush, an Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original brush, a Medium Yellow Original brush, a Soft White Jumbo Original brush, and a Medium Blue Edge brush. 

One of every brush shape except the 5 inch flat brush is featured, as well as at least one of every stiffness and color. Unless you have something extremely specific to clean, these brushes should be able to handle anything you can throw at them.

Suds and Foam!

Pads make up the majority of the kit, accounting for twenty-seven items. Not only are they abundant, but many of these pads are unique to this kit. You get eight Soft Orange 4 inch pads, eight Moderate Red 4 inch pads, eight Medium Gray 4 inch pads, two Abrasive Green 4 inch pads, and a 4 inch Foam pad.

The pads work the same as the pads mentioned in the Yellow 42O with 2WRB pads section. They’re all thin (sans the Foam pad) and can handle various degrees of polishing. The Foam pad is great on glass, the Soft pad can polish delicate surfaces without scratching, the Moderate pad is great for plastic, vinyl, or porcelain surfaces, the Medium pad is perfect for heavier polishing and scrubbing tough stains, and the Abrasive brush can refinish metal, remove rust, and handle stuck-on messes.

Calling in support!

The remaining three items all fall under accessories. They are a 3 inch Pad Backer, a Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter (that goes in the 3 inch Backer so it can attach to cordless drills), and a 7 inch extension to give you extra reach while cleaning.

Overall, the 38-piece kit has everything you could ever want in a kit. It has a little of everything, a massive stockpile of pads, and some extras to really boost your cleaning performance. You can find the 38-piece kit here.

But if the 38-piece kit is so great, why is it only Number 3? It’s an amazing general purpose kit, but there’s two case-specific kits I feel really shine!

2. The Ultra Stiff Black Ultimate Grill Cleaning Kit

Black Ultimate Grill Cleaning Kit

Back in black!

Like every red-blooded American male, I love me a good BBQ! Nothing tops laying meat on the grill! However, the clean up can really harshen a good time. Luckily, the Ultimate Grill Cleaning Kit has everything you need!

The kit features six Ultra Stiff Black brushes; an Original brush, a Mini Original brush, a 4 inch Flat brush, a 5 inch Flat brush, a 2 inch Short Detail brush, and a 2 inch Long Detail brush. They are all industrial grade and built for cleaning difficult, girstle-coated surfaces.

The Original and Mini brushes can scrub grill grates, condiment trays, burner shields, and other small corners around the grill. The flat brushes can get rid of sticky build-up in the hood, around burners, and all the shelving and panels making up the grill. Meanwhile, the two detail brushes are great at spot cleaning all the small, stuck-on drops of juice and sauces that get spilled over the summer.

Cleaning up under the hood!

This kit features only the toughest of the tough, so it's not something you’ll use in your bathroom or kitchen very often. But if you like grilling and keeping your grill in tip top shape like me, this is the kit for you.

You can get the Ultimate Grill Cleaning Kit here, but I’ve got one more kit for you to try!

1. The Soft White 42J Home and Auto Cleaning Kit

White 42J Home and Auto Kit


My favorite kit lacks the brush quantity and bristle variety that some of the others have. In fact, you’ll probably think I’m crazy for picking a kit this plain. Despite appearances, the Soft White 42J Home & Auto kit is my favorite kit!

This kit only features three brushes; a 4 inch Flat brush, a 2 inch Short Detail brush, and a Jumbo Original brush, all with Soft White bristles. On the surface, this kit looks very basic, and the soft bristles don’t appear to hold a candle to the ultra stiff brushes I mentioned in the previous listing, but these three brushes have the capability to clean a TON of things around the house.

Let’s start inside the home. The vast majority of surfaces in your house are made of one of these three surfaces; wood, glass, and fabric. The non-scratch, delicate bristles are the perfect fit for all three!

A big brush for big stains!

The 4 inch flat brush can clean windows, mirrors, desks, coffee tables, hardwood floors, walls, and basically any surface pleasing to a bubble level. 

The Jumbo Original, one of our newer brushes, is like our standard Original brush, but longer. Not only can it clean corners in places like tubs and sinks like the Original, its rounded sides are great for cleaning carpets, mats, and stucco. 

The 2 inch Detail brush can hit small spots and do touch-up work on all of the aforementioned surfaces, but is also gentle enough to clean delicate embroidery and ornamentation.

And that’s just the stuff inside the house! The White brushes are also a great car cleaning tool, perfect for seats, rims, car mats, windshields, headlights, trim, center consoles, tire treads, and trunks. It can clean pretty much everything on a car except the paint!

This kit is extremely efficient, and can clean a hefty number of surfaces around the house with only three brushes. That’s why the White 42J kit is my personal favorite Drillbrush kit!


More Recommendations?


Those are my Top 5 favorite kits. I hope one of my picks helps you decide on which kit is right for you.


However, this was just my opinion. If you want some other recommendations, our graphic designer John has a list of his own that you can view here.

If you have a kit that you love, let us know in the comments!

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