Get a Grip with the NEW Drillbrush Handle and Kits!

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Get a Grip with the NEW Drillbrush Handle and Kits!
Reinventing the Wand

When Drillbrush was created back in 2005, car wash owner Anthony LaPolla built his creation by adding a drill bit to the end of the head of a toilet scrub brush. Since then, the Drillbrush has been making it faster and easier for people to clean household and commercial surfaces, but something has been nagging us this whole time; what about the rest of the scrub wand? Is there a way we can improve the handle to make a powerful scrubbing tool?

This is why we are proud to announce our all new Drillbrush Handle, a tool that allows for a customized hand scrubbing experience. Today, we’re going to look at what the Drillbrush Handle can do, as well as go over the exciting new kits that are launching alongside it!

The Handle

The Handle

The Drillbrush Handle!

The Drillbrush Handle is a screwdriver handle with a sleeved 1/4” Quickchange chuck for a drive tip and a USA ACME threaded broom insert embedded into the handle. The rubber grip around the handle is comfortable to use and prevents your hand from sliding when turning or scrubbing.

Those familiar with our line of Drillbrush extensions will know how to operate the Handle immediately, simply slide any 1/4” Quickchange bit into the chuck and it’ll lock into place for whatever the job calls for! When you’re done, or if you want to switch bits, slide the chuck back and remove the head. It’s that simple!

For the ACME threaded insert on the back, simply screw in any compatible American broom handle and you can use the Handle for long distance scrubbing. Much like how our Threaded-to-Quickchange adapter allows you to attach a threaded tool to a Quickchange drill, this Handle allows you to use Quickchange items on a broomstick.

What Can You Use with the Handle?

What Can You Use with the Handle?

A Medium Yellow Original Drillbrush scrubbing a bathtub. The brush is inserted into the Drillbrush Handle, which has a broom pole attached to the back.

The Drillbrush Handle can be used with every Drillbrush product in our catalog that has a Quickchange shaft.

While most Drillbrush products fit in the chuck, we recommend you use our bullet-shaped Original, Mini Original, and Jumbo Original brushes for best results. These brushes are most similar to a toilet wand in shape and have bristles surrounding all sides to prevent the block from hitting household surfaces, making them more effective when used with this type of handle. 

Along with our brushes, Drillbrush extensions can be inserted into the Handle to give yourself extended reach when scrubbing!

Naturally, as a screwdriver-style handle, the Drillbrush Handle can also accept Quickchange screw bits, which can be used in conjunction with our 5 inch and 7 inch extensions, as well as any other length extensions to create a custom length screwdriver for hard-to-reach screws.

The ACME USA threaded insert can accept any standard American broom handles, allowing the user maximum reach!

Unique Ways to Clean

Unique Ways to Clean

A Soft White Original Drillbrush being used in a Drillbrush Handle to scrub rims.

When used with our brushes, the Handle can become an effective scrubbing tool for various cleaning tasks!

White Original brushes can be used to clean inside rims and around vehicle surfaces. They can also be attached to broom handles to scrub crown and ground molding.

Yellow Medium brushes can be used to scrub sinks, showers, tubs, tile, and toilet basins.

Ultra Stiff Black brushes make for a great grill cleaning tool. It can be used as an alternative to metal wire scrubbers to remove gristle from grill grates.

You can pair our Handle and brushes with our Drillbrush extensions with ease. Extensions can be placed in the handle to give you more leverage and allow you to scrub away messes in hard to reach places.

Speaking of extensions, an American-style broom stick handle can be screwed into the back of the handle to increase your reach tenfold. Hit spots high up on the wall or places by the floor without having to bend and stretch! 

Drillbrush Handle Kits

Drillbrush Handle Kits

The new Drillbrush JOM-HD Kits; featuring Original, Jumbo, and Mini brushes with a Handle in Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black.

You can purchase the Drillbrush Handle on its own to add to your Drillbrush collection, but we’re also releasing three new Drillbrush kits that are built with the Handle in mind; the JOM-HD kits!

JOM-HD kits feature our three bullet-shaped Original-style scrubbers; the Original, Mini Original, and Jumbo Original, along with a Drillbrush Handle.

This kit will give you the best Handle experience, as it gives you three great scrubbing options to choose from as you tackle any scrub-wand centric tasks! Use the Original in corners and contoured surfaces, break out the Mini for tighter fare, and the Jumbo can come in handy if you need more brush to tackle more messes! 

The JOM-HD kit is available in three stiffnesses; Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black. Even if you are a drill-focused scrubber, these kits provide a way to get all three Original-styled scrubbers in one kit if you’re looking for a refill!

You can find all three on our website and on Amazon.

Get A Handle on the Situation (and 25% off Handle Kits!)

Get A Handle on the Situation (and 25% off Handle Kits!)

To celebrate the arrival of our new accessory, our Handle kits will be 25% off at checkout from August 14th, 2023 through August 21st, 2023!

Get them while the deal lasts and give them a try!

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