5 Ways Using a Drillbrush Beats Scrubbing By Hand

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5 Ways Using a Drillbrush Beats Scrubbing By Hand
Drillbrush vs Hand Scrubbing

We do a lot with our hands. We use them to create, to fix, to build, to hold, and to extend a helping hand. Life’s challenges can put your hands through the ringer; busted knuckles, carpal tunnel, joint pain and stiffness. However, there’s a job to be done, and our hands bear the brunt of it.

But why subject your hands to more strain than necessary? What if you could ease the burden brought on by household chores and save your strength for the things you want to do, rather than the stuff you have to do.

At Drillbrush, we care about hand health and make it our goal to keep homes neat and tidy without having to tire yourself out with vigorous hand scrubbing. That’s why we created Drillbrush Power Scrubber, a line of drill-powered scrubbing brushes that make hand scrubbing a thing of the past.

We’re going to go over five ways our brushes improve the cleaning experience over traditional hand scrubbing and show you what makes Drillbrush fast, easy, and fun to use!

1 - Less Hand Strain

1 - Less Hand Strain

Give your wrists a rest!

We start with the biggest boon provided by Drillbrush; less strain on your body. With a traditional hand brush, you have to grip the handle and work hard to scrub off any undesirable dirt and soap scum. This puts a lot of strain on your arms, especially if you’re an older person or have a medical condition that causes fatigue or pain when performing strenuous activity.

Anthony LaPolla, the founder and inventor of Drillbrush, suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, which prevented him from scrubbing rims at the car wash he operated. He figured operating a drill would be easier on his hands than vigorous scrubbing, so he created the first Drillbrush and the rest is history./a>

The power of a cordless drill spinning the brush takes away the need to perform a scrubbing motion. we’ve even had some customers with physical conditions that hinders traditional cleaning techniques praise the ease of operation a drill-powered brush provides them./a>

By using a Drillbrush, you can give your hands some help!

2 - Better Cleaning

2 - Better Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet with a Drillbrush vs cleaning a carpet by hand.

Not only is Drillbrush better for your hands, it's better for cleaning too.

Above is a picture of a dirty outdoor carpet. We had two people (Jeff and myself) scrub the carpet at the same time. I used a Drillbrush and Jeff scrubbed by hand.

With the Drillbrush, I was able to clean in neat bands up and down my side of the carpet. The bristles dove deep into the fibers and pulled out deep-set particles at a rapid rate. Meanwhile Jeff had used a lot of elbow grease to keep up with his hand brush. His brushing was less organized and resulted in a lot of debris being left behind.

By the time I reached the center of the rug, Jeff had to double back to hit spots he missed. Even then, he still couldn’t get the more troublesome grit out of the recesses of the carpet, so he borrowed the Drillbrush I had and did a second pass over his side.

With Drillbrush, you can clean deeper and more efficiently than going at it by hand!

3 - Better Options

3 - Better Options

Drillbrush offers a better way to scrub difficult to reach places, like the back of a microwave!

Sometimes hitting the right angle is tough by hand. Sure, your arm has that one bendy part (commonly called the “elbow”) but if an area’s too tight or at an odd angle, it can be difficult to get in there and scrub.

For example, I have a shower door on my combination bathtub and shower. The way it's designed, it’s a bit cumbersome to get into the tub to clean because my arm movement is somewhat restricted. Additionally, I’m very tall and the bathroom itself is very cramped, which gives me even less space to move around, both in and out of the tub. Using a Drillbrush allowed me to scrub the tub surface comfortably, as I didn’t have to contort myself in an uncomfortable way to get a good scrubbing position.

There are quite a few different brush shapes to choose from, meaning you have options depending on what needs to be cleaned. Got a large surface? Use a 5 inch flat brush. How about a tight corner? The Orignal or Mini bullet-shaped brushes can easily get in there? Getting into small grooves, like on a shower door track? Break out the wheel-shaped Edge brush! There’s plenty of brushes to choose from and they all come in curated brush kits, so you’ll never be left with a mess you can’t handle! To learn more about brush shapes, Check out our shape blog.

Drillbrush is also modular, as its 1/4 inch quickchange shaft can fit in a variety of different drills, such as an impact driver and a close-quarters drill, giving you even more options!

Drillbrush also sells accessories, such as our 5 and 7 inch extensions, that can be used to hit areas with low spots like tubs and sinks, elevated surfaces like shelves and hutches, or into tight spaces like cabinet interiors or behind a toilet basin. You can read more about extensions here.

4 - Quicker Cleaning

4 - Quicker Cleaning

The sponge user (right) is still scrubbing the sink while the Drillbrush user (left) is already on to rinsing!

Not all of us are John Henry. As mortals, we do not have infinite stamina, nor can we move at superhuman speeds. We can only clean so quickly before we need to stop, take a break, and recharge for more vigorous scrubbing.

By using a cordless drill, the motor is able to spin the brush up to a higher speed, decreasing the amount of time you need to spend scrubbing one spot. As mentioned earlier in our carpet cleaning example, I was able to scrub a surface in half as much time as Jeff and did so with far less effort.

Using Drillbrush products means you’re spending less time scrubbing and more time doing the things you love!

5 - It’s More Fun!

5 - It’s More Fun!

A picture of me having fun while using a Drillbrush.

If Cinderella taught me anything, it’s that scrubbing the floors by hand is not fun. Most chores aren’t. https://www.etymologynerd.com/blog/boring-is-boring">Heck, the word “boring” came from doing a chore.

However, something that is fun according to our customer reviews are Drillbrush Power Scrubbers! Many DIYers and the spring-cleaning-adverse have expressed satisfaction at the notion of whipping out some power tools and revving them up!

I know one of the most entertaining parts of my job is using the brush for photo and video shoots. The wail of the motor, the spray of the water. It’s a powerful experience! I definitely prefer that to scrubbing my bathtub with a hand brush.

Give Your Hands a Break

Give Your Hands a Break

Drillbrush makes cleaning fast, easy, and fun, taking the stress and strain out of cleaning and making the whole process less of a chore!

If you want to learn more about Drillbrush, you can check out our Drillbrush introduction article for more information or if you’re ready to give our brushes a try,visit our full catalog of brushes and kits.

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