Our Largest Corner Cleaning Brush - Drillbrush Jumbo Original Brush Spotlight

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Our Largest Corner Cleaning Brush - Drillbrush Jumbo Original Brush Spotlight
The Jumbo Original Brush

The bullet-shaped Original brush has been a Drillbrush staple since the very beginning. When Drillbrush inventor Anthony LaPolla crafted the first Drillbrush by attaching a toilet wand head to a drill bit, he changed the game for cleaners everywhere.

But don’t think that we haven’t innovated on our initial design since Drillbrush’s inception in 2007. The Original brush has seen a few variants designed to further enhance your cleaning potential. One is the Mini Original, a smaller version of the Original for tighter spaces. The other is the polar opposite, as well as the subject of today’s blog; the Jumbo Original.

The Jumbo Original is fairly new to the Drillbrush family, but it’s earned its place at the table as an extremely versatile scrubber with enough surface area to cut down your cleaning time even more than our products already accomplish! Today, we’ll go over everything the Jumbo Original can do, and what kits you can find it in to try it for yourself!

Jumbo Brush Specs

Jumbo Brush Specs

The stats and measurements for the Jumbo Original brush!

What if Original brush but stretched? That is the design mantra of the Jumbo brush!

The Jumbo has pretty much the same measurements as the Original brush; 3.25 inch diameter, 1.25 inch non-scratch nylon bristles, a 1 inch diameter polypropylene block, and a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft. Where the Jumbo differs though is its length. While a standard Original brush is 3.5 inches long, the Jumbo Original is a staggering 5 inches long! 

The Jumbo Original is available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black, meaning there’s a Jumbo Original for any situation!

Like all quickchange Drillbrush products, the Jumbo can fit in both cordless drills and impact drivers, as well as utilize Drillbrush accessories like extensions and handles.

Corners, Contours, AND Flat Surfaces

Corners, Contours, AND Flat Surfaces

A Soft White Jumbo brush cleaning rims on a car.

The bread and butter of Original brushes is corner cleaning, and in that category the Jumbo is no slouch!

With an identical diameter to the Original, it can clean in corners and contours just as well. Jumbo brushes can be used to clean around tubs and showers, in sinks, around the complex interior of cars and trucks, rims, deck chairs, and barbeque grills.

While it might be too bulky for tighter spaces, its unique shape gives it better versatility on flat surfaces. On carpets, the bristles can pull dirt and debris from the fibers, getting a deeper clean while covering more ground. On grates, a longer brush means more slats covered in one pass, speeding up the process. It’s similarly efficient on tire treads and rubber floor mats, which often have shallow grooves and unconventional geometry that a flat brush might struggle with.

Mini and Original Brushes

Mini and Original Brushes

From Left to Right, a Mini Original, Original, and Jumbo Original.

The Jumbo Original is the third generation of Original brush, with its predecessors being the Original and the Mini Original.

Each brush serves a niche in the corner-cleaning department. The Original is the general purpose brush that can adapt well to most situations. The Mini brush is smaller, and can thus fit into tighter spaces like drain openings, sink fixtures, and certain rim designs. The Jumbo is for larger surfaces that may have curves or deep-set debris like bathtubs, carpets, or car upholstery.

You can find all three brushes in our 9-piece Variety, 38-piece Variety, and J-O-M-HD kits if you want to use the whole Original brush trio in concert.

Kits Featuring the Jumbo Original

Kits Featuring the Jumbo Original

Drillbrush4-2-J kits feature a Jumbo Original, a 4 inch Flat, and a 2 inch Short Detail Brush.

Being a newer product and a specialty brush, the Jumbo Original isn’t in as many kits as it’s bullet-shaped brethren, but the kits it does feature in are pretty diverse and are must-haves for Drillbrush fans.

Like the Original, the Jumbo has its own version of our popular 4-2-O kits; the 4-2-J. As one may guess, this pack swaps out the Original in favor of a Jumbo Original. The 4-2-J is perfect for folks that know they’re going to need to utilize the wide sides of the Jumbo on their floor mats, bathtubs, showers, and patios. A 4-2-J-5X kit is also available, which features a 5 inch extension for added reach!

Another option for the Jumbo brush enthusiast is the E-5-4-2-J kit. This kit features the Jumbo, 4 inch and 2 inch Short from the previous kit, but adds a 5 inch flat brush for flat surface scrubbing and an Edge brush for grout lines and grooves.

The Jumbo and 5 inch pair well, as they provide two different types of large-scale flat surface scrubbing. The 5 inch does circular scrubbing while the Jumbo works like a sweeper. Pair this with the Edge brush for the trim and you’ve got yourself a tile and linoleum cleaning wonder kit!

The 9-piece and 38-piece Kits. Both feature a Jumbo Original brush.

We touched upon it in the previous section, but three kits offer at least one of each Original style brush; the 9-piece, 38-piece, and J-O-M-HD kits.

The 9-piece variety brush kit features at least one brush of every stiffness and color and one of nearly every Drillbrush shape. The Jumbo representative in this box is the Ultra Stiff, which is built for cleaning grill grates, metal, and concrete surfaces. Grates are this Jumbo’s biggest specialty, as you can cover more ground and loosen more gristle in less time!

A kit as big as the 38-piece kit is just begging for a Jumbo Original to be included, and the Soft White Jumbo is exactly what’s in store! This is our largest kit by item count, with 8 brushes, 27 scrubbing pads, and 3 accessories. All of these items run the gamut in stiffness, from the gentle Foam pad and Soft brushes to the Stiff Green pad and Ultra Stiff Mini brush.

You can read more about the 38-piece kit here, but what you need to know about the White Jumbo brush is its prowess on carpets, car mats, vehicle upholstery, and wood furniture. Its rounded nose can get into tight corners with ease and its long sides can pull dirt out of fabric fibers and cover some flat surface cleaning without having to swap to a 4 inch brush.

Soft White, Medium Yellow, and ultra Stiff Black J-O-M-HD Kits that feature all three Original brush variations and a Handle Adapter.

Our most recent Jumbo-centric kit is the J-O-M-HD, which launched in Summer 2023 to coincide with the Drillbrush Handle Adapter attachment. Available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black, these kits allow our toilet wand-inspired Originals to be used with the Handle Adapter to create a handheld scrubber for household, bathroom, and grill cleaning.

These kits are perfect for people who do not have cordless drills, but are also a blessing for drill-powered scrubbers with a lot of corners to clean in their homes. Many Amazon reviewers were very pleased by the combination of brushes featured.

Our Jumbo brushes are also available individually on our website if you want to pick one up on its own.

The Big Brush for Big Jobs

The Big Brush for Big Jobs

The Jumbo Original takes a standard Original brush and accentuates it’s side-scrubbing functionality to make one monster of a cleaning brush!

Wanna give the Jumbo Original a spin? Check out our full library of Jumbo brushes and kits.

You can also read our other brush spotlights to see more of the unique, innovative products Drillbrush has to offer!

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