10 Drillbrush Combo Brush Kits to Give to the DIYer in Your Family This Christmas

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10 Drillbrush Combo Brush Kits to Give to the DIYer in Your Family This Christmas
Giving Drillbrush as a Gift

With Christmas approaching, people around the world are gearing up for gift-giving. Whether it’s among family, friends, or co-workers, people are ready to show their appreciation with a nice present.

But what do you do if you need to buy a gift for the DIYer who has it all? What about that Secret Santa co-worker who needs to clean up their workspace? Or what if you need a gift that could go to anybody at a White Elephant gift exchange?

Well, not to toot our own horn, but if these online publications are to be believed, Drillbrush products make for great gifts, so why not pick one up this holiday season?

We sell a lot of brushes and kits, so we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best Drillbrush combo kits for gift-giving. We factored in parameters like usefulness, variety, beginner friendliness, quantity, value, and overall price point. Many of the kits we feature below are under $20, making them excellent options for gift exchanges with a price cap.

Let’s take a look at our best kits for gift-giving (or for giving to yourself.)

1 - 42O Kits

1 - 42O Kits

Medium Yellow 42O Drillbrush Kit

Need a safe bet when it comes to Drillbrush kits? Then go with the most popular one! The Drillbrush 42O kit is a perfect beginner kit that features three brushes, (the 4 inch, 2 inch Short, and Original) each with a different cleaning focus.

The Original brush has a rounded bullet-like shape that can easily scrub in corners and rounded surfaces, the 4 inch flat brush is a round disc-like brush that can cover walls, floors, counters, and other level surfaces, and the 2 inch Short detail brush is small and built for spot cleaning and detail work.

Our Medium Yellow Bathroom cleaning 42O kit is by far the most popular and best for general purpose cleaning, but this kit is also available in Soft White, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black.

The 42O kit is under $15 and frequently on sale for as low as $12, making it perfect for Secret Santas and White Elephant exchanges.

You can find Drillbrush 42O kits here.

You can’t go wrong with a 42O kit, but if you’re looking to spice things up a little, the next two options are unique twists on the 42O formula.

2 - 42O Pet Clean-up Kit

2 - 42O Pet Clean-up Kit

Drillbrush 42O Pet Clean-up Kit

There are plenty of gift ideas out there for pet owners, but if you’re looking to give your resident pet parent something handy this season, look no further than the 42O pet clean-up kit.

Like your standard 42O kit, it features a 4 inch, 2 inch, and Original brush, but instead of them all being a singular color, this variant has two soft brushes and one medium. 

The main focus of this kit is fur and spots. The Soft White Original brush can be used to lift pet hair off furniture, like sofas and chairs. The Soft White 4 inch brush, meanwhile, can get hair and particles out of carpets and buff out smudges left by curious critters on glass doors and mirrors. Lastly, the Blue Medium 2 inch Short brush is able to clean up little spots and caked on messes your four-legged friends may leave on floors and furniture.

This kit isn’t just for cat and dog owners, though. These three brushes are also excellent for aquarium scrubbing. The White brushes can clean up the walls and corners of the tank and the 2 inch can hit those small pieces of crusty build-up you sometimes find.

Regardless of which pets they own, this kit will be a welcomed addition to any animal lover’s cleaning cubby.

Like the standard 42O, this kit is under $15, making it perfect for the Angela Martins in your Office exchange.

You can find the Drillbrush 42O Pet kit here.

3 - 42O Drill-tergent Kit

3 - 42O Drill-tergent Kit

Medium Yellow Drillbrush 42O Kit with Drill-tergent

Another 42O variant, this one comes packed with a 4 oz. bottle of Drill-tergent Bathroom Cleaner, our own brand of cleaning solution.

Bathroom cleaning is the name of the game for this kit, featuring three Medium Yellow brushes. The Original can scrub tubs, toilet basins, and sinks with ease, while the 4 inch tackles tile floors, shower walls, and countertops and the 2 inch Short can clean up faucets, overflow plates, and soap scum build-up on bathroom fixtures.

By gifting a kit with a cleaner already included, your recipient won’t have to worry about braving the stores with deal-hungry winter shoppers to pick up a cleaning solution. Everything they need (sans the drill) is right in the box.

This kit is under $20, still staying in budget for most Secret Santa parties.

4 - 542O Variety Brush Kit

4 - 542O Variety Brush Kit

Drillbrush 542O Variety Kit

Many of our picks are geared towards new Drillbrush users, and this is no exception. The 542O Variety kit, also called the Basic Brush kit, is a kit designed to offer a small selection of brushes that can be useful in a wide array of circumstances.

This kit features four unique brushes in three different stiffnesses. The Medium Yellow Original and 4 inch brushes are for general purpose cleaning in corners and on flat surfaces, respectively. A stiff Red 5 inch flat brush is provided for larger messes, like scrubbing floors, siding, or other difficult surfaces. Lastly, a Soft White 2 inch Short is provided for small touch-ups and spot cleaning on furniture.

This kit has a nice sampling of brushes for the scrubbing novice and at a price under $20, you’ll be able to easily spread some season’s cleaning!

You can find the Drillbrush 542O Variety kit here.

This kit is also available in single color kits.

5 - E42O Kits

5 - E42O Kits

Soft White Drillbrush E42O Brush Kit

The previous kits have all featured at least one flat, corner, and detail brush, but the E42O one-ups them by adding a grout-cleaning brush. The Edge brush is a wheel-shaped scrubber with bristles in a ring around the outer rim of the block for getting into grout lines in tile and linoleum, as well as in grooved surfaces like shower door tracks, boot treads, and antiskid.

Four unique brushes for under $20 is a great deal. Just pick a stiffness and you’ll have a nifty kit to place under the tree!

You can find Drillbrush E42O kits here.

6 - 4CO Kits

6 - 4CO Kits

Soft White Drillbrush 4CO Brush Kit

Many of our suggestions so far have been Drillbrush 3-piece kits, as they’re great at introducing someone to drill-powered cleaning by providing general purpose brushes useful for most situations. There is no exception with the 4CO kit, which offers our classic 4 inch Flat and Original brushes, but adds the newer Cone-shaped Corner brush to the fray.

The Cone-shaped corner brush has specially trimmed bristles that allow the user to get into tight 90-degree angled corners. The design forms a tight seal, preventing you from missing any grime.

This kit is available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, and Stiff Red and are all under $20. You can find the 4CO kits here.

7 - Ultimate Variety Kit

7 - Ultimate Variety Kit

Drillbrush Ultimate Variety Brush Kit

Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to drill-powered scrubbing as well. The Ultimate Variety kit is a 6-piece Drillbrush kit that features a Soft White 2 inch Short brush, an Ultra Stiff 2 inch Long brush, a Medium Green 4 inch Flat brush, Stiff Red 5 inch Flat and Mini Original brushes, and a Medium Yellow Original brush.

This classic variety pack has a little of everything for the large, daunting tasks to the small touch-up jobs.

You can find the Ultimate Variety kit here, or pick up an Ultimate kit that just features one of our six colors here.

8 - 42O-2WRB Kits

8 - 42O-2WRB Kits

Stiff Red Drillbrush 42O-2WRB Pad and Brush Kit

Our brushes are great to have around for cleaning surfaces, but sometimes you need something a little different. Our 42O-2WRB kit features our classic 42O line-up, but adds six of our Drillbrush scrubbing pads, built for surface polishing and buffing jobs!

This kit comes with 2 Soft White 4 inch pads, 2 Medium Blue 4 inch pads, 2 Stiff Red 4 inch pads, and a 3 inch hook-and-loop pad backer that attaches to all of the aforementioned pads.

At under $20 for 10 items, this kit is a steal and sure to please any cleaning aficionado!

You can find the 42O-2WRB kits here in all six colors.

9 - 21-piece Kits

9 - 21-piece Kits

Medium Green Drillbrush 21-piece Pad and Brush Kit

We’ve talked about budget and introductory gifts, but now it’s time to get into the big stuff; The Drillbrush kits that will stick out from under the tree and immediately delight upon opening.

The 21-piece kit is a brush and scrubbing pad combo kit that features a hefty selection of products. The kit comes with seven brushes (2 inch Short, 4 inch, 5 inch, Mini Original, Original, Corner, and Edge brushes), eleven scrubbing pads (3 Soft 4 inch, 3 Medium 4 inch, 3 Stiff 4 inch, and 2 Foam pads), and three accessories (3 inch pad backer, Threaded-to-Quickchange adapter, and a 5 inch extension.) To learn more about each brush, check out the 21-piece kit blog we made for it’s release.

The 21-piece kit is perfect for cleaners with a wide array of surfaces to scrub and Drillbrush fans that want a full arsenal of products at their disposal.

Even better, this kit is under $30, which is usually the upper limit on Secret Santa and White Elephant exchanges! 

The 21-piece kit is available in Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, and Stiff Red. You can pick up a 21-piece kit here.

10 - 38-piece Kit

10 - 38-piece Kit

Drillbrush 38-piece Pad and Brush Kit

Our last kit is the biggest of the bunch and perfect for making the yuletide tidy. The 38-piece kit is a variety brush and pad kit featuring 38 items, our largest kit we currently sell.

The 38-piece kit has eight brushes (Soft White 2 inch Short, Medium Yellow 2 inch Short, Stiff Red 2 inch Long, Medium Green 4 inch Flat, Ultra Stiff Black Mini Original, Medium Yellow Original, Soft White Jumbo Original, and Medium Blue Edge brushes.) twenty-seven scrubbing pads (8 Soft Orange 4 inch, 8 Medium Wine Red 4 inch, 8 Moderate Gray 4 inch, 2 Abrasive Green 4 inch, and 1 Foam 4 inch pads) and three accessories (3 inch pad backer, Threaded-to-Quickchange adapter, and a 7 inch extension.) We go more into detail on each brush in our article on the 38-piece kit that you can view here.

Like the 21-piece kits, this kit is great for the DIYer that values variety and quantity from their tools. Every stiffness and brush type is featured, meaning you’ll always have the right tool for the job, no matter what!

It’s a little under $40, so it may be above the price limit for most gift exchanges, but with it averaging out to about $1 an item in the pack, this is a spectacular deal to make a cleaner’s dreams come true!

You can find the 38-piece kit here.

Bonus - Drillbrush T-Shirt

Bonus - Drillbrush T-Shirt

Drillbrush Graphic T-Shirt


Sample Text

It’s the season of giving, so we’re giving you a bonus suggestion!

For the Drillbrush fan in your family, why not give them the official Drillbrush graphic t-shirt. The comfortable non-shrink polyester t-shirt is emblazoned with a polo-style yellow Drillbrush logo on the front left breast and a large white Drillbrush logo on the upper back.

At only $12, this shirt is a great fit for any closet!

It’s currently available in Large and Extra Large sizes.

Give the Gift of Cleaning

Give the Gift of Cleaning

Pick up a practical gift that the handyman in your life will enjoy! If you have Prime and want to make sure your kit arrives before Christmas, check out our Amazon Store to get them as soon as possible!

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