6 Great Drill-Powered Brush Kits to Make Bathroom Cleaning a Breeze

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6 Great Drill-Powered Brush Kits to Make Bathroom Cleaning a Breeze
Best Bathroom Cleaning Kits

As Spring Cleaning approaches, your days of putting off bathroom chores are numbered, and you shudder to think what kind of horrors will be waiting for you at the bottom of the tub or behind the toilet.

Luckily, there’s a much easier way to clean that lightens the load and has you finished in a flash; the Drillbrush Power Scrubber.

Our drill-powered scrub brushes are attachments that fit into cordless drills and impact drivers. This lets your drill do the work for you, making scrubbing much easier than doing it by hand.

But which Drillbrush kit is the best for bathroom scrubbing? Will these brushes be able to handle every nook and cranny around the bathroom? Will these brushes break the bank?

We’ll answer those questions today by giving our recommendations for the best bathroom scrubbing kits we have available! Let’s get started:

Medium Yellow 42O Brush Kit

Medium Yellow 42O Brush Kit

Medium Yellow Drillbrush 42O Brush Kit

Number of Brushes: Three (4in, 2in Short, Original)

Price: $18.95

Recommended Use: General Bathroom Scrubbing

The Medium Yellow 42O kit is our most popular and best selling kit for a reason. This kit features the bare necessities for Bathroom scrubbing, including a bullet-shaped Original for corners, a 4 inch brush for flat surfaces, and a 2 inch brush for spot cleaning and detailing. These three brushes can handle just about any normal cleaning situation you’ll find in a bathroom.

Not only is the kit efficient at what it does, it is affordably priced and commonly on sale, making it a very difficult offer to pass up.

For your average porcelain polisher, this kit will be enough, but we’ve got other options if you’re looking to take your latrine to the next level.

Medium Yellow 4CO Brush Kit

Medium Yellow 4CO Brush Kit

Medium Yellow Drillbrush 4CO Brush Kit

Number of Brushes: Three (4in, Original, Cone)

Price: $19.95

Recommended Use: Tub and Shower Cleaning

We’ve heard a couple of customers state that they don’t use the 2 inch brush as frequently as the other two, which makes sense. Most people spend more time scrubbing the tub and shower over small countertop stains, so we’ve got a great kit for them; the 4CO.

The 4CO kit features the 4 inch and Original from the 42O kit, but replaces the 2 inch with a cone-shaped corner brush, one of our newest products. While the Original is great for corner-based scrubbing, the cone brush has bristles trimmed to a point for scrubbing harsh 90-degree angles and places too tight for the Original.

This kit has all the features for scrubbing tubs and showers, from the flat walls, to the rounded corners, to the tight edges. It’s at a similar price point to the 42O and has gotten some rave reviews on Amazon, so this kit could be just what a corner-cleaner needs!

Medium Yellow 42O-2WRB Pad and Brush Kit

Medium Yellow 42O-2WRB Pad and Brush Kit

Medium Yellow Drillbrush 42O 2WRB Brush and Pad Kit

Number of Items: Eight; Three brushes (4in, Original, 2in Short), Six pads (Two Soft, Two Moderate, Two Stiff), One Backer, One Adapter.

Price: $25.95

Recommended Use: Tile and Countertop

Sometimes you need more than brushes to get the job done. That's where our Drillbrush scrub pads come in.

Our drill-powered scrub pads work like our brushes, but are non-woven nylon fiber discs that attach to a backer and can be used to polish and buff out surfaces. There are three types of basic scrub pad; Soft White, Moderate Blue, and Stiff Red, which can scrub delicate glass and wood surfaces, bathroom fixtures and tiling, and stainless steel structures respectively.

The Yellow 42O-2WRB kit features two of each of the aforementioned pad colors (for six total) and includes Yellow 4 inch, 2 inch, and Original brushes to make for a comprehensive bathroom buffing experience. Also included are a pad backer and a threaded-to-quickchange adapter, which are required for attaching a pad to a cordless drill.

The 42O with scrub pads is a great way to cover all of your bases when cleaning the bathroom!

Variety 542O Brush Kit

Variety 542O Brush Kit

Variety Drillbrush 542O Brush Kit

Number of Brushes: Four (Soft White 2in., Medium Yellow 4in and Original, Stiff Red 5in)

Price: $25.95

Recommended Use: General Bathroom Cleaning

We hammer home how Yellow is our official color for bathroom scrubbers, but that doesn’t mean it's the only color that will work.

The Variety 542O kit is a general cleaning-focused bundle that we recommend for newbies and beginners. It gives you Medium Yellow Original and 4 inch flat brushes, a Soft White 2 inch short detail brush, and a Stiff Red 5 inch flat brush. This provides the user with a variety of stiffnesses for scrubbing various stains without getting overwhelmed by choices.

Medium Yellow Original brush scrubbing a shower shelf.

As mentioned above, the two Yellow brushes in the kits are bathroom scrubbing staples, but the other two have use as well. The 5 inch Stiff Red can be tagged in if you have particularly difficult stains to scrub, such as excessive soap scum on tub walls or dirt on the floor from your pet or child (or husband.) Meanwhile, the Soft White 2 inch brush can be used on mirrors to remove the occasional splatter it receives.

It sells for a reasonable price and is another kit that is frequently on sale, so it’s a great kit to have if you want some variety in your bathroom scrubbing.

Though if you would prefer to only have bathroom brushes, we also carry it in an all Medium Yellows version.

Medium Yellow Ultimate Brush Kit with 7 inch Extension

Medium Yellow Ultimate Brush Kit with 7 inch Extension

Medium Yellow Drillbrush Ultimate 7X Brush Kit

Number of Items: Seven; Six Brushes (2in. Short, 2in. Long, 4in., 5in., Mini, and Original) One 7 inch Extension

Price: $33.95

Recommended Use: Tub, Shower, and Toilet

We’ve gone over the basic kits, now it’s time for the big guns. The Ultimate 7X Bathroom cleaning kit is a seven-piece brush kit featuring six Medium Yellow brushes and a 7 inch extension.

Of the six brushes, there are two flat brushes (4 inch and 5 inch), two corner brushes (Mini and Original), and two detail brushes (2 inch Short and 2 inch Long.) By having two of each brush type, you can better control which brush you want to use in each scenario.

Medium Yellow Mini Original brush being used in a drain opening.

You can use the 5 inch brush on large surfaces, like tile floors and shower walls and the 4 inch for more compact spots, like the bottom of a tub or on shelving and countertops.

The two corner brushes are differently sized as well. The Original can get most corners and curves inside a tub, sink, or shower stall, while the Mini can hit up tighter spaces, like drain openings.

Lastly, the two 2 inch brushes have different bristle lengths. The Short bristle detail brush has less give for scrubbing soap rings and hardened splatter spots, while the Longer bristled brush has more flexibility for cleaning around intricate surfaces, like faucets and sink fixtures.

Medium Yellow Original brush in a 7 inch Extension cleaning behind a toilet.

The 7 inch extension is the game changer, however. It’s an accessory that can attach to any brush in the kit and allows you to easily reach spots you would otherwise struggle to hit. This can be used to get to the bottom of the tub without having to bend down, or get behind some unappealing structures, like the toilet, with less fuss. You can even reach up high with it to scrub fixed showerheads and ceiling tile.

Extensions aren’t just limited to this kit, as the previously mentioned 42O and 542O also have variants that come with 5 inch and 7 inch extensions respectively. You can see other Yellow extension kits here.

If you want an Ultimate kit without the extension, those are available too./a>

Medium Yellow 21-piece Pad and Brush Kit

Medium Yellow 21-piece Pad and Brush Kit

Medium Yellow Drillbrush 21-piece Brush and Pad Kit

Number of Items: Twenty One; Seven Brushes (2in. Short, 4in, 5in, Edge, Mini, Original, Cone) Eleven Pads (Three Soft, Three Moderate, Three Stiff, and Two Foam,) a 5 inch Extension, a Backer, and an Adapter

Price: $39.95

Recommended Use: General Bathroom Cleaning

Last but not least is our 21-piece Bathroom kit. This bad boy has seven brushes, eleven scrub pads, an extension, a pad backer, and an adapter. We wrote an article on the 21 piece kit that goes over them in more detail, but here’s what the Yellow version specifically can do for Bathroom scrubbing.

It features two flat brushes; a 4 inch and 5 inch, allowing for scrubbing on any sized level surface. Mini, Original, and cone-shaped corner brushes are included to scrub every sized corner, whether it be small, wide, or squared off. The 2 inch works as a detail brush, while the Edge brush is for getting into grooves and grout lines, like tile grout or in shower door tracks.

Included with the brushes are scrub pads, which come in the Soft, Moderate, and Stiff varieties mentioned in the 42O-2WRB section. Also included is a fourth pad-type; the foam pad. These are Orange in color and are made of a spongy material that can clean glass and glossy surfaces. Three of each standard pad and two of each foam pad are included to last you for multiple cleaning sessions.

Medium Yellow Edge Brush scrubbing tile grout.

Additionally, there’s a pad backer and adapter for the pads, as well as a 5 inch extension, which can help with hard-to-reach spaces.

It is a little more pricey than some of the smaller kits, but the 21-piece provides everything you can possibly need to fill out your bathroom cleaning arsenal.

Better Bathroom Scrubbing

Better Bathroom Scrubbing

Now the choice is yours! We hope our recommendations help you get one step closer to a tidy restroom.

If you are looking for other, more specific bathroom cleaning options, click here to see our full line of bathroom brushes and kits.

If you want to learn more about some additional tips and tricks you can use with your new brushes, we wrote an article on it that you can check out here.

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