Enhance Your Cleaning Experience with Drillbrush Accessories

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Enhance Your Cleaning Experience with Drillbrush Accessories

Drillbrush Power Scrubbers are amazing tools. One simple drill-powered brush can turn hours of hand scrubbing into a quick and easy job.

However, a Drillbrush alone does not solve every cleaning problem. What if you need to clean something that’s out of reach or too difficult to get to? What if your drill is not compatible with a brush you need? What if you need something softer than a White brush?

That’s where our Drillbrush Accessories come in! We have an array of specialized tools that work to assist in specific drill-powered scrubbing needs.

So today, we’ll be going through all of our accessories, describing what they are, and how they enhance the Drillbrush experience!



When a thing needs to be connected to another thing!

Adapters are specialized connector tools that allow brushes of one shaft type to be compatible with drills of another type. These are helpful for people who need a certain brush but don’t want to invest a lot of money in acquiring a new power tool.

Presently, the only adapter Drillbrush sells is the Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter. As the name implies, this adapter has two sides; one with a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft, the other with a 5/8 inch, 11 threads per inch threaded shaft. It’s primary purpose is to allow brushes and accessories with a threaded nut to be used in standard cordless drills and impact drivers.

The champion of compatibility!

The most common product it’s used with is the 3 inch Pad Backer, which comes packaged with it and is instrumental in drill-powered scrub pad cleaning.

It can also be used in Drillbrush 7 inch industrial brushes for people who lack a variable speed polisher. However, as the 7 inch brush is very heavy, be sure to install the 7 inch brush’s included set screws and use the drill at a manageable RPM to keep the brush secure.

You can find the Threaded-to-Quickchange Adapter on its own here.



We’ve got your back(er)!

A major subset of the Drillbrush product line are the scrub pads. Scrub pads are 4 inch diameter scrubbers used for buffing and polishing; typically on glass, wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces. However, for a pad to be able to do its job, it needs to be able to connect to a cordless drill. That’s where backers come in!

Drillbrush backers serve as the connection point between a pad and a drill. One side of the backer has a hook-and-loop surface similar to Velcro that sticks to the meshy material on the back of the scrub pads. The other side features a shaft, typically a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft, that is compatible with cordless drills.

The hook-and-loop surface grips tight, securing the pad while it cleans. However, much like that pair of Velcro strap shoes you had as a kid, removing the pad when you need to replace it is easy!


We’ve sold a variety of backers throughout the years, but presently, the only backer we carry is the 3 inch Backer. This backer has a 5/8 inch, 11 threads per inch nut as opposed to a quickchange shaft, making it compatible with variable speed polishers. However, as mentioned in the previous section, every 3 inch Backer comes with a Thread-to-Quickchange Adapter for standard drill-based scrubbing.

The 3 inch Backer can be purchased separately, but is also included in nearly every pad and pad-brush combo kit.



When bodybuilders say they’re “buff,” is this what they mean?

Brushes and pads aren’t all we carry, as we have one unique tool that doesn’t quite fit in either category; the Cotton Buffer.

The Cotton Buffer has a cylindrical shape reminiscent of our Original-style brushes, but instead of sporting non-scratch nylon bristles, it is coated in soft cotton fibers specially tailored for automotive scrubbing. Like most of our brushes, it has a 1/4 inch quickchange shaft.

The buffer is great for cleaning rims, trim, and headlights, along with other delicate surfaces like glass and wood. Presently, the buffer comes in one size; 2.75 inch by 3.75 inch.

Can’t get enough’er that buffer!

The buffer is available as a standalone brush that can be found here.



4oz. To Freedom!

Anyone who’s used a scrub brush, drill-powered or otherwise, knows that the brush alone does not result in a clean surface. Cleaning solutions provide the moisture and disinfecting power that truly makes surfaces shine! As such, Drillbrush Power Scrubber has it’s own private label cleaner, lovingly dubbed “Drill-tergent.”

Drill-tergent is a viscous cleaner best suited for bathroom scrubbing, though it can also be used in kitchens or on other hard surfaces. Its consistency is similar to that of the cleaning pastes we typically recommend be made to prevent splatter, giving you the right cleaner consistency right out of the bottle.

Everything you need for Bathroom scrubbing!

Drill-tergent is environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and removes 99% of germs. The formula is perfect for cleaning tile grout, hard water stains, and porcelain surfaces, making it useful for any bathroom-based mess you can throw at it!

Drill-tergent Bathroom Cleaner is sold on its own in a 4oz bottle and is featured in the 42O-DT Bathroom combo kit, where it’s paired with the Medium Yellow Original, 4 inch, and 2 inch Short brushes. By including a cleaning solution with our most popular brushes, everything you need to scrub a bathroom is available to you as soon as you open the box.



5 inch extension (top) and 7 inch extension. (bottom)

Sometimes you need an extra hand to hit those hard to reach spots, and that help comes from the Drillbrush extension.

Extensions are long metal 1/4 inch quickchange shafts with a sleeved quickchange chuck on one end. A brush can be inserted into the chuck to make the brush reach further.

Extensions are great for reaching high-up areas and for reaching down into tubs, floors, and other areas that require bending and kneeling, making it perfect for people who lack the mobility to clean certain spots around the house. You can also use extensions for enclosed spaces, like pipes and containers, and as a means of separating yourself further from tasks that require caustic cleaning chemicals.

Is that a Drillbrush extension in your drill, or do you just really like cleaning?

Extensions currently come in two sizes; 5 inch and 7 inch. Larger brushes like the Jumbo Original are often paired with the 5 inch extension, as the heavier brushes are supported better by the shorter shaft. It is also popularly paired with smaller kits, like the 4O and 42O as it’s smaller size fits well in the smaller box. The 7 inch by comparison is often paired with larger kits, like the Ultimate and 542O, and is generally recommended that smaller brushes, like 2 inches and Originals, are used with it.

Several factors (like brush radius, variances in tolerance, and the forces acting on the extension) have the possibility of causing a slight wobble as the brush and extension spin. As such, it’s recommended to steady the shaft with your hand and to use a manageable drill speed to keep things under control.

Extensions are sold on their own and are included in a wide variety of kits that you can browse here.

Drillbrush With the Assist!

Drillbrush with the Assist!

They may not be the face of the company, but the line of accessories Drillbrush offers come in clutch whenever a job requires a little extra support.

Saw something that caught your eye? You can check out all of our accessories by clicking here.

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