What Accessories Can I Use with a Drillbrush? A Guide to Drillbrush Accessories

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What Accessories Can I Use with a Drillbrush? A Guide to Drillbrush Accessories

What Are Drillbrush Accessories?

What Are Drillbrush Accessories?

Drillbrush is well known for, well, making drill-powered brushes. (It’s right there in the name!)

And while brushes are our primary focus, we’re always looking for new solutions to make cleaning faster and easier, and sometimes that solution doesn’t come in the form of a brush or a scrub pad.

That’s where Drillbrush accessories come in. Drillbrush accessories are add-on tools that work in conjunction with our brushes or pads to help you effectively clean surfaces.

Drillbrush accessories serve a few functions. Some work to directly aid in the cleaning process, others improve accessibility and adaptivity to other tools, and some are simply too unique to fit in other categories.

We’ll explore the various accessories Drillbrush has to offer and how they can help enhance the way you clean!



Drillbrush 5 inch (top) and 7 inch (bottom) extensions.

One of the most common accessories you’ll find is the extension

These metal rods have a quickchange shaft on one end and a sleeved quickchange chuck on the other. You can place a standard Drillbrush Power Scrubber into the chuck and insert the extension into your drill to increase the distance you can reach with your Drillbrush.

Extensions are useful for hitting tough to reach places. A Drillbrush user can hit high-up surfaces without having to stand on a step stool or chair, and hit stains close to the ground without bending over and placing stress on their backs.

A Medium Yellow Original Drillbrush in a 7 inch extension cleaning the base of a toilet.

An extension can allow some to clean in tight areas where a drill may not physically fit or in places obstructed by immovable structures. You can also use an extension to distance yourself from a spot that may be particularly nasty or prone to splatter.

Drillbrush has made several extensions over the years, but currently, we sell them in 5 inch and 7 inch sizes. These extensions can be purchased on their own, as well as paired with our brushes in many popular kits, like our 42O-5X and 542O-7X..

You can learn more about using extensions in this video.



A 3 inch Drillbrush hook-and-loop pad backer.

An important accessory if you’re a fan of our drill-powered scrub pads, our pad backers are an essential tool if you want to use our scrubbers on a cordless drill.

Drillbrush backers utilize a hook-and-loop mesh that forms a tight grip on the pad material, creating a seal that is strong enough to keep the pad attached as it cleans while still being easy to swap out pads when you’re done.

Pad backers have a threaded nut for use in variable speed polishers, but come with another accessory, the Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter, pre-inserted into the back. We’ll go more into adapters later!

We’ve sold backers in various sizes over the years, but our flagship backer is the 3 inch, as it works well with our standard 4 inch pads.

When you purchase a kit that features our scrub pads, it will almost always include a 3 inch backer, so you most likely won’t have to purchase it separately. However, it can be bought alone if you need one!



A Drillbrush Threaded-to-Quikchange Adapter.

We mentioned adapters briefly in the last section, but what are they exactly?

LAdapters are items that Drillbrush products built for one type of drill to be used in another. Currently, Drillbrush carries two adapters; the Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter and the Quickchange-to-ACME-US Broom Handle Screwdriver-style Adapter.

The Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter is a small stainless steel component that has a 5/8in-11 threads-per-inch bolt on one end and a 1/4" inch quickchange shaft on the other. This adapter is primarily used on our aforementioned 3 inch hook-and-loop backers, as it screws into the nut on the backer to allow scrub pads to be used in a standard cordless drill.

You’ll also find this adapter included with our 7 inch industrial brushes. The 7 inch brushes have a threaded nut and set screws to help secure it to variable speed polishers for high-speed scrubbing. However, the adapter fits into the nut as well and allows Drillbrush users without that tool to simply use the 7 inch brush in their everyday cordless drills.

The Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter can also be purchased separately here.

A Drillbrush Quickchange-to-ACME-US Broom Handle Screwdriver Adapter.

Our other adapter is a fairly unique one. The Quickchange-to-ACME-US Broom Handle Adapter is a screwdriver with a sleeved quickchange chuck similar to the extensions on one end and an ACME US broom handle insert in the handle.

The screwdriver adapter itself allows a Drillbrush to be used like a duster or bathroom wand, while inserting a broom handle allows it to act like a “super extension,” allowing you to reach tall ceilings and baseboard and molding without bending or straining.

The screwdriver adapter works best with our Original-style brushes, which is why it is packaged with the Original, Mini, and Jumbo brushes in our JOM-HD kits. You can also purchase it on its own if you already own some brushes you can use in it. 

Cotton Buffer

Cotton Buffer

A Drillbrush Cotton Buffer.

Soft White brushes can be used to scrub delicate surfaces like upholstery and carpeting. Soft White scrub pads can be used for buffing and polishing on glass surfaces. But what if you need something even softer?

The Cotton Buffer has you covered! This cylindrical scrubber works like our Drillbrush Original brushes, but rather than nylon bristles, it’s covered in soft cotton fibers for an extremely cushy clean.

The Cotton Buffer being used on rims.

The Buffer is used primarily on automotive surfaces, like rims and headlights. It has a 1/4” quickchange shaft, so it can be used in any standard cordless drill or impact driver just like a Drillbrush!

As the sole cotton-based scrubber in our catalog, it’s certainly a unique part of any Drillbrush collection. You can find the Cotton Buffer here.



All-purpose Useful Cleaning Paste with two scrub pads.

Drillbrush Power Scrubbers are highly effective tools, but for many tasks, using a cleaner with your brush is the recipe for success! We recommend all sorts of cleaners, which you can view in this article we made here, but Drillbrush also sells a few of our own that work great with our brushes.

All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste is a white, lemon-lime scented cleaner that comes in a 260g tub. It works great on bathroom, kitchen, and household surfaces, like stovetops, tiling, showers, counters, sinks, and coffee tables. Simply put some paste on the bristles, spray a surface with an appropriate amount of water, and watch as Useful Cleaning Paste with Drillbrush gives a satisfying shine to any surface!

All-purpose Useful Cleaning Paste has another trick up its sleeve; scrub pads! Inside the lid of the container are two of our drill-powered scrub pads; one in Soft White, the other in Stiff Red. The pads can be used with your hand, and they work well in this manner. However, if you have a 3 inch backer, you can attach these to your drill like any other scrub pad and save yourself the hassle of hand scrubbing.

You can find Useful Cleaning Paste on its own, or bundled with several different kits. Some of these cleaner bundles include a 3 inch backer so you can use them in your drill right out of the box!

Drill-tergent Bathroom Scrubber

Another cleaner we sell is Drill-tergent. This solution comes in a small bottle and has a semi-viscous consistency. This helps keep the cleaner from splattering when scrubbing. The focus of Drill-tergent is bathroom objects, but Drill-tergent is safe to use anywhere in the house!

Drill-tergent can be bought separately or found in a special bundle with our Medium Yellow Bathroom 4-2-O kit; our most popular kit for bathroom scrubbing.



We hope Drillbrush accessories help you achieve your cleaning goals! You can view our full list of accessories here.

And if you want to accessorize while you use our accessories, pick up a Drillbrush t-shirt!

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