This New Drillbrush Product is the Answer for Scrubbing Lug Nuts

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This New Drillbrush Product is the Answer for Scrubbing Lug Nuts

The devil is in the details, and so is the dirt! You’ve cleaned the countertops, the shower walls, and the carpet, but what about all the little nooks and crannies that are harboring messes?

Normally you’d reach for a 2 inch detail brush for little spots, but we’re going to need something more svelte for this job.

That’s where the all new Drillbrush 1 inch Long Detail and Lugnut Brush comes into play! It may be small, but it has unique features that make it a detailing powerhouse! 

The 1 inch Long Brush

The 1 inch Long Brush

1 inch goes a long way!

The 1 inch Long brush features a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft, which means it can be used in all standard cordless drills and impact drivers. Structurally, it’s similar to the 2 inch detail brushes, however this one is more petite, with a polypropylene block measuring 1.5 inches in diameter.

The block is small, but the bristles most certainly are not. At 2.5 inches, they are the longest bristles on any Drillbrush product. The massive size of the bristles allow for many interesting ways to clean with them.

Long bristles for lug nuts!

The primary use for the 1 inch Brush is lug nuts. The long tendril-like bristles can engulf the lug from all sides, resulting in a thorough cleaning. This is especially helpful if the lug nut is inset into the wheel hub or rim, as the bristles are long enough to reach into the crevice surrounding the lug.

However, this is not the only talent these fantastic fibers have. Similar to the 2 inch Long detail brush, the lengthy bristles can snake their way around small fixtures like handles, faucets, and drains. They can also get into difficult spaces, like jars, and ornate detailing.

At high speeds, the bristles can flair out heavily, especially on the soft and medium brushes. This creates a sort of “wheel” similar to the Edge brush, which is useful for extremely tiny grooves and intricate lattice work.

Available Colors

Available Colors

The tower of power!

The 1-inch Long Brush comes in all six colors; Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black, meaning you’ll have the whole gamut of stiffnesses to work with.

Soft White brushes are great for automotive detailing on rims, lugnuts, and trim. The soft fluffy bristles are delicate enough to handle cloth surfaces and upholstery, as well as glasses and jars. 

Medium Yellow, Green, and Blue brushes can get around the curves of faucets, sink fixtures, and outdoor patio furniture. They work well in drains, as well as handles, doorknobs, and drain pipes 

For tougher messes, you can use a Stiff Red or Ultra Stiff Black brush. These two brushes are great for lug nuts on industrial vehicles, nuts and bolts, metal tools, and grout lines in masonry.

We’ve got ‘em surrounded! (The lug nuts, that is.)

The bristles on all six colors are our standard crimped nylon bristles. However, the Soft White 1 inch Long has an added feature unique to it.

The bristles on the Soft White brush are flagged, meaning the tips of the bristles are split to form more tiny bristles. The gives the edge of the bristles a bushy broom-like consistency. This makes the brush even softer and gives it more points of contact for scrubbing out stains.

One final thing to note is the elongated bristles will make the bristles less stiff overall. This isn’t a problem for the 1 inch brush’s intended usage, but if you’re looking for a very stiff detail brush, you may want to go with an Ultra Stiff 2 inch Short brush instead.

1 inch Brush Kits

1 inch Brush Kits

1 inch; many kits!

The 1-inch Long brush is available in the new EES-1L kit. This kit features the 1 inch Long paired with two Edge brushes, culminating in the ultimate grout cleaning dream team! The EES-1L is available in Soft White (W-EES-1L-QC-DB), Medium Yellow (Y-EES-1L-QC-DB), and Ultra Stiff Black (K-EES-1L-QC-DB.) Single brushes in all colors are expected to be available in 2022.

It’s Small, But It Can Do It All!

It's Small, But It Can Do It All!

Give the 1-inch Long Detail Brush a try today! You can find all of our 1 inch Long brushes and kits here.

If you want to check out some of the other exciting brushes we launched in 2021, you can read about our Jumbo brush in our 'Brush Shapes' blog, or our Corner brush blog to learn about more cool ways to clean!

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