7in Black Brush - Industrial High Stiffness - Paint Removal & Concrete Cleaning | 7in-L-K-T-DB


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Application: Heavy duty and Industrial
Included in this kit:
  • 1x Black 7 inch flat threaded brush

The ultimate tool for industrial-grade cleaning, the Black Ultra Stiff 7in Brush is built for large-scale cleaning in the toughest environments.

This brush features:

  • Ultra Stiff non-scratch nylon bristles
  • Strong polypropylene plastic block for increased durability
  • 5/8 inch molded in 11-count threaded steel nut with two included set screws for added security
  • An Allen wrench for easy installation of set screws

Our brushes are designed as attachments for use in the cordless drill that you already own. No need to buy another tool to sit in your closet! The higher speed and power of a cordless drill allows you to cut through messes up to twice as fast standard cleaning methods. We've engineered our shafts and blocks to last, unlike our competitors whose brushes tend to break under heavy load or sustained use.

  • The 7 inch flat brush is built for large scale commercial cleaning. Use it to cover massive, flat surfaces or to get into large grooves of grout lines by tilting the brush at a 45 degree angle.

This brush is great for garages, factory floors, dirt track racing tires, sidewalks and driveways, roofing, and more!

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