Drillbrush Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Deals! Save 20% on Your Favorite Drillbrush Kits!

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Drillbrush Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 Deals! Save 20% on Your Favorite Drillbrush Kits!
Drillbrush Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

With Christmas around the corner and the Holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start shopping! Luckily, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here and there’s no shortage of savings on the items you and your loved ones need, and that especially rings true for Drillbrush Power Scrubber!

All week long, from November 20th through November 27th, 2023, a large chunk of our drill-powered scrub brush kits will be on sale for 20% off on Amazon! Our kits are the perfect gift for cleaners, auto enthusiasts, grillmasters, and anyone that wants to make cleaning faster, easier, and more fun!

We’ll go over what Drillbrush has marked down this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and give you the exclusive scoop on when some of our most popular products go on sale!

Week Long Deals

Week Long Deals

Drillbrush Ultimate Kits.

The vast majority of kits are on sale from Monday November 20th to Monday November 27th, giving you ample time to find the perfect kit. These kits are 20% off all throughout the week.

There are too many to go over all of them in detail, but here are a couple of highlights to look out for!

If you’re looking to increase your Drillbrush arsenal, the Ultimate kit is one to check out. This kit features six brushes; a 2 inch Short, a 2 inch Long, a 4 inch, a 5 inch, a Mini and an Original. All six in conjunction can handle pretty much any flat, corner, or detailing job you can throw at them! All six colors are on sale, as well as the Variety kit, which features an assortment of different stiffnesses in the same kit. Additionally, all of our Ultimate 7X kits are on sale as well. These kits are identical to the Ultimate kits, but include a 7 inch extension for additional reach!

Looking to REALLY increase your Drillbrush arsenal? Our 21 piece kits are also on sale all week long. Yes, you heard us. 21 pieces. This behemoth features a wide assortment of brushes and scrubbing pads, as well as a few accessories to help you in your cleaning journey. You can see a full breakdown of what’s in the kit here.

Drillbrush EES-1L kits.

Another interesting combo for those looking to get a little more than a standard 4-2-O kit are the 4-2-J kits. These kits feature the 4 inch and 2 inch Short detail brushes from the 4-2-O kit, but replace the Original with a Jumbo Original; a longer corner and contour scrubber with more surface area for cleaning around tub walls, on grill grates, and on carpets. Like the Ultimate kits, they also have a variant that contains an extension on sale. However, in the case of the 4-2-J 5X kits, it’s a 5 inch extension.

Lastly, if grout cleaning is what you need, check out our E-4-2-O and EES-1L kits. Both feature our wheel-shaped Edge brush for getting into grooves and grates. The latter of which also includes our 1 inch Long lug nut brush.

Though this is only a sample of everything that’s gonna be 20% off this week. Go to amazon.com/drillbrush to see everything that is on sale!

1-Day Deals

1-Day Deals

Drillbrush 5-4-2-O kits are 20% off on Sunday November 26th on Amazon.

While most of our kits are on sale all week long, there are a few kits that are only going to be 20% off for a limited time during Cyber Monday.

Your average shopper can only hope they get lucky and catch the sale, or commit themselves to constantly refreshing the page hoping for a deal. But since you’re reading this article right now, you have an advantage, as we’ll tell you exactly when our 4-2-O and 5-4-2-O kits will be on sale!

On Sunday November 26th, all 5-4-2-O kits, including the variety version, will be 20% off from 4:40am PST to 4:40pm PST. Normally, our 5-4-2-O kits are $22.99, but during the sale, you’ll be able to pick one up for $18.39!

These kits feature a 5 inch flat brush for large surfaces, a 4 inch flat brush for smaller level surfaces, an Original brush for corners and contours, and a 2 inch Short detail brush for spot cleaning. The sale is on all six colors (Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black) as well as the Variety 5-4-2-O, which features a soft White 2 inch brush, Medium Yellow Original and 4 inch brushes, and a Stiff Red 5 inch brush. You can find the 5-4-2-O kits here.

Drillbrush 4-2-O kits are 20% off on Monday November 27th on Amazon.

On Cyber Monday itself, November 27th, our signature Drillbrush 4-2-O brush kits will be 20% off from 7:50am PST through 7:50pm PST. This drops the price from $18.95 to $15.16!

The Drillbrush 4-2-O kits are by far our most popular kits. You can read about just how popular they are here. Containing 4 inch, Original, and 2 inch Short brushes, this kit has everything a Drillbrush user needs to clean most messes!

All six colors are on sale on Cyber Monday, meaning everyone from the barbeque pit boss to the detailing diehard can get a great price on a kit that’ll make their jobs easier! You can find the 4-2-O kits here.

20% Off All Week Long

20% Off All Week Long

Drillbrush Power Scrubber brushes and kits are the perfect gift for the handyman, DIYer, car nut, or clean freak in your family! Drillbrush kits come in a wide range of shapes and stiffnesses for just about every cleaning application and environment, from car care, to bathroom cleaning, to heavy duty scrubbing! 

You can find great deals on a whole bunch of Drillbrush kits just in time for the holiday season all Black Friday and Cyber Monday week! Visit our Amazon storefront to see all the savings!

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