A Speedy Solution for Cleaning Up After Your Pets - Drillbrush Pet Guide

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A Speedy Solution for Cleaning Up After Your Pets - Drillbrush Pet Guide

Pets. We love ‘em, and many of us on the Drillbrush staff have ‘em as well! In fact, our head of IT’s cat Selina has even starred in her very own Drillbrush video. As pet owners ourselves, we know that our animal friends aren’t always working to keep the house clean. In fact, if something’s knocked over or messed up, there’s a good chance we can catch a certain little rascal red-pawed.

Fortunately, our Drillbrush drill-powered cleaning brushes can clean any mess, no matter what species caused it, so you can tackle anything your four-legged friends can throw at you.

Today, we’ll go over the many ways you can use Drillbrush products to keep your home clean for you and your pets.

Fur Clean-up

Fur Clean-up

A Hair-raising Situation!

Need to remove the “fur” from your fur-niture? An Original Drillbrush is just what you need!

Pet hair can be hard to remove from sofas and chairs, particularly ones made of fabric as the thin hairs can weave themselves into the fibers. You can remove them easily using an Original brush, preferably in a medium stiffness, though the other versions should work too.

Without spraying cleaner, spin the brush at a slow speed gently over the fur. The strands of hair will cling to the bristles and be lifted from the furniture. When finished, you’ll still need to pick the hair off the brush and dispose of it, but that is far less trouble than picking individual bits of fur out of the couch by hand.

Drillbrush products also work on deep-set fur, especially in carpets and rugs. By using a Soft flat 4 inch or 5 inch brush, you can scrub deep into the carpet fibers and pull out packed-in hair. The strands will grip onto the surface of the brush as shown in the picture above.

You can’t stop your pet from shedding, but you can easily pick up what’s left behind!

Food Bowls and Spots Around the House

Food Bowls and Spots Around the House

Run spot run!

Let’s face it; pets aren’t particularly known for their table manners. Kibble will fly, bowls will overturn. Heck, when my cousin’s rottweiler Bruno drinks out of a water dish, he manages to put more water on the floor than in his mouth.

And then there’s those unfortunate situations where they can’t quite keep all their food down and you find it somewhere around the house.

Luckily, Drillbrush power scrubbers are well equipped to handle all of the little spots and messes left behind by your pets. Our Link_text_goes_here[LINK: detail brushes. TEXT: detail brushes, such as the 2 inch Short,] are perfect for this, able to quickly scrub away small crusty stains on a myriad of surfaces.

For some of the slightly grosser messes, you’ll want to remove the offending substance by a non-drill powered means first, then scrub the remaining residue with a brush. This prevents any chance of unfortunate splatter being thrown about.

Litter Box

Litter Box

Talk about a crappy job!

A similar daunting and ever-so icky place to clean is the litter box. Considering this is the spot where… “business…” is done, a lack of care can make things turn south quickly.

When you change the litter box, you can use a Yellow or Blue medium brush to scrub off any leftover residue and wipe it away with towels. If the stain is particularly cumbersome, you can upgrade to a stiff brush and that should take care of the job.

Whichever brush you decide to use, just make sure not to use it on other surfaces, as it would be unsanitary to use it for other purposes around the home.

Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Cleaning isn't a tank-less job!

Not all pets are furry. Sometimes our water-breathing friends need love too!

Cleaning a fish tank isn’t easy. Just ask Jeff, who recorded a Drillbrush video detailing the process of restoring a fish tank he had recently required.

He primarily used three brushes; a Soft White 4 inch flat brush, a Medium Blue Edge brush, and a Stiff Red 2 inch detail brush. He started by taping up the inside corners of the tank to protect the sealing, then used the Soft 4 inch brush to scrub the glass walls. The brush was able to loosen years of built-up mildew from the surface, which were then rinsed off with water.

Around the rim of the tank, some crusty, dingy calcium clusters developed after a long period of neglect. Luckily, Drillbrush Edge brushes are built for scrubbing thin, grooved surfaces, with Jeff using the Medium Blue version to get deep into the lip of the tank and remove those otherwise hard to get particulates.

While initially using a Medium 2 inch brush for the remaining crusted over spots, they proved to be more stubborn than anticipated, so he upgraded to a Stiff Red brush and that did the trick.

With that, the fish tank was cleaned and Jeff was able to put his fish back into their aquatic home!

In addition to fish tanks, you can also clean other enclosures, like reptile tanks and bird cages, meaning Drillbrush can clean up after a solid portion of the animal kingdom.



Pet the kitty!

People aren’t the only ones that like our brushes, pets do too!

We’ve had some pet parents send us clips over the years of their cats and dogs receiving a nice pet from a Drillbrush, and it’s as cute as you’d imagine.

Now naturally, there’s some safety points to go over before you decide to do this with your pet:


  1. Do NOT use too stiff of a brush. We recommend using the White Soft Original for the job, though we’ve seen some use a Medium without issue.
  2. Do NOT go too fast. Keep your drill at a slow speed to give them a relaxing massage.
  3. Do NOT use a brush on pets with long hair. The first section of this article explains why that would be a bad idea.
  4. This experience may not be enjoyable for all pets. Some may be frightened by the drill or dislike the brush texture. Only do this if your pet wants the Drillbrush treatment. Don’t force it on them.

It may not be for every pet, but for the pets that do like it, it’s the best use of your drill’s battery outside of cleaning!

Farm and Livestock

Farm and Livestock

Domestic housepets aren’t the only animals we can clean up after. Our brushes are great on farms as well!

Our stiff brushes and ultra stiff brushes have been used by ranchers to clean feed buckets, stock tanks, horse stalls, and even carriages. Their heavy-duty scrubbing abilities can turn a pig sty into a… well, it’s still a pig sty, but it’s a substantially cleaner pig sty.

Brushes We Recommend for Pet Care

The Drillbrush 42O Pet Care Variety Kit.

We’ve name-dropped a few brushes we personally enjoy using for pet-based cleaning, but here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

The first is the only pet focused kit we sell, the aptly named Pet Care Kit. This kit features Soft White Original and 4 inch brushes and a 2 inch Short. These brushes were selected primarily for hair pick-up and spot cleaning, tackling most of your basic pet clean-up needs.

If you’re looking for brushes to expand on your cleaning arsenal, we recommend our Medium Blue and Stiff Red brushes. While we bill them as being for Marine and Outdoor cleaning specifically, they are both excellent general purpose cleaning brushes that are able to be used on basically any surface.

The Purr-fect Scrub Brush


Cleaning up after your critters has never been easier. With the help of a Drillbrush Power Scrubber, the next time your four-legged friend gets things filthy, be rest-assured that you’ll be spending less time scrubbing and more time playing with your pets.

If you want to clean up after pets with power, check out our Pet Care kit or visit our full brush catalog to find the right brush for you. ]

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