7 inch Velcro Hook and Loop Backer fits 5/8" -11 spindle

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7 inch diameter Velcro Hook and Loop backing pad. Fits 5/8"-11 spindle. A quick change adapter is required to use this in a drill. They can be found here: 1/4 INCH QUICK CHANGE TO 5/8-11 ADAPTER,   All our products ship the SAME DAY via USPS Priority mail direct from our warehouse for only $3.95 (flat rate) on any size order located at 9809 River Road Marcy NY 13403  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to popular questions about our products.  Note:This item is not made for drills it only fit rotary machines Do you have other questions about our brushes or your application? call Tony at 315-527-1817

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