New Cleaning Paste Works Great with Drillbrush - All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste Product Spotlight

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New Cleaning Paste Works Great with Drillbrush - All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste Product Spotlight
New All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste

One of the most common questions we get from first-time Drillbrush users is “what cleaner should I use with my Drillbrush?” Our usual answer is to instruct them to make a cleaning paste using water and their cleaner of choice, or to simply refer them to this article.

But now, we have a new multi-purpose cleaner that checks all the boxes and makes things simple for people searching for an effective solution. New from Useful Products, it’s All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste!

Today, we’ll go over what the Useful Cleaning Paste has to offer, what it can clean, and some tips for Drillbrush users looking to give it a spin!

Cleaner Overview

Cleaner Overview

All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste and its contents with two scrub pads.

All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste is a white, citrus-scented, concentrated cleaning paste built for general household cleaning applications. The paste comes in a 260 gram tub paired with two scrub pads in Soft White and Stiff Red. The pads are stored in the lid, with a plastic insert separating them from the paste. 

As a general use cleaner, you can safely use this cleaner on most household surfaces. It primarily excels in bathroom and kitchen settings, such as on tiles, grout, appliances, countertops, sinks, and cookware. It can also be used on glass surfaces as well as applications outside the home, like patio furniture and vinyl siding.

All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste has a great citrus scent.

Additionally, All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste smells great! You don’t have to worry about filling your home with an unpleasant chemical stench.The paste has an aromatic citrus scent that is akin to lemon-lime soda. Heck, in this author’s honest opinion, it might be one of the best smelling cleaners I’ve ever used.

Compared to our previously launched cleaner, Drill-tergent, which has a viscous, goopy solution, Useful Cleaning Paste is a more solid, concentrated paste. This allows the user to choose however much water they wish to dilute it with to reach the optimal consistency for the job.

Scrub Pads

Scrub Pads

The soft White scrub pad scrubbing a pan.

Included with the cleaner is something familiar to Drillbrush users; two of our drill-powered scrub pads!

Each cleaner is packaged with one Soft White pad and one Stiff Red pad. The pads are stored in the lid of the cleaner, separated from the paste by a plastic divider. 

The Soft White pad is great for delicate surfaces like glass and wood. Clean windows, glassware, coffee tables, cabinets, and mirrors with ease! The Stiff Red pad on the other hand is suited for tile, linoleum, stainless steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and cookware.

Both stiffnesses in concert can handle practically every standard cleaning task in your home and their flexible design makes hand scrubbing in tight corners a breeze!

The Stiff Red scrub pad being used on a stovetop.

The cleaner does NOT come with our 3 inch hook-and-loop pad backer, but if you have one from one of our Drillbrush pad kits, or pick one up on its own, then you can skip the hand scrubbing and let your drill do all the work for you!

How to Apply Useful Cleaner

How to Apply Useful Cleaner

A 4 inch Medium Green Drillbrush being inserted into a tub of All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste.

To use All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste, dampen one of the included pads and dab the paste with it. This will coat the pad in solution. Then, use the pad to start scrubbing on any household surfaces. It’s that simple!

For Drillbrush users, the 4 inch brush fits perfectly into the container, meaning you can place the 4 inch Drillbrush bristles-down into the paste, gently run the drill, and get the solution on the brush. Then you’re good to start scrubbing! This method also works with the 2 inch and Original-style brushes, making the cleaner the perfect compliment to our popular Drill brush 4-2-O kits.

Pick Up a Tub and Start Scrubbing!

Pick Up a Tub and Start Scrubbing!

All-Purpose Useful Cleaning Paste is a well-rounded cleaner that works great! It’s an excellent addition to the Useful Products line and provides Drillbrush users with a cleaner they can use in most settings without having to spend hours researching the proper cleaner for every job.

You can pick up the cleaner on its own, or you can find it in a bundle with our Variety Ultimate kit. We also have other cleaner bundles, including ones that pair it with the 4-2-O kit, on our Amazon store.

This product isn’t our first foray into the world of cleaners. You can click here to see what other cleaners we have available.

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