The Drillbrush 2 inch Short Detail Brush - A Certified Spot Cleaning Machine!

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The Drillbrush 2 inch Short Detail Brush - A Certified Spot Cleaning Machine!
A Tale of 2 inches

Let’s assume you ordered our most popular product, the Medium Yellow 42O kit./a> Like every customer who buys our products, you eagerly await the arrival of your kit by sitting on the porch, rapidly refreshing the tracking status on your phone, and not stopping to eat or sleep until the mailman shows up with your package!

After ripping it from his hands, darting back inside, and cracking it open in a violent manner, you are greeted by three brushes; an Original, a 4 inch and a 2 inch brush. The first two click instantly; the rounded Original brush is for cleaning corners and the 4 inch brush if for cleaning flat surfaces. But some might wonder what you do with that little tiny brush that comes with the pack.

That’s our 2 inch Short brush, built for spot cleaning and detailing projects. However, some may wonder why we bother with such a miniscule brush when the other two can seemingly cut through any mess they come across. The 2 inch has some special skills up its sleeves and there are quite a few situations where it can outshine its larger brothers.

So let’s take a deep dive into one of our smallest brushes; the 2 inch Short.

2 inch Specs

2 inch Specs

The stats and measurements for the 2 inch Short detail brush!

The 2 inch Short brush gets its name from its 2 inch diameter polypropylene block and its short 1 inch long bristles. As with most typical Drillbrush Power Scrubbers, the 2 inch Short features a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft that is compatible with all standard cordless drills and impact drivers.

Like all of our scrub brushes, it features non-scratch nylon bristles. The 2 inch is available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black; which are every color and stiffness we sell. This allows you to do detailing on automotive, bathroom, kitchen, marine, outdoor, and industrial surfaces, respectively!



Stiff Red 2 inch Short Drillbrush scrubbing a windowsill.

As one of our smallest brushes, the 2 inch is incredibly useful for getting into the tight spots around the house.

The Soft 2 inch can hit crown molding, intricacies in wood furniture, and fabric surfaces on sofas and chairs. On the automotive front, it’s useful for cleaning rear and side view mirrors, the dashboard, and the outer trim.

Medium-bristled 2 inch brushes can handle plenty of household messes on surfaces like tub spouts, drains, small appliances, and sink fixtures.

Stiff and Ultra Stiff brushes are useful for window sills, siding, exterior vents, grill grates, and brickwork.

The 2 inch brush is useful in these situations because the 4 inch flat brush is too large for these small areas. Original brushes can get into these areas easily, but the bristle arrangement on the Original is not always the most efficient way to clean these places, especially when it comes to spot cleaning. Speaking of:

Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning

A Medium Green 2 inch Short Drillbrush spot cleaning on the rim of a kitchen sink.

The other main use for a 2 inch brush is spot cleaning! These are small-scale messes that are stubborn to remove. Due to the 2 inch brush’s small surface area and shorter, less flexible bristles, they can target these spots and blast them away with clean precision!

2 inch brushes can be used on soap rings under shampoo bottles in the shower or on toothpaste stains on bathroom cabinets and countertops. If you get splatter from cooking on kitchen surfaces like stoves, sinks, counters, and linoleum, a 2 inch can loosen caked-on marinara and queso in no time!

White 2 inch brushes can scrub spots off mirrors and windows as well as cup rings on coffee tables! Outside the home, they are also great for cleaning splatter around grills, spots on the siding, and “gifts” from the birds on your deck furniture.

This prowess with spot cleaning gives the 2 inch brush a unique angle from its larger brothers and sisters, but that’s not to say it’s our only detailing brush:

2 inch Long

2 inch Long

A Medium Green 2 inch Long Drillbrush cleaning around a kitchen faucet.

The 2 inch Short brush has a specialized counterpart in the 2 inch Long. This brush has 1.5 inch long bristles, which give them more flexibility and reach than the Short brush.

2 inch Long bridges are primarily used for small complex surfaces such as sink fixtures, winches, lug nuts, and intricate ornamentation, as the bristles can weave around these objects or fully engulf them to get an all-over scrub. Their tradeoff is the bristle-length being less optimal than the more rigid Short brush for spot cleaning.

You can find all of our 2 inch Long brushes here.

Kits Featuring the 2 inch Short

Kits Featuring the 2 inch Short

From Lef to Right - the Variety Ultimate Kit , the 2 inch 4-piece kit, and the Medium 42O kit.

As one of our flagship brushes, it’s featured in plenty of our multi-brush kits. Here are a few of the most notable:

The 42O kit is our most popular kit; featuring a 2 inch Short brush with a 4 inch and Original. Available in all six colors, they are the perfect kits for new Drillbrush users as the three rushes can handle the brunt of most household cleaning tasks. You can also find the 2 inch in the version of these kits that feature our drill-powered scrub pads.

For more specificity, try the Ultimate kits. These kits feature two corner brushes (Original and Mini,) two flat brushes (4 inch and 5 inch,) and of course, two detail brushes (2 inch Short & Long.) This kit expands upon the 42O widening the range of objects you can clean. The Mini can get into tighter spaces than the Original. The 5 inch can cover larger surfaces than the 5 inch, and the 2 inch Long is there to assist the Short version in intricate detailing. It comes in all colors, as well as a variety pack for even more cleaning possibilities. We also sell Ultimate kits that come with 7 inch extensions for added reach.

Though if you JUST want 2 inch brushes, the 2 inch 4-piece Variety pack has you covered! As it says on the tin; it comes with four 2 inch Short brushes in Soft White, Medium Yellow and Green, and Stiff Red, respectively. This kit gives you a fine selection of brushes for any type of spot cleaning or detailing, though if you’re looking for a Medium Blue or Ultra Stiff Black brush to add to the team, 2 inch Short brushes can also be bought individually on our website.

Can't Top a 2 inch!

Can't Top a 2 inch!

That’s everything you need to know about the 2 inch Short Drillbrush! Got a brush you want us to do a deep dive on? Comment it below, or check out our Drillbrush Shape Guide for more information!

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