Original & 4in Yellow Brushes w/5in Ext. - Medium Bristles - Bathroom & Shower | Y-S-4O-5X-QC-DB



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Application: Bathroom
Included in this kit:
  • 1x Yellow Original brush
  • 1x Yellow 4 inch flat brush
  • 1x 7 inch extension

Reach behind and around any porcelain fixture with this bathroom brush and 5in extension kit! Each brush features:

  • Our yellow medium stiffness nylon bristles - color coded for bathroom use
  • A heat treated steel 1/4" quick change shaft compatible with almost all cordless drills
  • A strong polypropylene plastic block for high durability

The extension features:

  • Steel construction.
  • 1/4 inch quick change chuck that can be used with any Drillbrush with a quick change shaft.
  • 1/4 inch quick change shaft for use in any drill or impact driver.

Our brushes are designed to leverage the muscle of your cordless drill! The high speed and power allow you to cut through messes up to twice as fast as with hand scrubbing. Here are some recommend uses:

  • The bullet shaped original brush is a great general purpose tool for a wide array of curved surfaces and corner shapes; from the gentle contours of a tub and the spout of a sink there's not much these brushes can't clean!
  • The 4 inch flat brush is good for cleaning all the flat surfaces in your bathroom - from shower tiles to tub floors.

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