Drillbrush is Featured in the M&T Bank Spotlight Shop Program

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Drillbrush is Featured in the M&T Bank Spotlight Shop Program

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on small businesses around the globe. We at Drillbrush were also affected, as the lockdown and the priority given to essential cargo made it difficult for us to ship brushes to our customers. Fortunately, our small but dedicated team was able to work through the pressure and keep the company going in those confusing early months.

Many small businesses share a similar story, and as a way to offer their support, M&T Bank has created the Spotlight Shop program to highlight them and help customers find their online stores more easily.

Inclusion in this program is given to businesses who use M&T Bank and are nominated by their banker.

We are proud to announce that Drillbrush has been selected to be in the Spotlight Shop!

What is the Spotlight Shop?

What is the Spotlight Shop?


Rubbing elbows with other start-ups!


The Spotlight Shop is a section on M&T Bank’s website that features a list of small businesses that are customers of M&T Bank. Each business features a short descriptor of the company, their logo, and a direct link to their website with the goal of providing additional avenues for customers to reach businesses in their area, as well as provide exposure to people searching for local businesses.

The Spotlight Shop has three sections. At the top is a Featured Business, where one company is chosen daily and shown in full with a picture and button that links to their website.

Below is a section that separates the businesses by category. The four categories are Food & Beverage, Retail, Professional Services, and Community Groups. Clicking any of the four brings you to a page that shows all of the featured businesses in that category, with logos, blurbs, and links.

Beneath the categories is the "Shop Your Neighborhood" tool, which features an option to insert your ZIP code or browse the featured states and cities to find businesses in your area.

The page also features a link to the M&T Spotlight Shop’s Instagram feed, where they post highlights on companies in the program, as well as their Spotlight Shop blog and info about the program.

Drillbrush is listed under the “Retail” category. We’re located in Marcy, NY, but as of this writing, a slight error on their site has our company listed under every location. However, it’s somewhat fitting, as an e-commerce company, you do not have to be local to start scrubbing, as we ship everywhere in the United States and to most countries and territories.

Visit the Shop

Visit the Shop

We would like to thank Hilarie Pirger for submitting our company as a nomination and to M&T Bank for hosting this program. Small businesses thrive on exposure and word of mouth, so to be featured in the Spotlight Shop is a huge honor.

Click here to view our profile on the Spotlight Shop and check out the other exciting companies featured in their program.

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