Drillbrush Ultimate Outdoor Cleaning Kit with 7 Inch Extension - Stiff Bristle Brush - Grout Cleaner – Mold - Mildew - Bird Bath - Garden Statues - Outdoor Water Fountain - Headstone - Granite Cleaner



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Application: Outdoors
Included in this kit:
  • 1x Red Original brush
  • 1x Red Mini brush
  • 1x Red 5 inch flat brush
  • 1x Red 4 inch flat brush
  • 1x Red 2 inch Short detail brush
  • 1x Red 2 inch Long detail brush
  • 1x 7 inch extension

Red Stiff Bristle Outdoor Cleaning kit includes: A seven (7) inch extension for long reach, and access to hard-to-reach spots. The Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber (Red and Black stiff model) A MINI version of the Red Stiff Original. Both long and short bristle 2-inch diameter stiff brushes, a 4-inch flat round stiff scrub brush and a 5-inch diameter large stiff surface brush. Clean around your property, your outdoor areas, and lawn / deck furniture Small, confined area to clean? You can rely on both the long, and shorter stiff bristle versions of our versatile 2-inch diameter circular cleaning brush. These handy little brushes offer the increased mobility needed to access tight spaces such as crevices and in-between equipment and fixtures Do you need to get into tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas? Included in the kit is a detachable, extended reach, seven (7) inch extension (for use with any Drillbrush). Get into crevices, around fixtures, behind pipes, and any tight space like never before! The extension allows you to hold the outer shell for precise control while the shaft spins inside. This design is superior to bare extender rods that cannot be controlled at all Need to clean or scrub stubborn larger surface areas? Our popular four and five inch round, stiff bristle, flat brushes are included. Both are well suited to decks, horse stall mats, garage floor tiles, flooring, and larger metal surfaces like diamond plate. All of the brushes in the Stiff Bristle Ultimate scrub brush kit feature a quarter-inch quick change shaft. This allows the brushes to fit in all cordless drills and impact drivers, and to be changed quickly to match your cleaning needs All of our Red Stiff Drillbrushes are made with stiff bristle fiber and are securely attached to the block, These brushes are durable and long lasting for heavy duty scrubbing. Clean, Scrub and Restore garden statuary, bird baths, headstones and monuments. Works great on concrete, brick, fireplace, stone, sidewalks and driveways Click here to purchase this product on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime! Ultimate outdoor patio, garden, and deck brush kit includes:  Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber corner brush Original MINI 4-inch diameter flat brush 5-inch diameter flat brush 2-inch short bristle crevice brush 2-inch long bristle tight spot brush 7-inch sleeved extension All of the brushes and the 7-inch extension utilize the quarter-inch quick change attachment to fit in cordless drills and impact drivers.

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