Drillbrush Year in Review - 2023

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Drillbrush Year in Review - 2023
Drillbrush in 2023

In many ways, 2023 was a big year for Drillbrush. We reached new demographics and new retailers. New ideas and new ways to clean. New platforms and new frontiers.

Drillbrush continues to innovate and grow as a company and we’re excited for all that we accomplished in 2023 and what we hope to achieve in the New Year.

As 2023 winds down, let’s reflect on everything we’ve done this year and the new frontiers we reached as a small scrub brush company out of Central New York.

Drillbrush Expands Their Presence in Retail Stores

Drillbrush Expands Their Presence in Retail Stores

Bass Pro Shops are one of many retailers to pick up Drillbrush in 2023.

Drillbrush products primarily sell on ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon and our website. However, in the past couple of years, more and more retailers have added us to their stores, including some heavy hitters like ACE Hardware.

In 2023 we upped the ante and made a huge push towards retail and expanded our reach to even more major retailers!

Agricultural chain Tractor Supply Co. picked up several of our SKUs earlier this year and frequently restocks their inventory. Bass Pro Shops, the popular chain of outdoor and hunting stores, also took on some Drillbrush kits.

Drillbrush Medium Yellow 4-2-O Brush Kits in a TJ Maxx.

We also saw stores like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s hop on the Drillbrush bandwagon, carrying products like our popular Medium Yellow 4-2-O kit.

Outside the US, we also expanded into Mitre 10 stores in New Zealand and Crear Hogar in Puebla, Mexico, helping to make Drillbrush available to cleaners all around the globe!

In addition to new retailers, our existing retail partners have continued and in some cases increased their orders for Drillbrush products, with more ACE Hardware stores deciding to carry the industry leader in drill-powered cleaning. Speaking of ACE Hardware:

Drillbrush Attends the ACE Hardware Spring and Fall Shows

Drillbrush Attends the ACE Hardware Spring and Fall Shows

The Drillbrush booth at the ACE Hardware Spring Show!

In 2022, Drillbrush finally entered ACE Hardware’s warehouse and planogram. As a result, we attended the Fall ACE Hardware show in Chicago to massive success!

This year, we kept up our attendance at the ACE Show, making the trek for both the Spring show in San Antonio and the Fall show in Orlando.

Our participation at the show helped foster more opportunities for Drillbrush in retail. For example, both of the aforementioned Mitre 10 and Crear Hogar deals came about after meeting their representatives at our booth.

We’re grateful to ACE Hardware for inviting us to the shows and look forward to 2024!

Click here to read more about both conventions, as well as the many places we visited on the trip.

Launching the Drillbrush Handle Adapter and JOM-HD Kits

Launching the Drillbrush Handle Adapter and JOM-HD Kits

The Drillbrush Handle Adapter.

[DB Handle]

While 2023 was primarily focused more on new retailers than new products, we did launch some new kits and a new accessory this year.

The Drillbrush Handle Adapter is a screwdriver handle with a 1/4 inch quickchange chuck on one end and an ACME broom handle insert on the other. This adapter allows for Drillbrush Original-style brushes to be used like a scrub wand, as well as allow for our products to be used on broom handles.

Along with the new accessory were three new kits. Called the JOM-HD, these kits came in Soft White, Medium Yellow, and Ultra Stiff Black and featured all three Original-style brushes (Original, Mini, and Jumbo) as well as the new Drillbrush Handle Adapter. Amazon reviewers praised the brush selection, as these were some of the few kits that featured all three bullet-shaped brushes in one package.

At Drillbrush, we continue to cook up new ideas and ways to grow. We’ve got more in the works, so keep an eye out for new products from us in 2024!

Drillbrush Sponsors Four ARCA Menard’s Series Teams

Drillbrush Sponsors Four ARCA Menard’s Series Teams

Brayton Laster's #31 Drillbrush Chevy at DuQuoin Fairgrounds.

One of the biggest events for Drillbrush in 2023 was our foray into stock car racing sponsorship!

At the ARCA race in DuQuoin Fairgrounds on Labor Day weekend, Drillbrush sponsored not one, not, two, not three, but four ARCA Menard’s Series drivers in varying capacities. We had stickers on the cars of college baseball player-turned-racer Christian Rose, seasoned veteran Brad Smith, owner/driver and politician Alex Clubb, and the ever popular “Pizza Man” Brayton Laster.

Dubbed “Team Drillbrush,” all four of our drivers had career runs that night. Christian Rose finished 7th, tying his best finish at the time and gaining some much needed ground on actor Frankie Muniz in points. The race would serve as the turning point in Rose’s season, as he’d go on to snag a few top five finishes by season’s end.

Brayton Laster after a well-fought top 10 finish!

Alex Clubb finished 9th, which was his best run of the year and his only top 10 finish in 2023. Brayton Laster fought with a car that lost power steering and a gear early in the night, muscling it to a tenth place finish, his second career top ten in two starts for the team. Brad Smith rounded out the night 11th, one of the best placings of his career and the first time he’s finished the DuQuoin race under power since 2016.

You can read the whole race recap here.

It was fun to see the Drillbrush branding race under the lights on the dirt mile in Southern Illinois. All the drivers we sponsored were a pleasure to work with and the response from motorsport fans was extremely positive. We hope we can get involved with NASCAR again someday!

Drillbrush Joins Tiktok (and the Tiktok Shop)

Drillbrush Joins Tiktok (and the Tiktok Shop)

The Official Drillbrush Tiktok Page

Drillbrush has been known for our Youtube videos and Drillbrush guides. In 2023, we took the plunge into Youtube Shorts content and, along with that, signed up for an official Drillbrush Tiktok.

The short form video platform has taken the public by storm in the past few years, and now we get to show off the cleaning prowess of the Drillbrush line of products to the latest trending Tiktok anthems! We’ve seen some decent viewership and quite a few likes and follows.

Joining Tiktok also had the benefit of being invited to join the Tiktok Shop, Tiktok’s storefront that allows viewers to purchase the products they see in videos directly on site. This has added yet another way for customers to find the right Drillbrush product for them!

Follow us on Tiktok here.

Drillbrush Is Featured in More Publications

Drillbrush Is Featured in More Publications

Not only did we update the design of our publications page, we had quite a few new articles to share!

Housegrail had a very sterling review of our brushes, with author James Davis crafting an entertaining read from start to finish! We were also included on CNET’s 14 Cleaning Tools That’ll Make You Excited to Wash Up in 2023.

We collaborated with real estate website Redfin, as well as a group of other bathroom-centric companies to contribute to their article on Bathroom must-haves (take a wild guess at what we said.)

Through our ARCA sponsorship in July, Drillbrush appeared in several articles on sites like Rubbins' Racing and TobyChristie.com. Additionally, our partnerships with Brayton Laster and Alex Clubb showed just what Drillbrush products can do for race teams via their videos of them cleaning up their cars and parts following the event.

Drillbrush Joins Amazon Creator Connections

Drillbrush Joins Amazon Creator Creations

Lastly, this year Drillbrush began utilizing Amazon’s Creator Connections program. This service allows brands to pair with influencers and web creators to make product content, such as reviews, unboxings, gift guides, and more.

We’ve worked with many influencers on the platform so far and are excited to continue with the program into 2024.The Creator Connections program helps Drillbrush reach new audiences and spread the word of the fastest name in cleaning.

See You in 2024

See You in 2024

We’re thankful for all the opportunities we received in 2023, as well as all the wonderful people we’ve worked with throughout the year.

We also would like to thank our loyal customers, who’s support keeps us going and makes all of these opportunities worth it.

Everyone at Drillbrush hopes you had a Happy Holiday season and we wish you all a wonderful New Year!

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