5 Surprising Things a Drillbrush Can Clean

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5 Surprising Things a Drillbrush Can Clean
You Can Clean THAT With a Drillbrush?!?!

Drillbrush products are great at cleaning a wide range of surfaces. Just our Medium brushes alone can handle messes on bathroom tile, porcelain, countertops, appliances, outdoor carpets, siding, vinyl furniture, and that’s only scratching the surface!

While impressive enough on its own, Drillbrush Power Scrubbers work well on some pretty interesting and surprising surfaces. Some of the following use cases don’t even sound real, but we assure you, they are!

We’ll go over five such messes and surfaces that you’d be surprised a Drillbrush can clean, as well as how it’s done!

1 - Pet Hair

1 - Pet Hair

A Soft White 5 inch flat Drillbrush picking up pet hair from a carpet.

You may think your only option for removing excessive pet hair from surfaces is to find a lint roller and meticulously go over everything. However, Drillbrush products can pick up pet hair with ease, and in multiple ways too!

For surface level hair on couches and chairs, get a dry Medium-stiffness Original brush and run the sides of the brush over the hair at a slow speed. The hair should cling to the bristles and lift it off the surface. Then, when done, just peel the hair off the brush and dispose of it accordingly. If you maintain a slow drill speed, then you shouldn’t have any strands wrapped too deep within the bristles or flung about the room, making clean-up a cinch!

For deep-set hair on carpet, we recommend taking a Soft White flat brush, such as a 4 inch or 5 inch, and running it at normal speed with no liquid over the offending sections of carpet. Much like the previous scenario, the hair should be pulled from the carpet and cling to the bristles of the 5 inch brush in a circular arrangement. Then, simply peel the layer of hair off and your house is hair-free!

That’s just a taste of what Drillbrush can do for pet parents. For more tips, check out our Pet Care blog!

2 - Grill Gristle

2 - Grill Gristle

A Drillbrush Edge brush scrubbing grill grates.

Longtime Drillbrush fans might not be surprised by this one, as we have an entire brush color dedicated to it, but those who only know us for our bathroom scrubbers might be happy to hear that we have brushes that can tackle heavy gristle build up on grills and barbeques. Just in time for summer!

Our Ultra Stiff Black brushes are built for grill clean-up. The bullet-shaped Original-style brushes can cover good ground on grill grates, while the wheel-shaped Edge brush can get in between each gap to get every last burnt-on food scrap. Despite their stiffness, our bristles are non-scratch, so all grill top surfaces are fair game! We once used our 4 inch flat brushes on the underside of the hood to remove heavy charcoal-black build-up.

Additionally, our ultra-durable nylon bristles provide a safe alternative to typical metal wire scrubbers. Just avoid using our brushes on the grill while it is still hot, as it could melt the nylon.

Overall, Drillbrush Ultra Stiff Black brushes are very effective at removing gristle and are a must-have for any grilling enthusiast.

3 - Mouse Mats

3 - Mouse Mats

A mainstay on the desk of any office worker or PC gamer is a mouse mat; a mouse pad that partially or entirely covers the surface of a desk, similar to the desk trappers of old (remember those?).

But much like floor mats, these surface toppers pick up a lot of debris. Hair, skin particles, dust, and lunch break crumbs can weave their way into the tight fibers of the mat and can be an absolute chore to dig out. Luckily, Drillbrush can get in and clean these particles out, and it can do so with a rather unexpected brush!

Our Edge brushes are best known as our grout-cleaning tool. These odd-looking wheel-shaped scrubbers have bristles around the outer ring to scrub inside grooves and grates, like tile grout and vents. The Soft White Edge brush is usually used for upholstery and cushions, but it also works wonders on mouse mats!

The unique bristle shape and spinning motion allows the brush to sweep debris out of the mouse mat deeper than brushes with larger surface areas can.

The Edge brush is narrow, so you’ll be cleaning in thinner strips. This is fine for smaller mouse mats and mouse pads, but for larger mats, hit the surface level build-up with a Soft 4 inch or 5 inch brush first, then use the Edge brush to tackle spots the flat brush wasn’t able to fully clear.

Our Soft White E42O and E542J kits feature the brushes you need to get this job done!

4 - Oil Stains

4 - Oil Stains

Vehicle oil stains are a pain to clean, especially when they seep into porous surfaces like concrete. Professional cleaner Brant Long uses our Ultra Stiff 7 inch Industrial brushes to scrub stubborn oil stains out of driveways for clients.

The tough nylon fibers moving at polisher speeds in conjunction with commercial-grade degreaser are enough to scrub out deep-set oil stains.

While the 7 inch brushes, with it’s long bristles and large size, are ideal for larger-scale projects like driveway cleaning, Black brushes of all sizes are adept at concrete cleaning, whether it be spots on poured patios, grout lines between sidewalk slabs, or touch-ups on decorative masonry around your garden. Explore our Ultra Stiff brush catalog and find the right option for you!

However, if you think removing stains from concrete is impressive, Drillbrush has another mind bending trick up its sleeve!

5 - Cement

5 - Cement

Drillbrush Ultra Stiff brushes clearing cement from the exterior of a mixer.

Yeah, you heard that right. In certain cases, Drillbrush can remove cement.

Now, we won’t claim that Drillbrush is a miracle worker for cement removal, nor will we claim that a Drillbrush can delete an entire sidewalk. Drillbrush CAN, however, remove small bits of cement splatter.

In a video on our Youtube channel, we used Ultra Stiff Black brushes on an old cement mixer that still had some caked-on cement on its exterior. With a little water, we were actually able to take a fair chunk of it off with just the brush!

Again, for large cement stains, chipping it away or using more heavy duty solutions are in order. But if things got a little sloppy when pouring and you got a small splatter on something that ought to not have cement on it, Drillbrush is definitely an option!

What Can You Clean?

What Can You Clean?

Did Drillbrush clean something you didn’t expect it to? Leave a comment! We’d love to hear your story and may feature it in a future article.

For more interesting ways to clean with Drillbrush, check out our blog on 7 Unusual Uses for a Drillbrush.

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