How to Get a Cleaner Kitchen in Half the Time Using a Drillbrush Power Scrubber

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How to Get a Cleaner Kitchen in Half the Time Using a Drillbrush Power Scrubber
Drillbrush Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Kitchen cleaning can be a pain! Not only is there no shortage of surfaces to scrub, but they’re constantly getting dirtied after daily use. Getting everything back in pristine condition will take up a whole day, possibly even a weekend, and force you to use a ton of elbow grease.

At Drillbrush, we make drill-powered cleaning brushes that take away the strain of hand scrubbing and will have you finished in no time! In fact, we have brushes that can clean just about any kitchen surface you can throw at them.

So let’s go over the various tasks you may have when cleaning your kitchen and see which brushes can help you complete it in half the time!

Green Brushes

Green Brushes

In this case, it IS easy being Green!

Drillbrush has a line of brushes dedicated to kitchen cleaning; the Medium Green brushes. They are available in all corner-brush shapes (Original, Mini, Jumbo, and Cone-shaped,) all standard flat brushes (4 inch, 5 inch, 5 inch Hex, and 5 inch Threaded,) all detail brushes (1 inch Long, 2 inch Short, and 2 inch Long) and the Edge brush.

Green brushes are available in the vast majority of kit-types, from our popular 42O kit to our expansive 21-piece kit. Green brushes are also available in several variety brush kits and in some shape-specific kits, like the 4-inch four-pack. Medium Yellow and Medium Blue brushes, but given a unique color to separate it from the fairly unsanitary nature of bathrooms and outdoor surfaces, respectively. This way, you can guarantee your brush is only being used on kitchen surfaces.

Outside of our brushes, we also have scrubbing pads that can be used for kitchen cleaning; our Moderate Blue and Stiff Red pads are good for buffing out messes in sinks, on countertops, and off pots and pans.

We’ve thrown a lot of brushes at you, but how does each one help out around the kitchen? Let’s cook up some kitchen cleaning scenarios and we’ll give our recommendations!



Stovetop scrubbing!

When the pot boileth over… you get a mess all over the stove. I’ve seen a little of everything when cooking dinner. Sauce spots, gravy stains, even some splatters of wine (oo la la!) However bad the mess might be, there’s nothing like a drill-powered scrub brush to get things back in order!

Electric stovetops are easy. Put down some cleaner of your choice and use a Medium Green 5 inch flat brush to buff out any crusty foodstuff that found itself outside the meal.

Now we’re scrubbing with gas!

Things get more complicated with a gas stove, as now you’ll have to scrub the burners. Remove the grates and the burner caps and put them off to the side. If they are dirty themselves, you can prepare a tub of warm water and soap and put in the offending covers to soak. After letting them sit for a while, remove them from the bath, wash them off in the sink, and they should be back to their usual shine.

Gas stoves have more contours and divots than their flat top electric counterparts, so you may want to use a smaller flat brush, like a 4 inch, or one of our Bullet-shaped brushes. The Medium Green Original is perfect for this, as its rounded shape can get into every nook and cranny. Just add some cleaner and go at a manageable speed and you’ll see burnt-on stains widdle away.

If you’ve been taking care of your stovetop regularly, then you might just need to hit up a small sauce splatter or two. For those, our 2 inch Short detail brush is the best bet. The short bristles are hardy, offering a top tier spot cleaning experience.

An Ultra Stiff Black Original brush getting deep inside an oven.

Now that the stovetop is shining, we work our way down into the oven. The brush you pick is dependent on the oven material and how bad the mess is. If you’re dealing with a more delicate material or have a less severe cleaning job, the standard Medium Green Kitchen brushes will work fine. However, for more industrial-grade stoves or tougher, burnt-on messes, you may want to upgrade to a Stiff Red or even an Ultra Stiff Black brush to take care of the job.

However, whichever stiffness you need, the tools you’ll need are the same; a corner-cleaning brush (preferably an Original, though our larger Jumbo Original brushes also work well for stoves,) a 7 inch extension, and a 5 inch flat brush. The corner brush with an extension can reach into the deep recesses of the oven while the 5 inch brush can scrub the floor, walls, and ceiling.

For any gristle on your grates, use the Original or get a precise scrub with our Edge brushes, which excel in cleaning grooves, grout lines, and thin surfaces.

When you're done, your cooker will be quite the looker (at least until spaghetti night!)



Imagine what outdated horrors lie at the back of this fridge…

Refrigerators can be a pain to clean. Despite being the biggest appliance in the kitchen, whenever something leaks, it always seems to get trapped in the hardest, most inconvenient spot imaginable.

Like we mentioned for oven cleaning, Drillbrush extensions are incredibly helpful for reaching the deep recesses of enclosed fixtures, like the back of the fridge or down into the depths of the vegetable crisper. A Green Original brush on a 7 inch extension should do the trick in most situations, as the rounded head can seamlessly get into every nook and cranny.

You’ve seen an elf on a shelf, but how about a brush in a rush?

Additionally, you can use a cone-shaped brush to hit up spillage in tight corners and a flat brush to scrub shelves inside and on the door of the fridge. Flat brushes also work well when scrubbing the outside of the fridge as well.

With Drillbrush kitchen brushes, cleaning leaking liquids in the fridge is a non-issue.

Small Appliances

Small Appliances

No more mess in the microwave!

We’ve tackled the big stuff, now let’s move onto the other appliances around the kitchen. One of the most common to dirty up is the microwave. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had butter spurt out of the bag when making popcorn or have had soup pop and splatter all over the place while heating it up.

Drillbrush doesn’t need coffee to start the day, just a drill with a charged battery!

For microwave scrubbing, you should use a Medium Green corner brush, preferably an Original or Mini (but a Cone-shaped or Jumbo can work as well,) with a 5 or 7 inch extension to easily reach the back of the box. If your microwave has a removable rotating platter, you can either choose to wash it like a normal dish, or use some cleaner and a 2 inch detail brush to scrub away any small spots.

Coffee makers like Keurigs also can benefit from the Drillbrush treatment. Water tanks can end up getting grimey if left unused, so cleaning them out and replacing the water is a necessity. The Medium Mini on an extension is the best way to reach into the depths of the tank, as the Mini is small enough to get into tight spaces and has enough bristles to give the interior a thorough scrubbing.



I have a sinking suspicion that the Original brush can clean this too!

Sinks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but luckily, so do Drillbrush Power Scrubbers! For the bottom of the sink, use a 4 inch flat brush to loosen up any caked-on foodstuff.

Most sink walls are flat, but have rounded corners and edges, which means the Jumbo Original is a perfect fit! The Jumbo is shaped like our standard Original brush, but has a longer, silo-like shape that allows for the tip to clean corners and extra surface area on the sides to simultaneously scrub the side wall.

A Drillbrush destroying dirt around this drain.

Drains can be difficult to scrub, but a bullet shaped brush, like our Original or Mini Original, is the surefire best bet when it comes to getting them clean. If you need to get further inside the actual drainpipe, depending on its size, you can use a 1 inch Long brush in a 5 or 7 inch extension to reach down and remove any nasty build-up. Though if you need to get really deep into the pipes to remove a blockage, that is best left to a drain snake.

Hitting the small spots and details!

For fixtures around the sink, like the faucet, handles, and trim, we recommend our 2 inch brushes. The short-bristled 2 inch brush can scrub small spots around the sink while the 2 inch Long can use its longer bristles to weave around the complex geometry of the fixtures.

Drillbrush Medium Green brushes truly can clean everything and the kitchen sink!

Counters and Cupboards

Counters and Cupboards

Counter cleaning you can count on!

Countertops can get filthy when prepping for dinner. A 4 inch or 5 inch flat brush and your favorite surface cleaner can make quick work of any spilt sauces or flung foodstuffs. For all the crumbs that end up in the corners, our Cone-shaped Corner brush has bristles trimmed to get into the tight space between the countertop and the backsplash.

For tiled backsplashes, you can employ our Edge brush to scrub the grout between the tiles. Heartier grout can handle any stiffness of brush, but if it’s held together by a more delicate caulking, stick with a Soft White Edge brush.

Just north of the counters are the cupboards. While not an active food-prep site, greases in the air can start to build up inside the cupboards, especially for ones located near the stove. Wooden cupboards are best serviced by a Soft White 4 inch or 5 inch brush. You can also use an Original brush with an extension if the cupboards are outside your reach.

These brushes can also be used on other storage surfaces, like baker’s racks, china hutches, or pantry shelves.



Linoleum? I hardly know ‘um!

If gravity’s taught me anything, then all the crumbs and debris that fall from the countertops end up here. That and all of the foot traffic dragging in dirt from the outside world.

For floor cleaning, we recommend using a Drillbrush for smaller spot cleaning applications. Professional cleaners will sometimes use our 7 inch brushes with a special tool to clean floors in a janitorial setting, but for your average homeowner, a mop is still the best way to cover the whole floor.

However, as mentioned, quick pick-ups and small spots can be quickly scrubbed away with a Green 2 inch, 4 inch, or 5 inch brush depending on the size of the mess. If you are scrubbing a linoleum floor, be sure to run the brush at a manageable speed, as going too fast could damage the material.

For grout lines on tiled flooring, we recommend using an Edge brush, as the thin, wheel-shaped design can get into the grout, scrub more thoroughly, and hit spots that the mop may have missed.



Critically panned!

I’ve had to deal with enough burnt-on gristle, caked-on scalloped potatoes, and sticky scraps of pasta to know that washing dishes after a big meal can be a hassle. Fortunately, Drillbrush products are also handy for scrubbing pots and pans as well.

Typically, we recommend a flat brush, like a 4 inch Medium Green, for scrubbing the bottom of a pan or skillet and an Original or Mini for hitting the sides. For deep pots, you can use an extension to help you reach the bottom.

Whichever brush or situation you’re in, just add some dish soap and some water to the pan and use your drill at a moderate speed to prevent splashing. If done right, you’ll scrub away the stain without having to break out the scouring pad and doing it by hand.

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Let’s not stop at the interior, as you can also clean away burnt-on stains and drippage from the bottom and sides of the pan. As these are typically tougher stains, you may want to use a stiff kitchen pad, as they are tough enough to scrub away stains without being as harsh as a Stiff or Ultra Stiff Drillbrush.

Drillbrush products can also clean other pieces of kitchen equipment, like cutting boards, trays, and strainers.

While Drillbrush bristles are non-scratch, we recommend only using our brushes for stainless steel pots and pans. Specialty kitchen equipment with more delicate materials should be washed following the specific recommendations the manufacturer provided.



We all know that certain someone who never fails to make mealtime a mess. The person who gets more food on the table than in their mouth, the friend who seems to knock over their glass of orange soda during every other meal, and the relative who gets a little too aggressive when squirting ketchup and ends up getting it on everyone else’s plates. Whoever it is, the result is always an ordeal!

Luckily, Drillbrush products can also make quick work of tabletop troubles. For most wooden dinner tables, we recommend using a Soft White 4 inch or 5 inch flat brush, as they are gentle enough to not affect any wood finishing.

If all you have is a small spot to scrub, like a crusted over condiment splotch you decided to wait until after eating to clean up, then break out a Soft White 2 inch Short brush and serve up a scrubbing!

Non-Kitchen Cooking Clean-up

Non-Kitchen Cooking Clean-up

All good under the hood!

Not all cooking-related catastrophes are in the kitchen. Grills, barbeques, and fire pits have their own set of situations, often requiring heavy scrubbing to terminate burnt-on substances.

Don’t fret, Drillbrush has got you covered, as our line of Ultra Stiff Black brushes are built for grill cleaning. The Black Original and Edge brush are great for scrubbing grill grates and the 4 inch flat brush can loosen up heavy gristle build-up under the hood.

You can learn more about grill-based scrubbing in our grill cleaning article. or check out our video on the subject.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Now you can start cleaning your kitchen with comfort! If you’re looking to get started with drill-powered kitchen cleaning, then you can check out our line of Medium Green brushes and kits here.

For more information on kitchen cleaning, check out our kitchen cleaning guide video or our Drillbrush DIY Vlogs, which cover some kitchen-based tasks in great detail.

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