4in & 2in Blue Brushes - Medium Bristles - Marine & Pool Cleaning | B-S-42-QC-DB



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Application: Marine, Pool, and Spa
Included in this kit:

Get the jump on algae and mildew with this set of marine brushes! Each brush features:

  • Our blue medium stiffness nylon bristles
  • A heat treated steel 1/4" quick change shaft compatible with almost all cordless drills
  • A strong polypropylene plastic block for increased durability

Our brushes are designed to leverage the muscle of your cordless drill! The high speed and power allow you to cut through messes up to twice as fast as with hand scrubbing. Here are some recommend uses:

  • The 4 inch flat brush is good for cleaning larger surfaces like boat hulls and centerboards/daggerboards.
  • The 2 inch detail brush is meant for all the finer details that other brushes might be a bit too big for. Things like the fine details in embossed lettering or the seam where a window meets a wall.

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