Drillbrush: The Perfect Father's Day Present! - A Drillbrush Gift Guide

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Drillbrush: The Perfect Father's Day Present! - A Drillbrush Gift Guide
What Should you Get Dad for Father's Day?

Father’s Day is here again and you’re stuck with the same old question; “do I get my Dad a tie, or a ‘World’s Best Dad’ coffee mug?”

Or maybe, just maybe, you could give him something useful that he doesn’t already have!

Drillbrush is a line of drill-powered cleaning brushes that use standard home-grade cordless drills to blast through the toughest household stains and messes.

Any man with a cordless drill can tell you that breaking out the tools to do some handiwork around the house is a great time! Drillbrush takes that feeling and applies it to the cleaning world.

You can read more about our brushes here, but if you feel like Drillbrush would be a good fit for your father, you may not be sure which kit would be best for him.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 Drillbrush kits that our staff feels are best suited to handle any Dad-related duties, from grill cleaning to outdoor scrubbing to automotive detailing!

1 - 542O Variety Brush Kit

1 - 542O Variety Brush Kit

The 542O Variety Brush Kit

The main appeal of Drillbrush is being able to rev up your power tools while you’re cleaning. It’s fast, it’s effective, and most importantly, it’s fun!

If your Dad would love that, but has never used a Drillbrush before, then we’d recommend getting him a Variety 542O kit.

This kit is composed of four brushes; a Soft White 2 inch Short Detail Brush, a Stiff Red 5 inch Flat Brush, and Medium Yellow 4 inch Flat and Original brushes.

Having a sampling of different shapes and stiffnesses allows you to cover more ground and see which brushes work best for you. You can touch up spots on mirrors with the 2 inch, scrub toilet basins, tubs, and other bathroom surfaces with the Yellow brushes, and save the Red 5 inch for the tougher stuff!

With a good variety and an even better price, this kit is a great gift for your household handyman.

2 - Ultra Stiff Black E42O Grill and Industrial Brush Kit

2 - Ultra Stiff Black E42O Grill and Industrial Brush Kit

The Ultra Stiff Black E42O Grill and Industrial Brush Kit

With Summer in full swing, the Hank Hills of the nation will be firing up their grills for some family barbequing fun! Get the grillmaster in your family something to keep his grates looking great with our Drillbrush E42O Grill Brush Kit

This kit features four Ultra Stiff Black nylon brushes that are designed to be tough enough to clean the most stubborn of baked-on messes. Included are the Edge brush, a wheel-shaped scrubber for cleaning in grill grates and grooves, a 4 inch Flat brush for the hood and other level components, a bullet-shaped Original brush for scrubbing in corners and on curved surfaces, and a 2 inch Short Detail brush for spot cleaning and touch-ups.

When the grilling is done, simply let the grill cool off, apply your grill-cleaning solution of choice, and use our brushes to scrub away unwanted gristle in seconds! You can learn more about Drillbrush grill cleaning in our Grill Cleaning Guide.

With this kit, Dad will spend less time scrubbing the grill and more time enjoying the party!

3 - Soft White 542O Home and Auto Brush Kit

3 - Soft White 542O Home and Auto Brush Kit

The Soft White 542O Home and Auto Brush Kit

Dads and cars are inseparable. They often act as the family chauffeur and mechanic, making sure the kids get to soccer practice on time and keeping the grocery-getter in tip top shape.

Though one thing I know, especially concerning my Dad, is that whether it’s the family SUV or their personal hobby car, dads like to keep their cars clean. So help make the job easier for him with the Drillbrush Soft White 542O Home and Auto Kit.

Unlike our grill brushes, this kit features four soft bristled brushes for cleaning more delicate surfaces. It offers a nice balance of flat, corner, and detail brushes capable of cleaning a variety of areas around the vehicle.

These brushes can scrub rims, wheels, tires, windshields, headlights, trunk beds, upholstered car seats, floor mats, lugnuts, and more! For a full list of applications, check out our automotive cleaning blog.

While you can’t stop your dad from going out front to wash the car in jorts and a tank top, Drillbrush can at least make sure he isn’t out there as long.

4 - Stiff Red 542O Outdoor and Patio Brush Kit/h3>

4 - Stiff Red 542O Outdoor and Patio Brush Kit

The Stiff Red 542O Outdoor and Patio Brush Kit

The elements can rain down hard on the family home, and as protectors of the patio and defenders of the deck, dads have a lot to clean if they want to keep the house looking nice. Why not help him speed up the process with our Drillbrush Stiff Red 542O Outdoor and Patio Kit.

Like the automotive kit we just mentioned, this kit features a 5 inch, a 4 inch, a 2 inch, and an Original brush, but in our Stiff Red bristle, making them tough enough to handle most outdoor messes.

These brushes can be used on decks, garages, fireplaces, birdbaths, RVs, and other outdoor surfaces.

With the Drillbrush Stiff Red 542O Kit, your poppa can keep the patio looking propa’!

5 - Medium Blue E542J Marine and Pool Brush Kit

5 - Medium Blue E542J Marine and Pool Brush Kit

Medium Blue E542J Marine and Pool Brush Kit

If you ever went fishing with your Dad, you either have fond memories of bonding on the water or begrudge having to get up at 4am and sit on a boat getting bit by mosquitos for hours.

Regardless of your personal feelings on fishing, if your father is an aspiring bass pro, get him something he most certainly doesn’t have in his tacklebox yet; a Drillbrush Medium Blue E542J Marine and Pool Kit.

This kit supplies a selection of brushes built for scrubbing the large flat surfaces you would find on boats and watercraft. 5 inch and 4 inch flat brushes can clean off boat hulls and floors, while the long, silo-shaped Jumbo Original can handle curved surfaces on canoes, kayaks, and jetskis. You also receive a 2 inch Short Detail brush which can be used to scrub away small spots.

Whether your dad is a minnow pond master or a seafaring savant, with Drillbrush, they can keep their dinghy looking dapper! Just ask him not to play his https://www.amazon.com/Thats-What-Call-Yacht-Rock/dp/B07TJKBT3M">“Now That’s What I Call Yacht Rock” CDtoo loud when he’s scrubbing.

6 - Ultimate Variety Brush Kit

6 - Ultimate Variety Brush Kit

The Ultimate Variety Brush Kit

Earlier we suggested our Variety 542O brushes as an excellent starter kit for the Drillbrush debutante, but if a mere four brushes isn’t enough for ya, try giving your father the Drillbrush Ultimate Variety Kit.

This six-piece scrub brush kit has two flat brushes (a Medium Green 4 inch and Stiff Red 5 inch,) two bullet-shaped corner brushes (a Medium Yellow Original and a Stiff Red Mini Original,) and two detail brushes (a Soft White 2 inch Short and an Ultra Stiff Black 2 inch Long.)

This kit provides a healthy selection of brushes for cleaning everything from the bathroom and kitchen to the living room and garage. If you want to give him something he’ll use in every room of the house, this is a great bet!

You can also find a version of this kit with a 7 inch extension for additional reach.

7 - 38-piece Pad and Brush Variety Kit

7 - 38-piece Pad and Brush Variety Kit

The 38-piece Pad and Brush Variety Kit

Yeah, having a variety of tools at your disposal is extremely useful, but what if the man you’re buying for takes it to extremes. We all know a dad who has an entire garage filled with tool boxes and kits that have every sized screw, drill bit, and socket wrench you could ever possibly need. Because of this, these dads are prepared for anything that can befall the homestead.

Luckily, Drillbrush offers something for the over-prepared Dad in our lives; the 38-piece kit.

No, you read that right; 38 pieces. This behemoth of a kit comes with 8 drill-powered scrub brushes in six different colors, four grades of stiffness from Soft to Ultra Stiff, and seven unique shapes. It also features a staggering 27 drill-powered scrub pads from Soft foam to Stiff Green, as well as a 7 inch extension, a 3 inch pad backer, and a Threaded-to-Quickchange adapter. For more details on the individual brushes, you can check out this article that goes more in depth on the contents of the 38-piece kit.

What can it clean? What CAN’T it clean? With the sheer quantity and variety of brushes and pads, he’ll have the right brush for the job every time!

8 - 7 inch Industrial Brushes

8 - 7 inch Industrial Brushes

The WYK 7 inch Industrial Brush Kit

For the fathers with rotary polishers, you could also look into our line of Drillbrush 7 inch Industrial Brushes.

Available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black, these brushes are built for large-scale custodial cleaning tasks, like scrubbing large carpets, decks, tiling, and concrete floors.

The 7 inch brush comes packaged with set screws and an allen wrench to easily secure it onto the polisher.

These brushes are perfect for anyone with an industrial-grade mess on their hands. They’re sold on their own, or you can find all three of them bundled into a single kit.

9 - Medium Yellow 42O Bathroom Kit

9 - Medium Yellow 42O Bathroom Kit

The Medium Yellow 42O Bathroom Kit

We’ve gone over all of the dad-centric things in our category, but how about something to get him out of his comfort zone?

Many husbands (as well as their wives) tell us that Drillbrush products help give them a reason to clean places like the bathroom and kitchen by allowing them to use power tools to get the job done. While not a dad myself, I can also attest to our brushes adding an extra zest to scrubbing out the bathtub.

So if you want to get your man in the mood (for cleaning), why not go with one of our most basic and popular kits, the Medium Yellow 42O kit.

Featuring our standard Original, 4 inch, and 2 inch detail brushes, this kit has everything you need for bathroom and general purpose scrubbing. Its ease of accessibility and its low price point make it a favorite on Amazon, and to date is our best selling kit.

If you want to give a gift that’ll help you around the house as well, give our 42O kit a try!

10 - Drillbrush Unisex T-shirts

10 - Drillbrush Unisex T-shirts

The Drillbrush Unisex T-shirt

We at Drillbrush are already aware of a possible dilemma that you as a gift-buying individual may have; what if your Dad already owns a Drillbrush Power Scrubber?

Personally, we feel you can never have too much of a good thing, but if another kit isn’t what dad needs, why not pick up the Drillbrush fan in your family a Drillbrush t-shirt!

Made of non-shrink polyester, this classy black t-shirt is the ultimate way to show your support for the art of drill-powered scrubbing.

Even if they’re not a diehard Drillbrush user, in my experience, dads will never say no to free branded apparel. My Dad wore a Hewlett-Packard baseball cap for years despite not knowing how to turn on a computer, all because he received it as a free gift!

The Perfect Father's Day Gift

The Perfect Father's Day Gift

We hope these suggestions helped you figure out the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. If you’re looking for some more ideas to pair with your Drillbrush gift, our friends at The Tidy Dad put out an article last year with some great suggestions of their own!

For more information on Drillbrush, check out this introductory guide to drill-powered scrubbing.

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