4 Easy Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Cleaning Goals

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4 Easy Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Cleaning Goals



After a long hectic year, it’s time to cast the past aside and focus on the future. The ball in Times Square has dropped and you decide that this is going to be the year you start getting your house back in order!

You make a New Year’s Resolution to clean more, scrub every room, clear out the cellar, dust all the mantles, sweep the floor, mop the floor, wipe the banisters, vacuum the rugs, spray off the deck, dust all the shelving, sanitize all the lightswitches and door knobs-

Aaaaaand then you end up getting demotivated and don’t do it.

If cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, it can be hard to muster up the willpower to get it done. While everyone has their own reasons for letting the housework slide, here are a couple of strategies you can employ to inspire better cleaning habits.

Keep Your Goals Simple

Keep Your Goals Simple

Goaly Moly!!!

People often mistakenly shoot for the stars when they set a personal goal. We get it, the quest for self-improvement is a long one, but attempting to speedrun it is a recipe for failure.

For example, if you’re looking to clean more, some people may give themselves the goal of “clean the whole house,” or “get rid of all the junk we don’t need anymore..” 

These are all well and good, but they are massive tasks that’ll take a lot of man hours to accomplish. It can be hard, especially if you have a busy schedule, to get the energy to do it all.

It’s best to keep your goals general and manageable. Pick something like “condense some clutter” or “tidy up more often.” This removes those big scary absolutes and removes the pressure to hit a certain quota. Just doing it is forward progress!

Break Down Tasks Into Trackable Parts

Break Down Tasks

Divide and Conquer!

However, some goals are loftier than others, and may require some structure to accomplish. You can make those big tasks easier to complete by breaking them up into smaller segments.

Having to clean the entire kitchen is a daunting job. Some people are unable to dedicate the time needed to do the whole thing in a day. Others may not know where to begin, hampering their ability to actually start the project.

Instead of looking at the big picture, take it one step at a time. One day, you can clean out the refrigerator, another you can wipe down the counters and rearrange the cupboards, and at your nearest convenience, you can sweep and mop the floor. 

Going step-by-step gives you a neat, trackable list, which is something that personally helps me get through projects. Making to-do lists and recording your progress is a great way to keep motivated and stay on track!

Make It Fun

Make It Fun

All this cleaning is just ducky!

Some people really enjoy cleaning and find it fun to tidy up their surroundings, but to others, putting in all that elbow grease can be a drag. However, you can make it more tolerable by doing something you like while you clean.

A popular option is to play music while you work. It can be your favorite songs, the radio, or something new. We’d recommend something up-tempo and bouncy, as slow and calm tracks won’t keep you as energized.

You can also put on your favorite shows while you work. Stream the latest bingeable content that everyone’s talking about or revisit a classic you’ve always loved. Preferably, you’d want to put something on that is enjoyable, but won’t steal your full attention.

A great option is to put on a podcast. There’s never a shortage of those and you can catch up on your favourites without being distracted by a visual component.

Other options you can try are combining it with light exercise or teaming up with friends and relatives.

Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

You earned it!

Completing goals is rewarding, but sometimes you need a little extra something to keep you motivated. 

Whenever you make progress, reward yourself with a break, a fun activity, or other positive incentives. It’s like a little bribe to yourself!

Some popular options you could consider are exercising, going out to a cafe or store, or spending some time with a hobby you enjoy.

Personally, I like to reward myself with a nice brisk walk or a quick art session whenever I hit a certain milestone. Knowing I don’t have to work non-stop makes cleaning less stressful and more enjoyable.



It can be difficult to get excited about cleaning. All that time, effort, and struggle makes it hard to stay motivated. Hopefully, these simple tips can help you get the drive to start scrubbing!

If you need more incentive, you can check out our line of drill-powered scrubbing brushes. I legitimately have an easier time cleaning when I know I don’t have to spend ages scrubbing things by hand, so if you’re interested, you can check out our products here

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