Drillbrush Ultimate Boat Cleaning Kit with 7 Inch Extension - Pool Accessories - Drill Brush - Carpet Cleaner - Algae - Oxidation - Deck Brush - Slide - Steps - Hot Tub - Spa - Jacuzzi - Pool Brush



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Application: Marine, Pool, and Spa
Included in this kit:
  • 1x Blue Original brush
  • 1x Blue Mini brush
  • 1x Blue 5 inch flat brush
  • 1x Blue 4 inch flat brush
  • 1x Blue 2 inch Short detail brush
  • 1x Blue 2 inch Long detail brush
  • 1x 7 inch extension

Drill powered pool brushes for cleaning pool walls, vinyl liners, steps and corners. Keep deck surfaces free of slippery algae and scum buildup. Perfect for above-ground or in-ground pools and fixed or portable spas and hot tubs. Use together with a quality pool skimmer and pool vacuum for a complete pool maintenance kit The swimming pool and Spa scrub brush kit features our most popular power brush: The Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber multi-purpose and corner scrub brush (in blue). The Original is perfect for rounded corners in hot tubs, artificial ponds, above and in-ground pools A MINI version of the Original, and a 2-inch diameter, long bristle, brush are included to handle small details, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas. Use the round flat 4-inch and 5-inch brushes for larger surface areas on decks or vinyl pool liners. Rinse after use to remove chlorine Do you need to get into tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas? Included in the kit is a detachable, extended reach, seven (7) inch extension (for use with any Drillbrush). Get into crevices, around fixtures, behind pipes, and any tight space like never before! The extension allows you to hold the outer shell for precise control while the shaft spins inside. This design is superior to bare extender rods that cannot be controlled at all All of the brushes (and the extension) in the swimming pool and spa scrub brush kit have rugged steel shafts and feature a quarter inch quick change end. This allows the brushes to fit in all cordless drills and impact drivers, and to be changed quickly to match your cleaning needs Click here to purchase this product on Amazon. Free shipping with Amazon Prime! Ultimate Pool and Marine Surface brush kit includes:  Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber corner brush Original MINI 4-inch diameter flat brush 5-inch diameter flat brush 2-inch short bristle crevice brush 2-inch long bristle tight spot brush 7-inch sleeved extension All of the brushes and the 7-inch extension utilize the quarter-inch quick change attachment to fit in cordless drills and impact drivers.

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