2 in Lim Green short qc

Drill Brush

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Application: Kitchen
Included in this kit:
  • 1x Green 2 inch Short detail brush

Drill NOT included. 2 inch diameter drill powered scrubbing brush features nylon bristles, rugged construction, and a stainless steel quarter inch Quick Change shaft. This brush fits securely in battery powered drills and impact drivers. Great for hard water stains, soap scum, tile and grout, hard to reach areas. Perfect for getting behind fixtures, faucets and kitchen areas. Use around the house and garage for many cleaning and scrubbing chores. Boat owners love this little brush for hard to reach areas around rails and decks. A great addition to auto detailing kits.Cordless drill NOT included Drill NOT included. Save time and effort cleaning and scrubbing around the house, garage, and your car or boat Durable nylon bristles,Cordless drill NOT included Drill NOT included Features a stainless steel, quarter inch, QUICK CHANGE shaft that works with all cordless drills and impact drivers Smaller diameter allows access to tight and hard to reach areas such as around bathroom fixtures and corners Part Number: 2in-Lim-Green-Short-QC UPC-859725006220 Click here to purchase this product on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime! All our products ship the SAME DAY via USPS Priority mail direct from our warehouse for only $6.95 (flat rate) on any size order located at 9809 River Road Marcy NY 13403  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to popular questions about our products. Do you have other questions about our brushes or your application? call Tony at 315-527-1817

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