7in. Brush 3-piece Kit - Soft, Medium, & Ultra Stiff Bristles - Industrial Cleaning | 7in-L-WYK-T-DB

Drill Brush


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Application: Commercial cleaning
Included in this kit:
  • 1x White 7 inch Threaded flat brush
  • 1x Yellow 7 inch Threaded flat brush
  • 1x Black 7 inch Threaded flat brush
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The 7in three piece kit features a soft white, a medium yellow, and a ultra stiff black 7in brush. All have 5/8in. 11 thread count threaded nut that fits variable speed polishers. These brushes are great for spot cleaning and cleaning flat surfaces. Use them to clean large-scale carpeting, plate glass windows, large tile floors, and industrial flooring.

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