All Must-Have Deals On Drillbrush Products - Amazon Prime Day 2023

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All Must-Have Deals On Drillbrush Products - Amazon Prime Day 2023
Drillbrush Deals

Prime Day is fast approaching and internet shoppers around the globe eagerly await the fantastic savings they’ll get on their favorite Amazon products!

For the handyman, DIYer, or clean freak of the family, there’s a chance they’ll have their eyes set on a Drillbrush Power Scrubber; the drill-powered scrub brush built for standard cordless drills and impact drivers with a penchant for making everyday cleaning tasks faster and easier to complete!

We here at Drillbrush want our customers to get a good deal on our products, so today, we’ve got the inside scoop on every Drillbrush kit that’ll have its price cut down for Prime Day. That way, whether you’re buying for yourself or grabbing one for a friend, you don’t miss out on the savings!

Here’s every Drillbrush kit that’s on sale this Prime Day!

42O Kits

42O Kits

All Drillbrush 42O Brush Kits are on sale for Prime Day!

By far the most popular Drillbrush products are the 42O kits. These classic scrub brush kits feature the basic necessities for drill-powered scrubbing.

The kits consist of a 4 inch flat brush for scrubbing level surfaces, our bullet-shaped Original brush for getting into corners and over contoured surfaces, and the 2 inch Short, a small detailing brush for spot cleaning and small-scale messes.

The 42O kit comes in all six of our colors; Soft White for home and auto, Medium Yellow for bathroom cleaning, Medium Green for kitchen work, Medium Blue for marine, pool, and outdoor applications, Stiff Red for outdoor and patio messes, and Ultra Stiff Black for grills and industrial scrubbing.

Typically, these kits run for $18.95, but for Prime Day the 42O kits are $15.16, a 20% discount! Not too shabby for the kit trusted by the vast majority of Drillbrush customers! The deal time is 5:15am through 5:15pm PDT on Tuesday, July 11th, so set your alarms accordingly!

You can pick up our 42O kits here.

Ultimate Kits

Ultimate Kits

All Drillbrush Ultimate Brush Kits are on sale for Prime Day!

Our next deal is on our Ultimate brush kits.

The Ultimate Kit is essentially an enhanced version of the 42O that includes the previously mentioned 4 inch, Original, and 2 inch Short brushes, along with three variations on those brushes for more specialized cleaning tasks.

Ultimate kits add a 5 inch flat brush for cleaning larger flat surfaces, a Mini Original kit for tighter corners and contours, and a 2 inch Long detail brush with longer bristles for weaving around complex surfaces, like sink fixtures, ornate stone and woodwork, and lug nuts.

The Ultimate kit comes in all six colors that the 42O kits are available in (Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black) but also comes in a variety kit featuring multiple bristle stiffnesses.

The Ultimate Variety kit features a Soft White 2 inch Short, a Medium Yellow Original, a Medium Green 4 inch, an Ultra Stiff Black 2 inch Long, and Stiff Red 5 inch and Mini Original brushes.

All six colors, as well as the variety kit, will be on sale for $23.96, 20% off its normal price of $29.99. It’s a great price for people looking to expand their Drillbrush arsenal! Ultimate kits will be on sale 8:55am through 8:55pm PDT on Tuesday, July 11th.

You can find our Ultimate kits here.

542O Kits

542O Kits

All Drillbrush 542O Brush Kits are on sale for Prime Day!

Our third Prime Day deal is on another popular kit; the 542O. This kit includes four brushes; the Original, 2 inch Short, 4 inch and 5 inch, allowing it to handle any flat surface, corner-based, or detail-oriented scrubbing tasks you may have!

The sale on 542O kits applies to the Soft White, Medium Yellow, Medium Green, Medium Blue, Stiff Red, and Ultra Stiff Black variants, much like the previous two kits. Also included in the Prime Day deal is our 542O Variety Kit, which features a Soft White 2 inch Short, a Stiff Red 5 inch, and Medium Yellow 4 inch and Original brushes; a sampling of brush shapes and stiffnesses for users new to Drillbrush and veterans that appreciate the options included!

For Prime Day, our 5-4-2-O kits are 10% off; $20.76 instead of their usual $22.99. The deal lasts from 11:45am through 11:45pm PDT on Tuesday, July 11th

You can pick up a 542O kit here.

Other Deals on Drillbrush Products

Other Deals on Drillbrush Products

Other Kits are on sale for Prime Day as well, including all Drillbrush 542O-7X Brush Kits.

While the 42O, Ultimate, and 542O kits are our designated Prime Day deals, we also have a smorgasbord of 20% off sales going on concurrently for a variety of other Drillbrush kits.

Our 542O-7X Kit, normally $24.52, will be on sale for $19.26. This kit features the same brushes as our 542O kit, but includes a 7 inch extension to allow for additional reach when scrubbing. All six colors and the variety version will be on sale.

We also have sales happening on the Soft White, Medium Green, and Stiff Red E542O kits. Along with the 5in, 4in, Original, and 2in Short brushes, this kit includes a wheel-shaped Edge brush for cleaning in grooves and grout lines. This kit is on sale for $19.19, a 20% discount from the usual $23.99.

Select Drillbrush 42OS-2L and 5542O kits are also on sale!

Select 42OS-2L will also be on sale, cut down from their original $17.95 to $14.36. 42OS-2L kits feature the 4 inch, Original, and 2 inch Short brushes from the 42O kit, but add the 2 inch Long detail brush we talked about in the Ultimate kit section. The 42OS-2L kits that are on sale are the Soft White, Medium Blue, and Ultra Stiff Black variations.

Soft White and Medium Green 5542O kits are also on sale. No, that’s not a typo, these kits come with two 5 inch brushes, along with the standard 4 inch, Original, and 2 inch brushes. These kits are great for cleaners with a focus on flat surfaces, such as windows, counters, linoleum, and more! These two are marked down from their usual $29.95 and will be $23.96 throughout Prime Day.

The 9-piece, Y-52O, W-EES-1L, and E-WYK kits are also on sale for Prime Day!

We have some standalone discounts as well. The biggest is our 9-piece kit, which features Soft White 4 inch and Cone-shaped brushes, Medium Yellow Edge and Original brushes, Stiff Red 2 inch Short and Mini Original brushes, a Medium Green 5 inch brush, a Medium Blue 2 inch Long detail brush,and an Ultra Stiff Jumbo Original brush. This $34.99 value will be on sale for $27.99. Not bad for every color and stiffness and nearly every brush shape!

Additionally, the Medium Yellow 52O kit is on sale for $14.36, the Soft White EES-1L kit is also $14.36, the 3-piece WYK Edge brush kit is a mere $13.56, and our 9-piece

These deals last all day Tuesday and Wednesday, so get ‘em while you can!

Prices Cut Down in Their Prime!

Prices Cut Down in Their Prime!

Amazon Prime Day is a great time to get a great price on the products you’re wishing for! We hope our Prime Day sneak preview helped you discover some savings on Drillbrush products that you can take advantage of this Tuesday and Wednesday, whether you’re a Drillbrush pro or a drill-powered novice!

Hope you have a Happy Prime Day, shoppers!

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